Sociedad - Getafe 1 1.75
Kallithea - OFI Crete 2 1.55
Bournemouth - West Br. 1 1.90
Man. Utd - Brighton 1/1 1.83
Sturm Graz - Altach 2 6.50
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On the way out, Bilic ...

24.10.2017 15:29 - Leader

Slaven Bilic takes over responsibility for the tragic image of West Ham, but he does not believe he can change the situation. Friends of the Hammer sent a dismissal message! Brighton was stunning, easily crossed the obstacle of West Ham and Slaven Bilic with just one ... a small football miracle will be left until Christmas at the Hammer bench. The disapprovals, as well as the fact that hundreds of fans of the group left the pitch at the 75th, were messages of intense distress that the strong man of the club can not ignore. The people demanded his dismissal, while the changing rooms look cold for the Croatian technician. The Londoners spent a few tens of millions in the summer to get Arnautovich, Tsitsarito, Zabaleta, Hart, but the team's image is not convincing. The "Hammers" are at the limit of the dangerous zone, looking for unsolved solutions and sinking!

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Slaven Bilic is charged with the Austrian transfer, for which West Ham has spent £ 20m. Arnautovich is a shadow of his own good, and with his image he exposes the Croatian technician. His image in the first place was unacceptable and the fact that he was 74 'was a small scandal! Bilic was hoping for an explosion, but the Austrian "managed" to push the world into intense condemnation. West Ham is a team that looks like a crack. Unconnected, unruly, set that works by individual actions, rather than as a group. The fact that the administration has left the dismissal scenarios moving, only badly do to Bilic and the players.

Baston against West Ham has made its worst performance this year without convincing it to make a difference. The scorer scored only once in their away games, but in London he scored three goals and he could have more ... Gross played in Brighton's six previous goals, but nobody ... took care to bring it to the defensive of West Ham. Apart from a tragic attack, the "Hammers" also have the worst defenses of the Premier League. "It's not good for the team right now. The administration will make the decisions it has to take. I am the coach and I take responsibility. I will not hide or blame my players. I take full responsibility for the situation, "Bilic said after the end of the match, and his words sound as if he knew he was not saving the job!

The Croatian does not know if things can change, the players do not help him and it seems more than ever that the time has come for change. "His interview after the fight sounded as if he was close to ... death," said Kion. Bilic took the responsibility, but he did not explain why he must stay on the Londoners counter. He knows he's still there with .. borrowed time, but he's still looking for solutions. He never learned his lesson last year ...

Goodman Park goodbye to Cumman

Everton collapsed by destroying Kumane in dismissal! The Dutchman did not even fit with Wals, he trusted his transcriptional instinct and ... failed! In the summer transfer ring, Citi spent 217 million pounds, followed by Chelsea with 202 million, United in third place with 170 million, and Everton 4th with 153 million. Cumman took it over, it was he who recommended 13 transfers, but the result ... sank. Everton is in the last position making the worst start of the last 12 years! The Dutch fate ended Sunday afternoon, the administration could not ignore the voices of the fans and on Monday came the fatal!

Even he understood what was going to happen after the Londoners broke! Prior to this match, both Everton and Arsenal had been tormented for good by the lack of stability and prospect. The Wenger team then ruled Rooney with the 7th defeat in eleven games. However, in difficult to play ball and player personality, coach!
Pickford's reflex kept Everton for a while standing in the match, but it was not enough. As for the system, the British press never understood that the Kumian team played. 3-5-1-1, 3-3-3-1 or 5-3-1-1;
Charming her racing plan, came and Guiney red to get the icing on the cake. Another sample of disobedience ... At the same time, Rooney was showing himself ... on the pitch. The Dutch tried in the last two weeks to persuade the administration that it needed time to spend, that it was able to achieve what it had promised. However, on Sunday afternoon, even the most ... skeptical, Everton Bill Knew's president understood that the only solution to "change" is dismissal!

Kouman had no solutions and reaction from the bench. His movements in derby with Arsenal were disappointing, giving his opponent an opportunity to do a great deal of damage. Connoisseurs of the Candles demanded his dismissal. They had not done it for Moyes when the team was in a similar situation, but they did it for the 54-year-old after the summers were given in the summer. They did not stand the bad picture, the hopes for bed sheets ... that were lost on the 9th turn, but also the bad European appearances.
The British give only an attenuator to the experienced technician. The fact that the administration failed to get equal substitute for Rumelos Loukakos. But the Dutchman never pressed, he wanted to stay with Rooney, Siegrsdon and Clausen, players who are classical tens ...

Walsh has arrived at Goodison Park with the rumor that he discovers untapped talents, but also that he can work with a coach on new faces. But Kouman chose a different approach with expensive transfers and a player he himself trusted. The 54-year-old refused to go to Jorande and Woods, with the two getting very strong this season.

16 months later, Kouman's marriage to Walsh was more ... tormented than ever. The two of them never fit, the shot never came and the result was inevitable. Something had to change. "Write what you want to write," the Dutch said afterwards the end of the press conference.

It should not have been that way. Rumen's arrival at Merseyside in June 2016 was the result of an aggressive, coordinated pursuit by Everton to entice the 54-year-old to leave Southampton. Big money was spent, he spoke of an "exciting project", "economic possibilities" and "trophy battles". The first season brought stability, smiles and Everton's return to Europe. The second is catastrophic. The team came in very strong in July on transfers, optimism was quickly followed by disappointment and, at the end of the summer bazaar, real distrust.