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black out ...

12.04.2018 17:22 - Leader

The biggest difficulty in supporting such texts is to be able to challenge your own views. This is more of a kind of public apology. The worst in this case is that it resembles a slight self-sacrifice of self-leveling cafeteria selfishness, which has always been accompanied by your football chat. Since when you were in school, until now you're paid to have an opinion. So how many times did you have to explain to your "rude" friends and ... your bosses that Pep Guardiola is the best. And now comes the crew, the time to gather it. Because the one you support, deprives you of the right to support. And that's something you do not want at all ...

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Throughout his post-Barcelona career, the greetings went so far, that although we wanted to add some, some kept us away from the extras. The balls played by Bayern and this year the City, in fact, fully justify every good word written about the skills and innovative ideas of the Catalan technician for the game. But the problem has to do with the result. And that states that since he left the "Camp Nou", he can not play in the Champions League final.

He did it twice, picked up the cup in both, but from 2011 onwards, is far from the most important event. It is true that Guardiola likes to be deposited and dying with his own wonderful ideas. However, seven years after Wembley, these unfortunately prove to be ineffective to make it even a finalist. With Bayern and City in these five defeats, he has scored 23 goals and has scored 12. These 23 defenses are incredibly large for passive 10 races of this level.

What has negatively characterized all of these exclusions is that when the team receives goals, they always get an unlikely black out. Eats infinite phases and collapses completely for 15-20 minutes. As it happened in the first place in "Anfield", but also after Salah's equalization in Eidhat. He is also reasonably charged that he has spent countless francs and has not succeeded in doing so (cf. always speaking of the upper, Ch. League). Apart from the defeat in itself, especially against Liverpool, the one that bothers, is the same as a source of admiration when the result is in his favor. What you do not know exactly what he's playing ...

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The terrible thing was that even from Soccerway, during the Tuesday match, the City fell out of the stadium. Some people joked on Twitter with the fact, saying that even Soccerway was bored to look for the Guardsiola system. In retrospect, we judge the move to bring De Brouenne back in both matches, sticking to the fact that the ball should go on continuously to Sane, put Gudogan in a role he had not played before, in rematch. Several such tactical details, if any, would now be utterly contradictory to his coaching skills.
Catalan, however, is not a flexible coach. His ideas are not depending on the evolution of the games. For him there is now clearly two facts. One is that it feels that "it is better to err, rather than to be cautious". The other says: "The habit can lead to many mistakes without justifying any." And his own habits remain unchanged.

But the worst face of Guardiola is what appears to be defeated. Managing it is a tricky thing, and it shows that it is losing it. His difference with Mourinho, Conte and anyone else you want was his attitude to anything that happened. Its positions towards the media. In addition to the racing track, it became sympathetic to the philosophical aura that naturally or sophisticated it provided outwardly. This does not seem to be the case and his reaction to what he felt as injustice brought him down.

Perhaps the biggest problem that can be created for such a successful person in every field of life, corresponding to the success and reputation enjoyed by Pep, is the management of vanity and arrogance, which is logical to launch. It is a deadly sin and no one can easily eliminate it. In the first instance, however, this exclusion may also help him, land him and make him examine some other practices. Besides, a few defeats are like fertilizer, they're messing up but doing good ...

Probably all this helps him to understand that ... trying to make a different result by making the same mistakes is a nonsense act in general