Sevilla - Man United U 2,5 1.76
Shakhtar D. - Roma 2 3.00
Derby - Leeds 1 1.83
Rochdale - MK Dons 1 1.90
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02.09.2017 15:37 - Leader

Usually ... history is written by teams rather than units. All the more so in football, which is team sports. At the start of this season, however, a trio has emerged that makes Liverpool's friends dream again. Firmino, Salah, and Mane have made Kutinio ... forgotten and Jürgen Clop to rub his hands with satisfaction. At times, however, unlikely triads have emerged, which led the clubs and their national teams to the top of Europe and the world.

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Messi - Suarez - Neimar (Barcelona)
This triple can no longer exist after Neimar's departure for Paris Saint-Germain, but in three years of its existence it was the most "scary" one could experience a rival defense. Messi, Suarez and Neimar scored a total of 364 (!) Goals over three years (Messi 153, Suarez 121, Neimar 90), creating the unmistakable "MSN". Their report in 2014-2017 was two Spanish championships, three cups and a Champions League.

Ronaldo - Benzema - Bale (Real Madrid)
The counterproductive awe of Barcelona's "MSN" was "BBC" and came naturally from Real Madrid. Benzema, Bale and Cristiano are together since 2013, when the Welsh winger arrived at Bernabeu. Without counting the start of this season, they have all scored a total of 365 goals, one more than Barca's "MSN", but one year more. However, in their palmare they have titles, counting more than the goals. Three Champions League!

Chavez - Iniesta - Buschec (Barcelona - National Spain)
Messi may have turned all his headlights over the years, but those involved in football know that a huge share of Barcelona's successes over the years corresponded to Chave, Iniesta, and secondarily to Buskeck. The two "Dioscuri" won four Champions League with Barca, while the newest Basketz three. Similar successes for the magical "triple" the center and the national Spain as Xavi and Iniesta measure two and a Euro Cup, while Busquets a Euro and a World Cup.

Ronaldo - Rivaldo - Ronaldinho (Brazilian National)
The three conquered almost ... themselves a World Cup. This in 2002 in Korea and Japan. Ronaldo, Rivaldo and Ronaldinho, 3-4-3, were the aggressive trio and scored 15 out of 18 Brazilian goals in the league (eight goals from the Ronaldo phenomenon, five from Rivaldo and two from Ralconto 22-year-then-Ronaldinho), leading her to the fifth title in her history. Because of the original '' R '' of their names, they were called '' The Three R's ''.

Fan Basten - Gulit - Rickard (AC Milan - National Netherlands)
In 1987, Silvio Berlusconi took Marco Fan Basten and Rutt Gulit to Milan, and the next year he was the other Dutchman, Frank Rachard. Moves-mat by the owner of AC Milan, as the "Flying Dutchman" got out of hand the team and led it to Europe's top two consecutive seasons in 1989 and 1990. The three had led national and Holland in unique title Of its history, the 1988 Euro.

Bet - Charlton - Lao (Manchester United)
Ten years after Munich's air tragedy in 1958, Manchester United became the first English team in 1968 to win the championship cup. Leading to this success were the three best footballers in Europe that year. The George Best, Bobby Charlton and Dennis Lowe (although the latter did not compete in the final against Benfica through injury), who had the nickname "Holy Trinity."

Di Stefano - Puccas - Gendo (Real Madrid)
The three of them made "Queen" in Real Madrid in the late 1950s and early 1960s. Can Di Stefano and Puskás be more known to the general public, but valuable was the contribution of Ghent, who won with Real six Champions Cups (the only player in history who has managed something). On the other hand, Di Stephanos got five and Puscas three.