Le Havre - Valenciennes 1 1.67
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Doctor Hashi ...

17.08.2017 13:37 - Free Kick

It can not be ruled out to work a curse. That's what you say, namely that Olympiacos was punished with the goalie and Rijeka's 1-0 in Karaiskaki. Why did the champion's coach have given the defeat, the 'line' of the whole line?

- Goal goal not goals.

That very fatny, my child, decided Hashi. We play to keep zero in defense. Fatty! To face a lower team at your home and pass the message that the win will come and the qualification if you do not get a goal.

In the end, Olympiacos avoided the goal. And not only! Instead of putting 4 - 5 in the first half, he left in the changing rooms with a score against him.

And he tells you about the winds that do not let you turn off the fire. That this is eternal football. The vicious and threatening Olympiacos does not score in the first place. Uncoordinated and flawed Olympiacos in the second place to reach victory.

Olympiakos remains the favorite. To take that position in the Champions League groups. Because he is a better team than Croatian. Because he has the pros to win more easily away from home. As he did in Belgrade with Partizan. Because Rijeka, forced to chase the goal, will make a different game.

In Faliro, Rijeka threw him into the regular klefopolemo. Defense, but not passive, and as long as he was taking it he held the ball, until he bothered with counterattacks. With her pirate football targeting 0 - 0. Even the visits to the Olympiakos area were made with the desirability of removing the spot from her home.

In rematch, Ryeka will make Olympiacos easier. Except for one case. Olympiacos defeat ... not to grab a goal, according to the doctrine of Hashi.