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07.05.2018 15:57 - Leader

"We have to stay calm and analyze the situation. There are several countries that have adopted the VAR, this should be done in Europe too, because it is here who decides who will go ahead and who does not. We tonight we deserved at least the extension. Beyond that, the UEFA Principalist, Pieruelji Colina, does nothing but strike the Italian teams, the definitions of the referees may be made to show that although the Italian is neutral. The initiate must change every three years, finally. See what injustices have happened this year in Lazio, Roma and Milan, not just ours. The technology can eliminate the dietary mistakes from every pitch, "said Andrea Anieli after a rematch with Real Madrid. "It is clear that VAR is essential in the Champions League, because these things are unacceptable. Jake was overturned and no penalty was given, a hand was handed and no penalty was given to a red card, and they threw Sik into the area and the offense was also not accounted. The arbitration was funny. It is a shame to be excluded in such a way. Congratulations to Liverpool, it is a great team, but if we do not put VAR in the Champions League, then we will continue to live such funny situations, "said James Palota after a rematch with Liverpool.

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Did both suddenly crash? No. They just lagged. And after they have been late, they will now have to hurry and do everything they can to ensure that VAR is directly involved in European competitions and that Pieroljji Kolina will have no say in football. A rather overrated former referee, who has managed to become even worse as a head of the European federation ...

The history of "Kotzak", as the Italians called him because of his skull, began in 1988 with his first steps as a referee in Serie C2 and quickly raided the accusations to reach Serie A in 1991. Since 1995, to whistle in UEFA and FIFA matches, which did not make him labeled as a top referee in the world. The "Why" is unknown, since the dietary mistakes in the matches he was whistling were never missing. Interestingly, of course, if you want to look at the issue in a more comprehensive way, you have to focus on who they recognized as the best of all Colina. Because he believes you to be a top player, and therefore a referee of absolute confidence, Joao Havelinha's FIFA and after Sep Blatter is probably not the best. For Havelanze what to write down, for Blatter what the judges should do with what they have revealed years later.

As for UEFA, he has always kept him as an ... monument in arbitration, having managed to pass to the press and hence to the "logic" of all, that Kolina is the top referee of all seasons! UEFA by Michel Platini and his associates, the European federation which, especially since the 2006 French presidency, has progressed to the biggest counterfeiting of football history with the titles always leading to specific groups or countries, with the individual titles that are shared and continue to be shared by specific players at the same time that everyone else feels with what they see to be whined or decided. As they persuaded - rewarding and rewarding themselves and themselves - all over the world that these teams were always the best for years or that these players were every year the best for years, they also convinced that the Colin is well suited to direct European aegis with his aura and knowledge. We all remember, logically, how Platinus ended - after Blatter - from football.

In scandals, of course, Pieruiljiji could be involved, but in some way he always managed to save her. In the summer of 2006, for example, when hundreds of phone calls from Calcio's agents were made public, several were those in which Colina was the protagonist. Anyone (we can quote the talks but it does not make sense) could read or hear the alleged referee as the world's top referee explaining to Leandro Meani the then right hand of Adriano Galliani in Milan on arbitration because he did not shoot Jambrota's mark on Kafou in that Milan-Juventus 0-1 of 2005 or how he avoided eliminating Nesta from the first 20 minutes because it was too early ... From the top referee of the world, you probably do not expect such mistakes or such discussions. Conversations in which he emphasized to his interlocutor that he did not want to ruin relations with Galiani, while also analyzing his plans for his future as an initiate. In or outside Italy.

"Kotzak," has always been good at it. Having a good relationship with the powerful (with the exception of Luciano Moji, as Lucky Luciano's telephonic talks shows), managing to do things that were not allowed by any other referee. Can anyone remember any referees making ads for big gossip companies? Never. Colin did, though. He signed a contract with Opel, even threatening to withdraw when told that he could not do so, especially since Serie A teams had a sponsorship agreement with Opel, and Calciopoli never got involved. Let everybody guess why. When they were difficult, he decided to leave the whistle and advertise for other powerful companies, with the official explanation being that his appearance, this figure that easily remembered everyone, was what he had to do.

