Sociedad - Getafe 1 1.75
Kallithea - OFI Crete 2 1.55
Bournemouth - West Br. 1 1.90
Man. Utd - Brighton 1/1 1.83
Sturm Graz - Altach 2 6.50
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"Lone Star"

18.11.2016 15:13 - Leader

He was a giant of the exatapa. Huge football, but also in stature, as rises the full, wide body of. There the '90s whoever managed to see Georges Wei with Paris Saint-Germain and AC Milan, understand. But the issue here is not the performance of a stunning offensive, in which FIFA was quick to highlight as a leading African with the ball at his feet for the last century. Nor would an analysis of how the nailing of the gkolares, to receive the "Golden Ball" in 1995. The most interesting in his case, was what he created as a football side. As a child, when he won the first good money in Monaco. It was in 1988, when he was stung Arsene Wenger and gave him a contract. Since then the always said and still repeats: "The money I took from the ball, not mine. Belonging to the Liberian people. " For his country was beating loud always the heart. thus developed into one of the most humanists who never showed the area of ​​football. Here we recall two stories, through which manifests the love of Liberia and the game, with the second story includes lots of Greece aroma ...

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Liberia has always had a troubled history. In this context it experienced in the modern era, the period when great things with the ball Wei two shocking bloody civil wars. The first began in 1989 and ended in 1996. It was the year that the National despite adversity managed to qualify for the African Cup of Nations. It would occur in the stadiums in South Africa, but the "Lonely Star", as called representative assembly could not go despite qualifying.There were the money not only to stay, but not even for appearances and travel. but stepped forward superstar and arranged everything. The previous summer had taken the legendary transfer from Paris to Milan, and decided to pay everything. Thus Liberia appeared on the field and fought to exclude the group stage, lagging for a goal. The project was to be repeated and this time we had seven international co-star who fought in Greece, and not necessarily in the First Division.

The second civil war raged and decimated the youth of Liberia. Started in 1999 and would last until 2003. However, the country level in football flourished and this because the protected Wei. It was for the qualifiers of the Asian Cup (2002 in Japan / South Korea). The leader was not but now only the archiskorer. Simultaneously was coach, technical director, exclusive sponsor and informal chairman of the Federation.
Together the team had selected players who are older remember our parts. The armband had the Joe Nagbe had passed by PAOK (1997-'00) and at the time of the qualifying struggling Panionios (2000-'01) and PAS Ioannina 2001-'02). At his side was Zizi Roberts Panionios (2000-'01) and Olympic (2001-'02), with prior service in Ionikos Nikea. The Kelvin Sempoue Panachaiki (2000-'01), with tenure at Skoda Xanthi (1996-'97), AEK Athens (1997-'99), Hercules (1999-'00) and Patras (2000).

With them the Oliver Makor Progressive (1999-'01), Egaleo (2001-'02), Ionikos (2002-'08) and Panachaiki (2008-'09). James Demba Hercules (1999-'01) and two surprises. One was George Gebru Panaitolikou (1999-'01), who went after in Patras (2001-'04), Corfu (2004-'05) and Bermuda Kpoto Apollo Cold Faucet (2001-'02) and earlier Olympiakos Volou (1999-'00). This group therefore Wei touched the historical presence in the World Cup. And there who had in their hands, they lost to Nigeria unless the indifferent in Ghana and stayed at -1 from Nigerians, who took the ticket. All this exceeded that ran the "Lone Star" was thanks to the vision of its leader, who among other things was paying for the airline of his teammates to go for games of qualifying, but also to train in the territory of neighboring Coast Ivory security.

To 2005 and he was two years away from tennis, Georges Wes raised candidacy for President of Liberia, but did not win the election. but remained on the ramparts policies (Ed .: is in parliament with the most votes of all time) and helps in many areas of the country. but especially with the children and families who were seriously injured in the last civil war, continues to care for their education and rightly considered the most special person who has made the African football, if not the whole world ...