Sociedad - Getafe 1 1.75
Kallithea - OFI Crete 2 1.55
Bournemouth - West Br. 1 1.90
Man. Utd - Brighton 1/1 1.83
Sturm Graz - Altach 2 6.50
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Grazie Maestro !

07.11.2017 03:03 - Leader

Real Madrid's coach, Zinedine Zidane, did not forget Andrea Pirlo, whom he thanked for what he offered through Instagram. raised a photo in which his back looks like Pyrrhus, both of whom wear Juventus 21 and wrote "1,000 thanks Maestro". When Zidane tells another Maestro, few comments fit ...

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The Greek language, they say, has a rich vocabulary, but this is basically canceled because we do not know how to use it, so the meaning of the words is lost. In a country where every mediocrity will be considered "star", "class", "value", "top", "diva" and many others, if you want to write that Andrea Pirlo was really great, you give it up is a little bit. And yet, that was Pirlo. Great. Perhaps the most prominent in the history of Italian football, which is richer than the Greek vocabulary.

Pirlo has rightly gone into this story and has ensured that it will always be one of its most important forms, because before and above everything made football more beautiful. He did it because he understood that football is beautiful because it is simple. And doing it simple is a sample of intelligence. The wisdom that you can see in infinite phases of the Maestro, from the dream balloon to the Shevchenko in Camp Nou, to the clear mind so as to give - rather than to blackmail the shot - to Grosso in 2006, and from the painting with Bajio to that Juventus-Brescia 2001 and the Euro 2012 shoot-out in Hart, Pirlo did nothing more than always think ahead of everyone. See where the others are looking at. To make you think that you would want to be a footballer too much to give these passes and never score.

Metronomo has been such a genius in the field, such a mind as to make you think that as serious as "dexterous" is in the four lines, so is it outside. In all of it. He had to take his autobiography titled "I'm thinking, so I'm playing," a title that describes him more perfectly than "Pirlo is a silent leader, talking to his feet" by Marcello Lippi, to learn that out of the stadium he is a hilarious guy who enjoys his wine, enjoys making plaques even on Adriano Galiani, burns completely with the playstation ... He is also a guy who never feared the changes. And because he was not afraid, he also avoided failure.

When it was decided, together, as he says, to end the 10-year love story with Milan, he was not afraid to go to Juventus. As she was not afraid, when she felt like she wanted to do so, she would divorce herself for years with her husband for the sake of the next. Both of these options surprised the Italians. Like he surprised them, for example, the fact that he was not "killed" with Alegre when he found him in front of him, in 2014-15, but he worked perfectly with him. It could not be otherwise, because there was never a case for Andrea Pirlo to justify Alegere and every Alegre for the end of Roseneri in 2011. Ten years in Milan after his ... white nights as her player Inter, Andreas was the one who gave the tempo and put the touches of the artist on the team of Carlos Ancelotti.

The same would have been the case for a four-year period, then in Juventus, embellishing the game of the massive team of Conte and after Alegre, so did the same in national Italy. Matchmakers good with the ball on the legs, he always had. The mind, however, has always been him. And as has happened with many artists, the crucial importance of his presence in the group has been acknowledged. Pirlo spent his best football years as Ronson, but he had to dress Bianconero in order not to focus on the player Pirule, who is an important link in a strong chain, but to the leader Pirlo who could transform a team with his leadership initiatives a winning mentality, his inspirations that made his fans and champions happy his teammates. They came to watch him, because he never went out to shout that he was a playwright. She knew it was, there was no reason to look for confirmation.

In Regina, Brescia, Inter, AC Milan, Juventus and Squandra Azzura, Maestro left many memories, many moments to identify each fan with him. Juventus Palantzas, for example, from this four-year period in Bianconier, will remember those tears forever in Berlin in 2015. You lost, but it is nice to know that this final you lost him with Andreas Pirlo ... Grazie Maestro!