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40 ganes ...

17.01.2017 02:19 - Leader

The as if destiny. You say about what happened Thursday at midnight "Sanchez Pithchouan" as the loitering turned into 3-3, 3-1 by Sevilla. But the more you can feel like an omen, since last second day of April. When no more went 1-2 from the "Camp Nou". It was not only that it is reviving any chances he had for the title, and that put an end to a fabulous streak hater opponent. Barcelona with that within cuff from Real remained in 39 games in all competitions. He was a streak that started after the defeat in Seville on October 3, 2015. Another connection then the future will come. There in the same stadium that now Madrileños made the record. The 40 consecutive games without allegiance running the merengue are the top new chapter in the history of Spanish football, surpassing what had stopped for Barca.

Hers achievement team Zinedine Zidane had started after the detriment of 2-0 by Wolfsburg on April 6, just four days after beating Barcelona. Since then, however, other time the Queen will not bent his head again. During this time it was 31 wins and nine draws the. They scored 22 different players, with the goal being 115 in favor and 39 against. Cristiano Ronaldo put most (26), followed by Karim Benzema (14) and Gareth Bale (11). Even the son of Zinedine Zidane, Edson found the net.

The 40 match equalized the English record. This keeps the legendary Nottingham Forest of Brian Clough, but with just 21 wins (19 draws). Generally in the five major championships record has Juventus Antonio Conte. They are the 43 consecutive games in all competitions. He began to count on May 22, 2011 with Gigi Del Neri on the bench (Ed .: only for a game) and was completed a year later than two days, with the defeat in the final of Copa Italia from Napoli. The Juve counted on this path 26 wins and 17 draws (79-26 goals).

The Juve side had to overtake a match in the second crowning achievement in the big leagues and this was also Italian. The 42 consecutive races amazing Milan Fabio Capello had begun on April 18, 1992 and was closed on 10 March 1993, with 33 wins and nine draws (106-26 goals).

The previous record of Real however bear the end of the 80s. By Leo Beenaker the bench Madrileños are started not lose from 29 September 1988 and defeated on April 15, 1989, counting in 34 consecutive matches.
In Europe in general, however, the leading performance belongs to Dinamo Zagreb recently occurred. The Croats started the crazy streak of 45 games on November 30, 2014, but was completed in a very bad way and the 5-0 by Bayern on 29 September 2015.

The craziest number you can find but one in world football, is inconceivable and is found in Africa. This legendary group with Mimosa name. They are unbeaten 108 games, but here we only talk about league matches and not in all competitions. The Mimosa monopolized the League of Côte d'Ivoire without defeat from 1989 to 1994 and in that time has changed three coaches.