Sevilla - Man United U 2,5 1.76
Shakhtar D. - Roma 2 3.00
Derby - Leeds 1 1.83
Rochdale - MK Dons 1 1.90
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England calling !

13.08.2017 03:08 - Leader

Premier teams have broken every record this year with a billion in transcripts and while there are still 20 days to the end of the transcription bar. Grade's 18.5 million move to Watford has created a new imbalance and showed that as the days pass, the money goes up. There are 80 million left to spend to break every record in the history of Nissia! The City has spent most of every other team with 218 million as it has won Kale Woerker, Mendi and Danilo. United is close to 150 million and Chelsea is the top three with 130 million.They are in the top league of the world and the competition hits red! Transcripts of a billion and Mourinho, Guards with the ... knife on the teeth. The top league of the Planet in the Centers and this year is probably the most competitive league in recent years! Joe Mourinho, Pep Guardiola have a second chance, Clop knows better now the Premier League, Conte is more confident after winning the title while Pothetino believes in his strengths. Arsene Wenger is invited to overcome the moaning of the world and to send Arsenal back to the top.

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The best transcription, speaking theoretically, is that of Rumello Lukau in Manchester United. It is the most expensive one ever made, up to 85 million euros, with Manchester doing everything and ... stealing it from Chelsea. Wayne Rooney's great return to Everton after 13 years has gained the impression, while the transfer of Zermein Defoe from Sunderland to Bournemouth could prove tremendously important for his new team.
The biggest risk is in London. Chelsea and Tottenham start the season as title contenders, as it has been the last two years in the Premier League, but transcription did not move as loudly as the Manchester teams.

Antonio Conte, shortly before the start of the championship, said it was very important for the "blue" to boost immediately until the end of the transfer period, while the "spurs" started their official duties without transcription! Risk for many tens of millions spent by Chelsea on Morata.Is this the year of Pep Guardiola? He made several mistakes last year but this year is also the big and central Face of the City. His first mistake last year was that he always put emphasis on the middleweight and left his team uncovered and without a proper defensive approach. Pep's approach to the logic of giving City a lot of goals and accepting enough was not effective ...

This summer Pep moved to solve his problems with Kipper and Fulk. Still, it has issues with the Pepper. Joe Hart was replaced by Claudio Bravo. There was a deal of 34.7 million for Benfica's Endersson. Kyle Walker, right-back, came from Tottenham Hotspur with 45 million, from Monaco with Médie and 52 million and a good player Danilo who can act as a full-back or defensive player for 26.5 million from Real.

The Copans, Stones and Otomed were left out of defense last year. Given their football background and their medical history, the City needs further support. In addition to these three, Pep has 19-year-old Tosin and ... unwanted Dnairer, with Mangalas, after Kolarov went to Roma. City wanted Fan Dad but with 60 million as cost back. An alternative is Martinez of Sossidad with 27.1 million. Catalan is confident of the team's success and is confident that this year will be his year as he learns from his mistakes.

Headline title for Mourinho: In 2017 - 2018 United must be strong again and highly competitive for the Premier title. This is the minimum as a requirement for such a team, but also the truth with which Mourinho faces his second attempt for the 20-time champions. In Portugal, a white check has been given on transcription, so excuses do not exist. Ally for the title the tradition it has created. With the exception of his first term in Chelsea, he was doing his best in his second season. In Porto with the ... good day he got UEFA, but next came the championship and the Champions League. In Inter took the first championship, but the next year came the monster! Real Madrid needed a second chance, since then he took the championship by breaking the sovereignty of Barcelona. He returned to Chelsea and, for the first time, he stressed: "My little one wants more milk." In his second season the horse became ... clean and Blue got a cup!