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the lion's share ...

24.09.2016 04:03 - Leader

The president of Mars, Thodoros Karipidis believes that the Football League championship will begin in two weeks, he revealed that the League is close to an agreement with Nova based on what the carrying Mr. Sfakianakis and emphasized that it is "shameful" to allocated only 800 season tickets.

For challenging accepted: "Sure it bothers me. There introversion. The ones I have said, I have bring out in full. Last year the team easily went up, liquidation proceeds, the new club was created without debts and got permission. We have obtained notable players and created a team that is not for VEthniki. We work yet, but we will be ready for the championship. If I sit to deal with what everyone says, it is meaningless. But some sit every day and find something to deal with. Anti being judged every day, they do not come to get lasting for help? I am ashamed to say the income we have. They have earmarked 800-lasting. Its a shame! There are no excuses now not for me, nor for the world. How to fill all, let them know me better. There will calm and all will be paid on time. Regardless of the problems that exist in the supermarket. I as many activities that go well. For supermarkets will soon announce some things and will end this Calvary. It is the responsibility of Mr. Marinopoulos. I am disappointed by the support of the world. But I will not sit to deal with what they say. If everyone paid for every stupidity that said, everyone would be mute. ARIS is a very difficult club with too many people. I'm careful in what I say. We bet on the strength of the world, the revenue will come from tickets and more. We need the support of the world. And me and the players. I think everything will be fine and we will achieve the goal we have set. "

For the postponement of the championship: "These deferrals do not know if it will help us. I think that in two weeks the championship will begin. There was a problem with the TV. Some say because ARIS going to talk alone. ARIS is the largest group in the category and should get the lion's share. "

For the position of the Greek soccer and the position of Mars: "Every day we hear that everyone is all. This really tiring. ARIS is not with anyone. We made friends with Olympiakos, AEK and Panathinaikos. We are not with anyone. We are a group of highly motivated and everyone in the stadium we are rivals. If you happen to Savvides to have a business relationship, it is another matter. But in tennis we are rivals. "

For the relationship with the Amateur Mars: "We have a very good cooperation. All this time Mr. Inlay supported me a lot. When needed was next to us, as we do. We will continue to be close to them. The DP has big issue with PPC. We need to settle a large debt. Also see the water issue. There was paid 18 years. They are things I do not understand. But in cooperation with the Amateur, will tackle all. The PM waits and revenue from tickets. If people do not come, it will not. "

For commercial areas of the field, namely the boutique: "It is a shame that there was boutiques. For this reason we made this year. Over the next 15 days will be ready NIKE bring us the goods, to start the operation of boutiques. In the coming days will be the presentation of new impressions. The partnership with NIKE will be for the next two years. "

For television: "The league is very close to NOVA, as told to me by Mr. Sfakianakis'.

To complete the transfer of shares of Veria: "Everything was done legally. There was an issue after the opening of Trikala. The respect and eager to welcome you to just have fun ... '