Eupen - Genk 2 1.67
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Mechelen - St.Truiden Χ 3.50
Crystal P. - Totenham 1 5.75
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On charcoal ..

26.04.2017 12:54 - Free Kick

They have defeated Panathinaikos with the referee of tomorrow's rematch in Toumba. They are afraid the raven will pass them through an operating room.

These things are happening between "allies" in the supreme struggle of redevelopment. And yet! In Panathinaikos they have been terribly horrified for the appointment of the Drama Professor of Chemistry at the Aristotle University of George Kyase, who lives in Thessaloniki. They just make their discomfort modest and humble for their old nephew's nephew.

Kyzas had to play them in the semifinal cup to start the ... search in Panathinaikos. And they found out, among other things, that the repertory was the son of Cypriot brother Dimitris Kyzas, who until 1981 played center back to Panathinaikos. And today he is permanently settled in Patras.

What are they looking for in Panathinaikos? What kind of relationship, if any, is playing between Kyzas and the former policeman and man nowadays of Savvidi, Tepecheli. In essence. White '' criminal record '' in the arbitration has the educated child who will whistle tomorrow in the game that will give the second team for the final of the cup. Come, however, that Panagopoulos are sitting on charcoal.