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Wenger replacement ...

23.04.2018 16:08 - Leader

Arsene Wenger made the big decision and at the end of the season he will leave Arsenal's bench, and the Gunners have the hard task of replacing him, even though he has one more year of contract. Alsace led the cannibals to great successes in 22 years of his presence. Several names have been heard in recent months with the first candidates and the data.

Brendan Rogers

One breath was found from the Premier League conquest with Liverpool and matches the profile the fans want. In Scotland he has swept everything with Celtic and is heading again this year to the absolute title. Even in the Champions League, the Celts returned and broke every record. The 45-year-old technician will work with the material that will be given to him, will not bring any revolution and if we believe the reports are very high on the list.

Carlo Ancelotti

Whether the Italian is an appropriate choice is a big question mark. No one challenges his authority (Arsenal will be able to attract bigger names), nor his skills. The point is that after his passing from Bayern he seems not to have the same appetite for work. So he always brings successes with a high quality roster, which at the moment is the truth that it is not for the Londoners. Nor is he the person who can promote players from the academies. A very expensive solution, which at this time does not seem to be in line with Arsenal's policy.

Thomas Touchel

Everyone says (in France and Germany) that the former Dortmund technician has already agreed with Paris. Until it is announced, however, it is still free. The issue with his own case is not that Arsenal does not want him, but that in London he is Sven M. Mindlid. Who is; Arsenal's new scouting officer has a very important role, and his coexistence with Tohhel in Dortmund was not just harmonious. In fact, after a dispute over a transfer (Olver Torres from Atletico), Touchel simply forbade Missiland to be in the training area, which was until he left Borussia ... Now, big kids are, they can find it, but up until a few weeks ago with his statements, Missiland showed he had not forgotten the behavior of Tuhel ...

Michel Arteta

The Spaniard left for 5 years in Arsenal and then found himself next to Guardiola in Manchester City in order to make his first steps in coaching. The administration would like to give him the reins, but here too there is an important issue. It seems that many in Arsenal's locker room have no good attitude to the Spaniard. They consider him to be arrogant, while he did not like his attitude to the games with City at all. The message arrived quickly in the administration ...

Patrick VIea

The Frenchman is also in the Manchester City organization, training New York City. Member of the Golden Bear of the Gunners, beloved to the fans and personality, having already trained great names such as Pirlo, Villa and Lambard. His style looks very much like that of Wenger, even if he has difficulty passing it to a low quality championship. He lacks experience, but is one of the most affordable solutions. The issue is the size of the risk that Arsenal is willing to take.

Leonardo Zardim

The work he has done in Monaco is astonishing. And he expects how and how to come up with the proposal that will allow him to take the next step. The timing seems to be coming at the end of the season, and the Portuguese managed to win over Monte Carlo and titles to defeat the "defensive" coach. Plus he knows how to work with kids, something that counts a lot in Arsenal. The only negative thing is that it has succeeded in an environment without the slightest pressure. Not that this should be an obstacle to the stand of the cannibals. Perhaps the best choice in theory ...

Eddie Haou

In recent years, the new generation of English technicians has been shown to be the best. The point is that as Bournemouth advances in the Premier League its shares are falling. The logical path is the ... intermediate. A team with a bigger name before coming to a top club like Arsenal. But here, too, is whether the administration has the mood to risk a young technician and give him credit for time. If he can raise the level of the planets? Only assumptions can be made.

Rafa Benitez

The name that was added to the list at the last minute is that of Rafa Benitez. The Spaniard wants to stay in England, he managed to overcome this year with Newcastle and with administrative uncertainty he is likely to think of any good proposal. If he convinces the administration of the style of football that can convince the fans, then why not?

* The names of Joachim Lev, Antonio Conte and Massimiliano Alegre have also been heard. For the last two we should probably forget about it. If Conte broke with the Chelsea administration for transfers, things will be even worse in Arsenal. For Alegre there are not (yet at least) indications that he will leave Juventus in the summer. Lev becomes available after the World Cup and will have lost valuable time, with nothing to be taken for granted.