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the "goodbye" of Iniesta ...

28.04.2018 15:41 - Leader

He went to Massey at the age of 12. After 22 years as a resident of Barcelona he leaves. He wore the shirt of a Barcelona team. He may not have gotten a "Golden Ball," but stayed in the mind of each football player as one of the best players in his generation. Andres Iniesta, in this time, made a family, won titles, tasted (hits), and was disappointed (fewer times). The time has come for his goodbye. He leaves for China (even if he did not want to reveal his next destination, only to quote the fact that he will not be in Europe). The press conference could only be emotionally charged. Iniesta could not hold his tears from the first sentence. The first five minutes of the press conference with difficulty kept tears as he tried to explain the reasons for his decision. I was presenting the whole team, except Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez, who were missing for personal reasons.

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"This press conference is about making my decision that I'm going through my last season here, it's a measured, thought-out, and after-thought decision." After 22 years here, I know what it means to be a Barcelona player, I know what it is like to be a leader of this team, I'm honest with me and the team, my career here, stops here.

If I could imagine ending my career here, it would be like: To be useful, important and basic. It's a tough day because I've spent my whole life here and goodbye is hard. I would not forgive myself to live such an awkward moment in the group. I do not deserve it and neither is the team worth it.
I want to thank the team and Msia for what they gave me. I am what I am grateful for. After 22 years I am the most imaginative person I met in my life, making me happy every day, my wife. I was 12 years old and I left my family to come here. At first it cost me, but I tried hard to do it, "he said initially, then spoke:

For the goal he fulfilled: "My only goal was to triumph with this team and I did it." I gave Barca the best I had, "I do not want to humor anyone." In a few days, I close the 34. It's time. I've been giving everything to this group and I would never be happy if I did not do the best as it is now, and there are other challenges. "

For his most important moment: "It's hard to stay in just one moment, because I've had magical moments, I'll always remember my debut in Bruges, I will never forget this day with the first group, it's the most important thing for me" .

To make the decision: "It was a big process, it's months, there were days when I had more doubts, others I had fewer, it's normal, I spent my whole life here and" goodbye "is not easy. honestly, if I'm not here to give my best, I will not be happy. "

For his next destination: "When the season is over, I will say there are things that need to be closed, I always say I would not play against my team (Barcelona)." All scenarios that are not in Europe are possible.

For the "Golden Ball": "It's not a thirst for me that I did not win the Golden Ball." Being present in the moments with Messi and Chave was something magical, my perception of football does not change whether I have or not a Golden Ball ".

If he returns to Barcelona: "I will return as a player, I will leave for three years and will return to play (laughs), I'm doing it, it's hard to say if I'm going back to the group, it's days of emotion. The season is not over and we have a title to win. "

For the most fun game: "I'm always grateful to the world that showed me so much love, wherever I went, it's a lot of games, I tried to enjoy them at the best."

For the coach who stood out: "There are many coaches I have, all of them have great memories, everyone in his time has a special place in my life, I am lucky for the coaches and my teammates I thank them"

For the most difficult time: "It was hard when I came, because it is not easy to separate your family." It was worth the effort of everyone, that's what it is worth.

How do they want to remember him: "I would like to remember me as a big football player and a man. Football passes and we have people and treatment from the world and the teammates, everyone will have their opinion, but that is my desire ".

For Messi: "Leo was a cornerstone for this team to win titles." It was magical to be at his side, and it was a privilege and honor to share the locker room, there would be no other lao. "