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Eye of the tiger ...

11.05.2018 16:29 - Leader

Telling a story starting (almost) from the end would be able to break the element of surprise. In the present case, however, there is no such thing. AEK is the champion of Greece, everybody knows it. So by unwinding the skewer from the morning of February 5, 2018, with a story that might be like that, we are behind two screens. One of them is the statements of a person who spoils the football history of AEK. On the other hand, the same man, with a difference of 2.5 years, tries to hide the nakedness of his team after the new evil he found from AEK. In front of the screens, an XL cigar Partagas, Montecristo or Cohiba fills the endless smoke office. Potent puffs and all the smoke inside, "so we fumble them from Kokkinia". There are no moments of complacency, but they certainly love it. Few minutes of relaxation before entering the maze of innumerable obligations that require crucial decisions. Moments are forbidden, while the fortunes of hundreds of millions of euros are at stake. A Colossus shipowner is waiting for his own "twisting".

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"I will stand by some time, I will not be active forever in AEK", monologues to people of trust when fatigue is paying him. She's not a kid anymore. Five minutes later, he'll pick up the phone to get angry with his pink shoes, Paiti Rodriguez, to find out if the new clubs at the FC's offices have drawers with a yellow-black knob, grumble about a newspaper that he considers untrue or unfair. You will say ...
Yet, the man who succeeded in driving a volunteer of a driving school to build a $ 6 billion empire with a fleet of over 70 tankers, refueling stations from Caribbean to Gibraltar, Aegean Oil with the 600 petrol stations in the Greek territory, has part of his brain permanently connected to AEK. From the moment I wake up, until she's asleep. Sometimes he can see her in his sleep ...

Who is Melissanides? A man strong, and therefore absolute in his red lines. Successful starting from low, so hard negotiator now that Everest stepped. However, in front of AEK, he strikes, becomes sad, excited, tears. In the locker room. To companions when he talks about it. To friends who testify that they have seen him sank. It is he who brought it back to life. Which made her not afraid. To win and feel proud. The one who gave her a vision and a living future. He is a true leader.

He was there to find solutions to all the malfunctions, to act preventively when his experience helped him to read upcoming crises, to keep the team united in the stumbling blocks. Footballers' testimonies record that "this year we felt that Melissanidis is every moment on us. Even when we did not see him, we felt like he was hidden behind a door, watching everything, ready to intervene. " It requires talent, character and personality to create that feeling and consolidate as a climate, when you total, you appear before them 15-20 times in a year. Clearly they were significantly more than other seasons. However, it is important to understand when to be there. Good and bad.

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At the same time, in the "battle" for the domestic leadership, he identified the mistakes of others and let them work in favor of AEK. The choice of low tones, non-involvement in refereeing, avoiding war through announcements, humble and purely sporting use of Social Media, focusing on football, kept the team calm and focused on the target. He had beside him the appropriate staff to calm him in the bouts. He knows to listen and accept, he is not a person. Besides, they are their own choices. It was a brilliant strategy that, among other things, reunited team fans around the central idea of ​​"we do not hurt AEK, protect it, we become a shield around it".

It was the first year after at least a decade (although neither the 2008 company had demonstrated such homogeneity and unity in and out of the stadiums) that the Union found the antidote to introversion and struck injected injections until it straightened the virus. It was the huge shadow of the one that did not leave uncovered or any more than any activity of the team. The injuries of Mandalos - Johansson, the unsuccessful covering of their vacancies in January, the successive Vrani's misconduct, the struggles that lost ground in the title fight, the fighting battles with PAOK, the bitter blockade in the Euroleague League. Never bumped! All the crooked and reversed moments were treated in an exemplary manner. And like the fish "messed" from the head one year ago, it scatters the scent of its freshness, the one that is completed.