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the shirt with No. 7 ...

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From Lending Shoes to £ 450,000 a Week! Alexis Sanchez becomes the most expensive player in the Premier League and fate has been generous with him! Football was an escape for Alexis, who was found fighting with his mother, Martina and his three brothers, as his father abandoned them before his birth. Alexis borrowed shoes for the matches, he used cars to contribute to family income while selling food by setting up a bench on the street. His dream is unique, to give his mother a better life! Juan Segovia, a former teacher and coach of Alexis, met for the first time with "Niño Maravilla" in the 4th Primary! "He was always a smiling child and was even happier when the ball was at his feet. He had stressed that his dream was to become a professional footballer so his mother stopped working so much. It was also the main reason he stayed so much grounded in this superficial world. " Segovia knew he had tremendous talent and that's why everything kept him away from the streets of the Devil's Corner. He was the one who sent him in 2004 for trial to the Coprelao, a team that was tens of kilometers away from his home! Club manager Luis Astorga did not take possession of the treasure, kept him in the team and helped him enough! He puts him home, he used to give him his favorite meal, lentils and milk, so he can help him forget his nostalgia for his home! The rest is history ...

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She had a debut at 16, and a year later Udinese made him her own! "It was terrible when she left, I felt my heart go out of her position. I was screaming ... I was sad to leave, but also proud of what it was! He was so cautious and helped everything. It always made us laugh, "remembers his friend, Barbara. Udine was the perfect place to ripen football, a quiet city that did not let him deal with anything else! His teammates in Udinese do not forget the endless hours of training, but also the intense ... dribbling duels with Koudraddo! "Everyone appreciated it unlimitedly, helped him to be distinguished, but he was a professional, he worked hard, he had excellent physical condition and great enthusiasm," reminds Giany de Bijasi at MEN Sport.
Francesco Guidolin threw him in, releasing him by putting him back by Die Natale at 3-4-1-1! The result; Udinese in 4th position with the two players finding 39 nets! "Stamina, the training ended, I stopped" the Italian coach repeatedly yelled, since Chilean did not stop working hard! "I worked with Christine and Alexis. Excellent players, one charismatic scorer, the other super assists. He is a very quiet child, but when he comes to the field he gets wild, "says Juan Pitschi at Men Sport.

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For this player, Manchester United will spend about 40 million euros and make him the most expensive player (about £ 450,000 a week). José Mourinho took advantage of the opportunity with the retreat of the City, did not make a financial oversupply as with Luaku, but found that this transcription would be the most ... successful! Last year, only the league had 24 goals and 10 assists, while in recent years it is the best winger in the Island! Really, how many do we wage in the Premier League each year with a two-digit number of goals? This year he has already played 10 goals (7 goals and 3 assists) and let his mind be in ... transcription! Eight consecutive seasons in Italy, Spain and England break the conter because his philosophy was to always work hard! He had a serious injury in his career, he stayed four months off but he returned stronger than before! José Mourinho will ... stretch this mindset and exploit the thirst for discrimination! Already on the Island have begun the ... bets "Will it be the best 7 in the history of the club?" In Mirror's glimpse of whether "Alexis Sanchez is worth the huge salary," 54% responded positively. His brother-in-law friend, Barbara recalls: "We often closed our eyes and thought about when he was famous and what team he liked to play. Manchester United was one of the teams he was dreaming about. "

Chilean will become Manchester's most expensive player, leaving behind the big names of the club! In detail the table:

1. Alexis Sanchez - 450,000 pounds per week
2. Paul Pogba - £ 260,000
3. Rumelos Loukakou - £ 220,000
4. David de Hae - £ 200,000
5. Zlatan Ibrahimovic - £ 150,000
6. Juan Mata - £ 145,000
7. Nehemania Matic - £ 140,000
8. Henrik Mickarian - £ 140,000
9. Marwan Felaini - £ 120,000
10. Chris Smilling - £ 120,000