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Mr. Wembley ...

03.05.2018 20:40 - Leader

Wembley the Temple of Football. A story of nine decades full of glory, awe, admirable! It was built in less than a year, it took 250,000 tons of clay, 25,000 tons of concrete and 600 tons of steel bars. This stage became very fast the symbol of English football and on 28 April 1923 the England Cup finals took place! Wembley does not just mean ... soccer. It's ... Temple hosting Olympic Games, Rugby and NFL finals, up to boxing, hockey, and even car racing, while the British have watched ... American wrestling!
Did the British feel like seeing a stranger claim his ... Temple, offering tens of millions? To be more specific, the offer that the British Federation has in its hands reaches 1 billion euros!
Wembley's first president, Ken Beits, outraged for this move, said: "We are selling our heritage, it's the home of England. We can not cheer it, e. We worked hard to get the pitch for our FA and our fans. " The Federation already had contacts and the following became known:

  • An agreement on naming rights to preserve the word "Wembley"
  • The ability of Shah Khan to be the new owner within eight weeks.
  • Chelsea can play in Wembley for the next four years while Stamford Bridge will be rebuilt.
  • FA will directly put in the £ 600 million fund and in the next six years will receive the other £ 300 million.

Who is the tycoon who made soccer Britain up and down and not only?
Shah Khan is a 67-year-old Pakistani-American billionaire. He was born in July 1950 in Lahore, Pakistan, by a mother math professor and father of a merchant. At age 16, he moved to the US with $ 500 in pocket, began to wash dishes for more than a dollar an hour, while studying at the University of Illinois. He graduated from the engineering department with specialization in engineering sciences. They are the applied sciences involved in the study, design, research, development, implementation / construction, production, maintenance and improvement of structures, infrastructures, installations, systems, machines, devices, materials and processes, each in its own cognitive object. And all this happened just four years after he arrived in America. He was awarded the Alumni Award in 1999 for this category.

Since being at the University, he was working for Flex-N-Gate, a company that built car bumpers. He then became director of engineering. He began to build his property in 1978 when he first started his company. His first company. In the 1980s, the Pakistani company began to supply Japanese Toyota, and by 1989 it became the only supplier of the automotive industry.

In August 2017 his fortune was $ 8.7 billion. Forbes ranked him in position 158 with the wealthy people in the world. In fact, it has 62 factories around the world, while its employees are more than 24,000 people.
Khan in 2010 attempted to buy the majority shareholding of Saint Louis in the NFL. He did not make it. Two years later he became the first member to have another nationality and went into a NFL team by buying Jacksonville Jaguars. His first presence in England was in 2013 when he agreed to buy Fulham from Al Fayet. The market would go to an amount of 150 million. Fulham was deposed and then Khan tries to bring her back to the large lounges. This is his great chance, as the team is close to the Premier League. It took a lot of money and ambition, with Khan giving it all!

Fans have expressed fears that England might be forced to play in other football stadiums during the NFL, as Khan plans to move Jacksonville Jaguars to Wembley! He also sends his own message to the critics "The new Wembley is not that new. Some major investments will be required to be further upgraded. We need to keep it fresh, to maintain a place where people will continue to come. Do not worry Wembley will be safe with me. I want the court to be called Wembley, because that's the club's trademark. This is what gives him a soul, that is his essence. That is the value ... ".