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Flash Douglas ...

17.04.2018 00:19 - Leader

"Douglas and Iguay were the two to come from the bench in the second half to clear the match if needed. But I have to thank Miralem (Pianic) because ... he was injured in the first and Kosta gave the solution earlier, "said Massimiliano Alegri after 3-0 on Blatscherkati, on a good day for Bianconeri on a team and individual level . The championship came closer to +6 on Napoli, Madjukjic continued to score in Madrid, Chevets scored his first with Juve, the Centra found nets again. None of this would have happened if the Flash of the Lady did not take action ...His acquisition last summer was presented by the Italian press as Alegere's personal choice and was hailed as a move that makes more ... internazionale Juventus as a transcript of a modern footballer who will give Bianconeri speed, assist, class, experience, unpredictability. The point is that Juventus has to wait for some of his team player to wait for them, since Alegre has his own ... battlefield for the newcomers and it is extremely difficult for him to avoid. A "battlefield", which refers to tactics and availability for the team. From Paulo Dibala and Alvaro Moratta, to Gonzalo Igualain and Douglas Costa, in Turin you do not normally enter the 11th if you are not considered ready in all respects first.

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"Everything is good, my teammates have welcomed me in a very beautiful way, the management is always with us, everything is very nice. What I have to do is work and adapt, not only to the new environment but also to the new way of playing, "the Brazilian said in October and November, for which there were scenarios according to which he ... regretted his choice, watching the Italians' obsession with tactics. Reportage, however, probably did not have so much ground, as Costa had been lucky in his past. Having worked with Mircea Lutscu in Sandar Donetsk and with Pep Guardiola in Bayern Munich, he had appreciated regular discipline. And after having realized this, it was a matter of time to adapt to Juve.

The first good signs came in the two-month December-January for "New Douglas Costa, King of One Against One." Wanting to justify these festivities, the newspaper reported a number of numbers that showed how Douglas had risen sharply in relation to the first two months of the season: Increase in opportunity creation (2.17 out of 1.33), increase in successful (3 out of 2.17), an increase in the duel he was entering (7.83 out of 6), an increase in winning duels (4.50 from 3.67), an increase in the winning balls (3.83 out of 2, 50). In general, an upward trend in all numbers, as Juventus scored, thanks to the victory over Naples in San Paolo.

In that match the Brazilian made his first big appearance as Bianconero, showing that he could play not only on the ends but also on the shaft. This is one of the elements that Alegre worships, who has put him several times for his technique, the ease with which he makes phases for his teammates. This convenience never seemed more than in the match with Sampdoria, where the numbers were impressive: He created 4 chances, handed out 3 assists, had 83.3% to pass, had 3/5 won against one, did a skein, he had a stealing. And all in 47 minutes! "The assists to his teammates against Sampdoria are to be taught, since to do so, all the elements a modern footballer needs to use are: Technique, reading the spaces, reading the movements of your teammates. You see it, to believe it, "they said late Sunday night at Sky Italia.

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Its speed, however, you do not even believe it when you see it. Maybe because the defender is not even able to see Flash, who is making fun in Italy when he finds some space. But as well, given that it was his first year in Italy and half of it ate until it was adjusted, he does so in Europe as the knockout shows. Against Tottenham won two penalties with nice individual actions in Turin and Loznano, no matter if one was given, while Santiago Bernabeu gave a very difficult night to the world's best left-back (Marcello). "Douglas has the mentality of the best non-protagonist actress, but in reality is a star," they wrote to La Repubblica for the Brazilian, who became the first since 2004-05 to give three assists in a Serie A match having entered as a total of 10 (8 in Serie A, 3rd in the list) and has scored 4 goals (3 in Serie A).

In general, the goals are not his best, since his best performance in the season is 7, but Juventus is the best, according to at least what he has done in social media after the Madrid exclusion. "I feel proud and it is my honor to be a member of the Juventus family. Almost a year ago I decided to come to Turin and definitely this was the best choice of my life. I thank all the warriors who fight each fight, thank all the fans for their support. It is a dream to be here and to give my best self daily, "he wrote. If these are words of Douglas Costa and not of ... Brazilian Douglas Costa, Juventus can smile. And he has been expecting him from the beginning of the next season, since his purchase should be taken for granted. And right ...