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Having been well with everyone, even on Pro Evolution Soccer or having a distinctive honor at FIFA 2005, Colin knew he would always be close to football even when he would end his career. During which, incidentally, he whistled in a final World Cup, between Brazil and Germany in 2002, when he refused for some reason to show a red card to Kafou who went with the caps of both his shoes to an opponent. From the top referee of the world, in the top match of the year or 4 years, you do not expect such a big mistake. Pieruelji, however, was never as good as he was on a pitch. That could be understood by anyone who saw his struggles. What the Italian could not imagine at the time was that it would come when the European arbitration gurus would allude (and not overdo it) to the Italian teams that have taken part in European competitions in recent years.

The examples are many (in Barcelona-Milan we have seen a penalty shoot-out against Nestas before the corner is even executed!) And at the pace we are going to do, if nothing changes, will become countless. If one looks at Roma-Real Madrid in the 2015-16 season, they will see that there has been no penalty shootout over Florence and no red cards have been given to Karvacal and Navas. Anyone who has seen Napoli-Villarreal in the same season will see that there is no shot in the hand of Bruno Soriano. Anyone who sees Lazio-Galatasaray will see that there are no two penalties, one in Matry's overthrow by Musselra and one in Oltsan's hand. Anyone who sees Fiorentina-Tottenham will see that there is a non-existent penalty for Davis, who then has a yellow card and does not see a red but even a second foul for Zarahe. Whoever sees the Bayern Munich-Juventus will see the cancellation of a Moratta goal that was covered, as technology showed, only 90 centimeters. Now, two years later, it is clear that the goal was not to favor the Germans, but to offend the Italians. This season, 2015-16, is crucial, because it was then that Italy had approached England as ever and threatened to take it to the 4th Champions League team.

There is no such thing now, after the changes made by UEFA, but the mistakes continue. By coincidence, they are all against the Italians and all in favor of their opponents, especially if they are primarily Spanish and then English. In the Tottenham Hotspur, Juventus, the referee, the assistant (supervisor) and especially the line helper did not see the clean penalty on Douglas Costa, as they did not see Cain in the 90's being an offside meter, having a beam in the phase could send the match to the extension. As for the continuation with Real in Santiago Bernabeu, they do not need much. Buffon said the English referee instead of a heart has a dustbin. If he lied, why is he not punished by UEFA? Djibi, moreover, has not officially said he will stop. In Arsenal-AC Milan, the whole planet was speechless in view of the penalty shoot-out given to Welsbock, in Romas-Liverpool we saw a hand-style Roberto Carlos (once) not to be punished with a penalty shoot-out and red, in Lazio-Salzburg we saw Incagi-Lotito-Tare to be in the ... rails with what they saw in the first match.

Dietary mistakes, of course, are within the program. And when it comes to marshals, it's hard to start a debate about arbitration, because you just do not want to go there, but stand in football. In which football? Blatter once, in 2006, became the first FIFA president in football time that did not go down to give the club to the World Cup because he felt, then, a disgust for Calciopoli. Calciopoli, 12 years later, looks like a funny issue in the face of the dietary mistakes that we see in favor of specific and, in particular, events that throw you in all respects (financial, prestige, marketing, attracting new fans). A really funny subject. But this may be the punishment of the Italians, who roamed in 2006 for destroying their championship and seizing Colin, keeping him out of this "scandal". Now that we are in 2018, if we judge from the reactions of their groups, it is probably in the phase of "my ultimate knowledge to have you first".

And they will continue to be at this stage, however much they do not like it, if they do not impose a change of principle and VAR's entry into European competitions. Indeed, Colin was in favor of becoming Italy and Germany ... experimental this year, using technology in their championships. Why does not he dare to do it in Europe? Because the theoretically top referees and theoretically top players, coaches or teams will be rewarded in an impressive - and at the same time delightful - way, the answer. And those who reward them for so many years ...