Sevilla - Man United U 2,5 1.76
Shakhtar D. - Roma 2 3.00
Derby - Leeds 1 1.83
Rochdale - MK Dons 1 1.90
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"next day"

21.08.2017 01:19 - Leader

Greek football passed into a new era after the election of Vangelis Grammenos to the EPA leadership and the former president of EPC Macedonia is the elite of the "next day" of the Greek football association. Whether it will be better or worse than the previous one, Will be seen in the results, however this year's Super League Championship started with the Northwest Factor taking over the portfolio from the RDP, which completed its work as a transitional period after the Girdjikis administration resigned on the Health card. The new situation removed many of them whom she considered to be pieces of a "sinful" past, and she must act by acting that the present and the future will be different and not the beast of those who have been accused to this day. Vangelis Grammen is then the new president of the EPA and with him at the helm of the Federation he starts the new championship. Of course, his subject matter is not only professional football, no matter if it is the most interesting, but also the amateur, of course, our National Team, the EPO's finances, the committees for which many have heard over the years and more generally A wide range of obligations on a daily basis, which must be carried out in a difficult economic climate and under the watchful eye of international confederations.

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Let's not forget that Greek football is under surveillance and it is up to him to remove it as soon as possible. Although the past has shown that these issues apply to "no more permanent temporary". The truth is that the room for maneuver is far less than in the past, since it does not decide on its own. There is self-government, but no major decision will be taken without over-approval. A three-member Monitoring Committee has been set up under Bjorn Vassal, who will control the work of the Federation and that everything will run on the basis of what has been agreed.

EPO, State, FIFA-UEFA are starting to work closely. On 8 August, Messrs. Vassalo and Pereira gave an extensive press conference where they analyzed the situation of Greek football and what we are expecting from now on. The debate was about the arbitration, the arbitrators' repayment, which incidentally has not yet been settled, the video assistant referee, the new referee boards, the definitions each week And for the supervisory role of FIFA - UEFA in Greek football in order to return to full regularity.

Melo Pereira made a great career in the 1990s, being a Primeira Liga referee from 1989 to 2002 and a FIFA referee from 1992 to 2002 when he hung his whistle. He participated in the 1998 and 2002 World Cups, where he played two matches, whistled three games in Euro 2000, the UEFA Cup final 2002, the Super Cup of Europe 2001 and the Portuguese Cup Finals 1995 and 1996. In 2011 he received the FIFA Special Prize For his contribution to football, while being an observer of UEFA.

"It was an invitation that arose due to the need of the Greek Football Federation and FIFA decided to invite an alien to lead the process," said the Portuguese former international referee and continued: "I was one of the names, contacted me, The project and I accepted the proposal, and I am convinced that I will meet the expectations of the people who have trusted me. "

Until last year, Mélo Pereira had the same position in Portugal (the president of the respective CES), while in the Portuguese "Rádio Renascença" he also said that he is in favor of using the video replay, considering that he will help a lot both the referees and the Football in general.

With regard to the new Portuguese prime minister, who has been announced since 26 July, as Mr Vassalos said, he is responsible for the definitions along with Messrs. Tritonis, Koukoulakis and Kalyva, who are members of the new KEP. At the same time, Cyrus Vassaras returned, taking over as education officer. Lastly, it should be stressed that the EPA has approved the amendments to the Arbitration Regulation in order to align it with those of the FIFA member federations and the UEFA Arbitration Convention.

Beyond that, the next Super League League kicked off yesterday (19/8), and until recently we did not even know the conditions for running it. We also learned them a day before the center. Not necessarily the best ones. Others were agreed last March (playoffs and the champion, relegation of four teams this year to reduce the teams to 14), but others have been decided at the last board meetings until we reach a compromise on ... The teams found them in the financial and in addition the playoffs are abolished.

The contract with NOVA has been a slow bomb for months, many teams continue to face financial problems and the reduction proposed by the subscriber was a "stab" for them, regardless of whether the television market and the limited dynamics of its championship demand it. As for the relationships between several clubs, they are in the railings and we are waiting for the first upside-down whistle to start the ... party of statements and announcements (in Greece we are, we know what is true and some things are not changed).

In such an environment and with the custody of foreign players became the first center in the Super League. Everyone hopes that at least we will have a more competitive league, better sight, arbitrage with (human) mistakes for all teams equally and less ... ball out of the four lines of the court, because it tire the world a lot and "poison" the mind of.