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01.01.2017 01:40 - Leader

Finished! They ended the first game of smack and foukarosynis and get to rematch. And to xigiomaste, crying and caw inexpensive here not read. Only truths. And we go to see what we missed and what's coming, not to lose it. We lost gifts, salaries, jobs, peace of mind. We lost the right to dignity, we become people of smack and zitoulismou to beg for five dimes be saved (?). And in return what we gained? NOTHING. Those bagpipe our devotees destruction, that we won the right to dream, to the future that have secured the future of our children is plaque and clout. That means no. Nothing gained. Except, perhaps, in time ...
And the question is whether we understand where we came? Why we ended up like we ended up, to look at ... the rematch, in later years, to live up to expectations and then actually put the foundations for the future of our children and their children. Not talk about that enormous responsibility lies with the wheelhouse decades. But do not kid ourselves, we had neither dictatorship nor kingdom. Republic had. And we are always free to vote for what we want. So we brought those we have destroyed us. Look no ghosts nor jump from feismpouk and tweeters say p @ rogue and cry those who voted for what they voted for so many years. We are the ones. Clearly things.

And to say and the other, three years now expose one financial crime after another. In IKA, TEBE, tax offices, hospitals, police, up churches. Anyone could steal and was making. villas? cabs? Deposits; He made kavatza for ten generations. And not only the Kleftaras fault, blame you too buddy, who saw and did not do anything and inoculated with the logic "me too if I were in the place of the same would do." I now hope to understand and the slightest Greek voter that when the adjacent of stealing public money, essentially stealing from his pocket. That when destroying public property, essentially watching money (to be remade broken).

And look, will not return to tell you that we fault with the life they did. No. We have responsibility hand, not small. Just watched and not be talking, we voted like m @ lakes (and perhaps still do), not educated socially and academically, became unfriendly animals that the only interest the shot, their wellbeing. And this is the alpha and omega of collapse. Only when we understand that the place is good only when the whole is just as well, then we only are become members of a democracy, a society and we are not animals of loneliness and personal survival.

Do not borne else. We know and you know what went wrong so far and in 2016 was perhaps the most difficult year of postwar Greece. The question is what we can do tomorrow? To make the 2017 a little more bearable. The revolution has passed. But the revolution is dead, deprivation, war, rebuilding from scratch. Are you ready for this? The wait to do the other revolution and you can live only metepenastatika? If true (valid) the second, move on to what really can be done today.

First, you stop being bouzoukom @ lacquer diakopokaragkiozis and kaloperasakias plate. You start from scratch Cultural and you open a book a month. In 1-2 years will be ANOTHER MAN.

Second, you get character and do not continue to be a queue of every accidental. In golf, politics, society, everywhere. You're looking for your behavior. No curse as curse, not because you break broken, not to stop paying because they stop paying, not become M @ laccase is because M @ LAKES.

Third, you care about your neighbor as you wait anxiously to care for you if you find yourself in difficult.

Fourth, forget the 1200aria and 1500aria receiving and adapted to today's standards. Without von aye without convertible without jeep. Without large slopes cloves and champagnes. You live with what you have and not what you would like to have, ie.

Fifth, fill with people rather than objects. You have family, friends, relatives. The satin chazogkomenes and ntemek Floria not he made any man, the true love for your own, did mankind get to 1013 AD from the Neanderthals and the bears ...

Sixth, read five people who have something to tell you, not every Planted stupid that you simply parroting what he said such and such left or right party Dinah. You learn from what you read and not the parrot. And when you learn to pass it correctly, not unfinished. your own good coming back from anyone learned half a thing from you.

Seventh and last. Do what you can to re-build your relationship with the land, with nature, to live. They will feed you (oh forbid) happen or crooked. Being a Computer Whiz Wow awesome and terrible will help mark