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"Pandora's box"

24.11.2016 14:35 - Leader

O Paul Stewart, former English international footballer and star of Tottenham and Liverpool has revealed that the age of 11-15 years sexually abused by his coach every day! In a complaint that causes anger burst and brings a serious problem area in football came to make Paul Stewart. The 52chronos now former footballer, with great career in the premier class of English football, with Manchester City jerseys, Tottenham and Liverpool drew strength from the bond two players that sexually abused by the coach of the academies, Bari Benelli. Stewart revealed that every day for four years from the age of 11 years to 15 years, sexually abused by Benelli.

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"Psychological problems led to alcoholism and drug use. The level of abuse was every day becoming worse. But I stepped on the court and playing normally, "originally said Stewart, who revealed how the Benelli threatened to kill his family if he spoke. The Benelli was sentenced in 1998 to 8 years in prison after he confessed his actions in six young boys academy and recently accused him of sexual abuse and the most 43chronos Anti Woodward. As indeed he said, many young boys even today who grew up not dare to speak.

Immediate was the reaction of Crewe, which communication stressed that already launched an investigation in cooperation with the authorities stressing that in football and in society are not fit such incidents.
The revelation of Paul Stuart that is a victim of sexual abuse by his coach has shocked and has enabled several in England in order to eliminate this phenomenon. Thus, it is expected to create a children's hotline and young people who have been sexually abused by their coaches (NSPCC), which has the support of the English Football Association.

Indeed, many believe that opened the "Pandora's box" for sexual abuse in football and believe that they will see the light of day and other events, as revealed Stuart.