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They signed on a napkin ...

24.06.2017 14:35 - Free Kick

The greatest footballer of our time. Argentinian of Barcelona Lionel Andres Messi Kucitini, born and raised until he finds a boy in Barcelona, ​​in a hammock, in Rosario. He is the biggest footballer in the world in value, but also in a bid for his team.

The mega will never stop working for some unanswered question. Who the highest payout ballad, King Pele or Parantzan Maradona. The surety is that Argentina was more valuable to his teams than the Brazilian. It is, you wonder, this element that adds to the big, the bigger. No! As one would say, it is not wise to compare the top, the top of the top, when they have been marching in different seasons.

Messi is huge because he is always above his time! As much as 21st Century football with defense systems, high speeds, and footballers competing with violent body turmoil, Lionel Messi is the killer in a felony. It is an outdated view that as an opponent is treated.

Sometimes it seems that he is a cartoon, that he will eventually pick up all the chips from the table with the hidden paper he will pull out of the sleeve. Sometimes you think he knows how to read the scars like the finesse of the finite centuries and smell the air before he moves, as if he were a goblin.

From a family with Italian roots, Lionel, today, June 24, 1987, was born in an Italian hospital in his birthplace Rosario and in his ten years he was only 1m.10. It would not be higher than one and a half meters if hormonal therapy did not start. What kind of money? In Argentina, then, the economic crisis did not have the courage to invest in a dwarf.

Difficult and responsible for Barcelona. They avoided taking the risk of getting into the team's nursery, the troubled junior team from Argentina. Eventually, after weeks of bargaining with Lionel's father, and in order not to "commit", they signed on a napkin (!) An agreement, not a contract, "adoption" of the 13-year-old Messi in Masia, at the famous football club of the team.

From Argentina's Newell Boys Argentina to Barcelona in 2000. At 16 he plays in Group C, at 17 in 2nd and immediately in first team. At 18 he wore the jersey of the national Argentine.