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Southampton - Leicester G/G 1.80
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They are laying a carpet ...

13.12.2017 12:28 - Free Kick

New "savior" to Panathinaikos businessman Spyros Theodoropoulos, "croissant mister ...". Already, the "management" (there is such!) Of the FCE, veteran footballers and media adorn the super successful merchant after hurricanes and disciplines. They are carving a carpet and promise to him some chuckles and licks that the previous one did not know. Mr. Ioannis Alafouzos.

Sure! There are the previous ones, that's for sure. Unknown how the deck will sit on the new savior, it is certain that the previous one, the previous ones made her damage.

Wonderful! Every prime minister of Greece, since 1974 until now, has been increasingly indebted to the country. They are talking the facts. Documents. Andreas Papandreou, Mitsotakis, Simitis, Karamanlis, Giorgos Papandreou, all of them put a bunch of stones on Greece to reach the memorials.

Even George Papandreou, who signed the first memorandum, continued to prime, while Greece was increasingly exposed to lenders with new burdens.

This is the tragedy. The hope was taken by every next Prime Minister, and he was plunging us into the most open waters.

But no one is blame. No one has responsibilities. It takes all of them without ... the next governor.

So in Panathinaikos. No veteran, organized fan, no media is asking for an account for the destruction of the previous managers of the club. Everything will be taken care of by the new savior with the assistance of the Panathenaic people. Wonderful.