Sociedad - Getafe 1 1.75
Kallithea - OFI Crete 2 1.55
Bournemouth - West Br. 1 1.90
Man. Utd - Brighton 1/1 1.83
Sturm Graz - Altach 2 6.50
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«La gira»

30.12.2016 01:55 - Leader

In recent years they have become fashionable as touring major European groups in Asia or America. Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, Chelsea, AC Milan and other large or smaller clubs, undertaking trips to East and West, more to promote their economic interests in those markets and less for pure racing purposes. Many believe that the tour leader, who tend to be longer institution was Manchester United, which was that best promoted by all the signal, resulting in the conversion of the richest club in the world. However, the truth is different and to uncover the history clock spins in the distant 1925, the Boca Juniors gets starring position. The polyprotathlitria Argentina, apart from the fact that a global record of most international titles, is also the first club that traveled to another continent to conduct racing game round, the one that went down in history as the famous «La gira» and that was the starting point for the creation of the myth of the club from Buenos Aires and «La numero 12».

The time between the wars, the transatlantic travel was prohibitive for groups as needed at least a month to implement. Thus in the first World Cup in Uruguay (1930), went to just three countries of Europe, while the same thing happened four years later the organization in Italy. However, in February 1925, the administration of Boca decided to undertake a visit to the "Old Continent" to make known the group -which began to be distinguished in the country; and beyond the borders of Latin America. Initiator and main sponsor of the project was Eduardo Kafarena. The "Toto", as was the nickname of the Argentine agent, who was "sick" fan "xeneises, designed the round and accompanied the team on this. In fact, for its contribution to the achievement, he was given another nickname, «la numero 12», as it literally was the 12th of Boca player. In honor of fact, the most important link of the group of fans, but also the most powerful in the world, bears that name today.

It took 22 days until the steamer Formosa crossed the Atlantic Ocean and offload the task of Boca at the port of Vigo, Spain. This consisted of 17 players (Bidoglio, Egi, Gkarasini, Busan, Taraskoni, Moutier, Tasioneri, Antraigkes, Pertini, Tseroti, Medise, Pozzo), of which Diaz (Rosario Central) Kotsrane (Tipo Federales) Vakaro (Argentinos Juniors) Seoane (Porvenir), Onsari (Huracan), were on loan from other Argentine groups only for the tour. Having rested a few days, Argentines began their exhibition matches from the local Celta, which they won, but lost by the same score (3-1). This was followed by two legs with the other large group of Galicia, La Coruna and then toured in Madrid and in other provinces of Spain.

Having triumphed against Real Madrid (1-0), left the Iberian with 10 wins and three defeats and went to Germany.
A draw (1-1) with four wins and Bayern were the fruit of their visit to the country in Central Europe, with Marseille being the last station. Against Olympique (Marseille later) prevailed 4-2 and boarded the steamer Marseille for their return to the country pub, having given 19 matches with 15 wins, one draw and three defeats. After 4.5 months in Europe and 30 days seas on his return on July 12, Boca reached the port of La Plata River, where the waiting thousands of people the apotheosis for the pioneering project of the name to make known -latin- a new game mode, then the "old world." But he who deified even more than the players, was Toto Kafarena, the first and most important 12th player of all time ...