AC Ajaccio - Orleans 1 2.20
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Las Palmas - La Coruna O 2,5 2.02
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From scratch ...

20.01.2017 03:27 - Free Kick

The world AEK feels betrayed. And with the right. Whatever was to do aektzides to redo this group was, they did. With the above helped with massive presence in stadiums. And next they are expecting the group to make them proud, not poisons them.

When he returned to AEK the Melissanidis, people took deep breaths. The size of the tiger. Aektzis of swing, man of the football area, strong personality, powerful and economical. Do, however, things have not been as hoped.

Speak football phenomenon with weird unwritten laws. And the most capable, the most dude, make him rag. Entertaining his failure. This is football. These are the truths. Theories will tell me, and the fact that spot and downs in the basement tycoon from the penthouse.

No one can do something today This AEK except Melissanidis. He! Only this. The world of anyway with him. All, however, realize that only he is able to change, to reverse the painful condition. No, from one moment to the next! For name.

We are talking about rotting in IVT today. Turn sepsis. The club is healthy. Healthy baby. And there is no fear to return the nightmare of the past. The problem is clearly racing. And not corrected with magic and spells. Required design entirely technocratic type. From beginning. From scratch.