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World Cup Association ...

18.05.2018 11:54 - Leader

How FIFA is planning to host the top 24 clubs in the world. The 12 from Europe, the infinite revenue and the form of the tournament that will surpass the Champions League. Over the past 10 years, the Grands had resolved to take on the Champions League even with the notorious G-14. In essence, what united them was (and is) the love for money. It has always been the common denominator of Real with Barcelona, ​​Bayern, Juventus, the United, etc. Matter how many differences you have, and have ... touted to each other when the discussion revolves around their common goals , there is an agreement. Like this then these clubs, but who now revolve around the (City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Inter Milan, Napoli, Atletico, Dortmund, etc.) seem to agree on much konsept that sets the World Confederation.

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This is none other than the notorious World Cups. It will only have nothing to do with what happens every December at the site of the old Intercontinental. What FIFA wants to do and everything that seems to happen will be essentially a Champions League hybrid and a World Cup. Already people-representatives of the big groups in one way or another give out loud the OK in the project run by Tzani Infantin.
This, based on what is going on and leaking in the first phase, will include 24 teams. The fillet is expected to take Europe. The Europeans will be represented with 12 teams, the South Americans with 4.5, the Asian, the Africans and the Central-North America will have two representatives. The 24th team will be from the host country and this will change every time.

The form of the tournament to be played in June, every four years, will include 31 races in 18 days. This means that it will be a mini Champions League-World among the top players in the world, with those involved taking too much money. FIFA has clearly envisioned what is happening in Europe's top league league and estimates that in a very short space of less than a month, that is to say, the tournament will be able to raise three billion euros.

To understand the size, think that this year's Champions League had less catchy revenue, while the EURO of 2016 650 million less. As for the Russian World Cup, this is in other sizes, as its revenue is estimated at € 5.4 billion.That's what the big guys hear and they ... they sting for good. Only they want the whole pie for their own. At the moment they are represented by the body called the European Federation of Associations and is under the umbrella of UEFA, having as president the powerful Juventus man Andrea Anieli. The big ones do not really want to function in this context, as this Federation, built on the days of Michel Platini, includes all the European clubs. Instead, the big ones want the G-14 to be reconstituted so they can do the job on their own and share all the revenue.

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The latter is what seems to be negotiating with FIFA. The other huge question is which clubs in every continent will be judged as most important in order to get the tickets for the organization of the 26 and at the same time the way to the money. The amounts to be played are enormous and all the big ones are expected to fall with the nuts. That's where the big massacre may be. For example, what will be the 12 from Europe ...

YES: And of course no one is going to be interested in the ... outrage of the superstars of the teams, who as protagonists will have reached far in almost all competitions. This comes to add to all their other obligations, in spite of the so-so-so-so long talk that the races will have to be reduced!