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Philippe Cutinho ...

05.01.2018 22:19 - Leader

The direction Liverpool theoretically had to give to the case of Philippe Coutinho is summed up in the words of a man who knows the club and its peculiarities very well. "The best thing Liverpool can do is agree to the big compensation for Coutinio in the summer. As we did with Keith. What will the team get if he leaves him now? The quartet and Champions League qualifying are at risk if they sell it in January while it is difficult to replace it immediately. If he himself goes to the end and refuses to play, he will hurt himself. " Jamie Carragher did not even mention the possibility of the Brazilian remaining and honoring his five-year contract because it has now become clear to everyone that the situation can not continue. As early as the summer, when the 25-year-old did everything he could to go to Barcelona, ​​it was obvious that his relationship with Liverpool had a maturity date. His influence on the Rendez game has continued to be very important, which shows that if he agrees to move from now on for the summer, he will not lose his mind and concentration because he did not do it in the summer. The opposite. It is most likely to be released and give Merseysaiders a full second half. After all, even if the information that comes out of Spain that his recent absences are not due to injury but to the fact that he told the people of Liverpool that he did not want to play for them again, he can not continue and risk abstaining in a musical year. The stakes are enormous.

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If the pressure is finally successful and the footballer is made from January's Barcelona player, a scenario that is completely visible after the latest developments, Liverpool loses its balance, but not the land under her feet. The Reds have evolved. It is not the team that lost the Suarees and was left out, playing the lost roll of Baloteli. Kutinio is not even this year's star, as the role has shifted to Mohammed Salah, without this meaning that the Liverpool game is based all over Egypt. The Reds are undefeated for 16 games, Clop seems to have found a rhythm in rotation, and all the while, Firmino, Kutinio, Salah, Mane have an absolute leading role. This year there are solutions with greater credibility and a very significant contribution, such as Oxleyhammer. They thus correct a basic problem - along with that of defensive function - of the recent past. The absence of an alternative design, at the root of which were the limited options on the bench. Manne's flight to the African Nations Cup and a way that affected Rends a year ago is a very typical example.

Liverpool is also the team that broke the record defense record for a defensive player, spending 75 million on Sir Walter Fahn Dick, who, like Kutinio, had become a serial since the summer. Theoretically, given the fact that the Dutch needed time to assimilate Clop's tactical approach, Liverpool fortified her Achilles' Heel with her great craving, with a figure showing whether or not she had a different dynamic. Obviously racing has nothing to do with the possible absence of the 25-year-old, but it shows that the data has changed and that there may be a realistic targeting of Lamar-type players to replace the Brazilian.

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All this momentum has an effect on the world as well, as in a Telegraph field involving about 4.5 thousand fans, the answer to the question, "Do you think Liverpool has to sell Kutinio if he gets a proposal of 130 million or more?" 47% voted "yes, let's finish this story." 43% opted for the summer concession and only 10% voted to stay after the summer. It is a sign of awareness that the series is coming to an end and the first one reflects the feeling that "this year and losing a major footballer does not mean we will not find a solution."

As a first step, Liverpool's victory with Burnley is a good precursor to tackling the gap. Because throughout this time Rents was running without a footballer who had a very important role in the "Clopo" plan. The exploitation of Adam Llanas as an aggressive agent at the center's triple and not in this attack was key to running the whole center both in attack and defense. In addition to his creative capabilities, the international English has developed a regular understanding, hard work and movement without the ball, participating very actively in the plan of quick retrieving the ball. His injury in August kept him out for over two months, but his reintegration is probably the most appropriate timing. With the additions of the summer, the former midfielder of Inter Milan is struggling to play a more central role this year, back from the triple, having a natural freedom to find places and exploit them. Lalana, of course, is a different footballer, but in that position he has been extremely tense. Since summer, the presence of Nabil Keita will add new dimensions to the mid-spec.

Obviously, all of the above do not focus on the fact that Kutinio will not be a major loss for Reds and the effort they make this year, as well as over time. Liverpool, however, looks more ready to heal the wound and not to flee with its psychology and racing image broken ...


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