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large Abramovich ...

25.10.2016 02:40 - Leader

The guy who made his first money from misappropriation, the coming of smuggling ... plastic ducks, which "raised" the Putin in power, which has spent only 1.45627 billion euros signings in years, which runs the Chelsea and that if bored and gone, the group will be destroyed. Among the millions given to the "blue", Abramovich was a lot for the academy in recent years winning what trophy is the class U8 up to U21. Now, because John Terry remains the only "product" of this academy is really surprising. Like why many leave as free and in its place appear guys get while millions but do not give anything. Best example of all is that of the output Ryan Bertrand (crumb) and the Baba Rahman input for 27.3 million million. Euro. His what? His.

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Fernando Torres was the player who had the Russian many times before finally claim him the sixth most paid player in the history of sports in Britain, giving it 65 million. Euro. That was in 2011, the Spaniard never justifies expectations of the boss. For a start, it took 900 minutes to score the first goal. In a season was 20 goals, the third of those who had been with Liverpool, with the patience of Abramovich be exhausted in 2014, so allow him to go on loan to Milan. The agreement was for two years. In January 2015 it was announced by Atlético Madrid.

The Carlo Ancelotti was the coach of "Blue" to the arrival of Torres. Something that is not "has" the Spaniard, something that the group did not hold any of the securities (the double that got in 2010), the Italian was fired. Of course, followed by the greatest hits of his career with Paris Saint Germain and Real Madrid, so no harm, no foul. For those directly involved. Why the world of Chelsea exanesti some time how easily change coaches the otherwise wonderful owner of the group. He has spent more than EUR 1.000.0000.0000, in transcripts and has added 13 trophies to collect, on the day.

The first European trophy, took over day Roberto Di Mateo, who was the March 2012 Caretaker (after the dismissal of André Villas-Boas), became permanent 13/6 in 2012 and after it was confirmed that the Chelsea is no more permanent provisional. The Swiss led the team in the FA Cup, in 2012 (2-1 against Liverpool at Wembley) and the top of Europe on 19/5, with victory over Bayern Munich, the Allianz Arena. On 21/11 2012 was fired after the 0-3 to the Chelsea lived from Juventus and was eliminated in the group stage. The large Abramovich to pay until June 2014, paying 145,000 euros in his account every month -good, not myself, but you know what I mean.

When Di Mateo fired, friends of "Blue" suffered a something and showed their disagreement over a number of weeks, in the 16th minute of each match at Stamford Bridge (number that was in the back as a player of the club, the Di Matteo), with by Rafa Benitez to ... not exactly enjoying the love of the public. Of course not sweated the ear of the boss. As not sweated 2015, when sacked Jose Mourinho. Six months later, the fans broke out against the Russian who kolysiergouse give new contract to John Terry. The fans demanded to finish the subject directly and usually stubborn Abramovich respected their wishes. Of course, the stubbornness had "clear" many others.

After the triumph of 2012, for some reason the owner found that some of the legendary players of the team ... it was not the level that now the club had had -although participation in winning the Champions League. Like this, the Ashley Cole, Frank Lampard and Petr Cech left and the building collapsed without the cornerstones. Changing rooms lost personalities who maintained the balance, lost the "turn" and the passion and Abramovich was the one who had to correct the damage. How did this? In the only way he knows: he spent a lot of money

The agency announced in November 2015 that from July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2015, showed a loss of about 25,879,474 euros. For the record, the previous year had profits of 20.6 mil. Euro. To prevent any confusion, Chelsea put in the fund of 352.2 mil. Euro, but also had costs. Experts have estimated that the "loss" related to the increase of 33.6 mil. Euro in player costs, compared to the previous year (from 2013-14 to 2014-15). This amount includes the bonus for winning the championship. In addition, the remuneration of Salah and Matic doubled (from 6.16 million. EUR 12.3 million euros). Both had moved to the city in January 2014 and thus the first season ... took half the money from the full second year. Plus these, the other group lost 12.3 mil. Euro from the bad course in the Champions League -There was similar to that of the previous period.

In all this, put and Financial Fair Play in force in England and you will understand that there is an economic problem. Phrase that might knew Abramovich, but the learned. And took the steps: set up a committee able to exploit the "products" to start the academy. From August 2003 until the completion of last season, only 23 graduates were promoted to the first team. Only four participated in at least 10 games. Was Ryan Bertrand, Ruben Loftus-Cheek, Josh McEachran and Bertrand Traore. This is going to change.

In committee are people who know the sport, a psychologist who meets all children, one who checks their progress (and record) and a woman (Marina Granovskaia) who knows economics -and followed by Roman from Russia to London.

The Michael Emenalo, technical director of the club, has the general command and the trust of his boss in 2007. It was he who decided to give a loaned 38 "students" of Chelsea, to gain experience able to help them reach the first team . The example was followed by many others in England, with the first Manchester City. Obviously he had achieved. Otherwise you would not know names like those of Nathaniel Chalobah, Ruben Loftus-Cheek and Andreas Christensen. The evolution of ... local talent to a new stadium (worth 560 mil. EUR) is now high on the agenda of Chelsea. As the investment of 714 million. Euros to increase capacity to 60,000 seats -and generally be a renewal.

Chairman of the Committee said, could not be other than the chairman of the group, Bruce Buck, American Lawyer "that helps in the development of the club to a huge" player "in the global football scene," while Christian Purslow charged with obligation to make Chelsea economic power, off the pitch as head of global commercial activities. I do not know if you understood, but success is the only option.

The value of Chelsea was estimated by Forbes at euro. That is, if one day Abramovich decided that he was tired and wants to leave, who will be interested to replace him, should pay the amount you saw, only for the market. Then you should give other euro transfers and payments. The Witty Futty website wrote as the best scenario the takeover by tycoon in the Middle East, before commented that "in this case the most likely group to get more trophies." He ended, of course, that "the outlook is not the most realistic, because there are not many in the world that 'contain a money needed".

Here we go, in the worst possible scenario. "Do not find man to buy the club, which would lead to the sale of the best players. Obviously Chelsea have not managed to find worthy replacements, which will make ... modest and at the end of the day will be found in second or third class. this happened with Portsmouth and Leeds United, although Chelsea became too great to anyway the same fate. which means that either scenario is realistic. " What?

"The Chelsea will find a buyer, which, however, will want to make money on the investment. Not only can give. I will not buy the club only his own money, but with a loan from the bank, which will create debt. As happened in united. This will change the Chelsea for the worse -in level results and discrimination. in short, we will return to the level they were before the Abramovich "is displayed. So you realize that the only solution is love ... only for the Russian tycoon.