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the end of the BBC ...

07.04.2018 14:20 - Leader

Six consecutive championships that can become seven, three consecutive cups that can become four, two final Champions League to confirm through Europe that it was really as strong as its performance shows. Juventus has given seven, if we put this year, beautiful years to its fans, leaving them only with a grievance: The cup with the big ears ... The time, however, has not yet come as it seems. I wish we could live to be happy when (or if) it will be, but for the moment it is important that he spends the last months of his life, as the Italians write, the hard core of the changing rooms. Because Real Madrid did not hurt Juve this time. He did that, and indeed mercilessly, in Cardiff. Now she just made her realize that it was time for the necessary changes ...

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This is easy to realize by looking at his goals 0-3. "The evening that marked the end of the BBC," wrote Gazzetta dello Sport to describe in essence the end - which began with the departure of Bonudi - of a time in Juve's defense. Barcally, as great a defender as he is, is now in his finishes and the reason he will get a contract for another year is because his presence in the locker room is especially important, especially in the Buffalo era, while Kellini can make one of the best season of his career but the time will be one year longer. Incidentally, the fact that Barbatsali was preferred, despite Cardiff's nightmares, instead of Rugani, is a big defeat for Daniele. And he will become even bigger as he continues to live with the logic "Saint Valentine forever" if Mathias Caldara overtakes him in the hierarchy by summer. Kellini, Benatias, Caldaras, Rugani (?) And Barcali will be the defense, with the Italians claiming that one more chance is being sought.

Because he is a Greek, it must be mentioned that the name of Socrates Papastathopoulos was written. Generally, however, it does not make much sense at this time to write down names as possible arrivals, because there are dozens of things written for all positions ... It is more interesting to stand for candidates for retirement and if you have several separate reports in the last month, you understand that the decision has been taken to a great extent: Asamoya goes to Inter, Liechtenstein wants but does not seem to get a new contract, Chevron will return to Schalke, Markzieux is virtually over, Headquarters has a contract for another year, but it is more likely to be withdrawn than renewal, Mantucki is no longer necessary because Piazza will return (Marcilla writes), Bufon - but but not least - is preparing for the big "goodbye ". And yesterday (5/4) reports say the number will be higher overall, since there will be other sales (Alex Sandro, Sturaro, for example). None of the aforementioned are junior and this is not an impression, since this year's group is the one with the highest average age in Beep Marotta's years, who has already violated one of his rules and remains to be seen if he will insist.

The Director-General of the Torinoes is the logic that the ideal stay for a coach is three years. Not because Andrea Anieli is counting everything on a three-year horizon, so Juventus divides the future as a club in any field, but because she is of the opinion that since the 4th year and then begins to ... bother each other that everything is done routine and slowly lost enthusiasm, new ideas, freshness and mood in general. Massimiliano Alegre is already in his 4th season on the Juve bench and has a contract for another two years. It seems very difficult to exhaust it, but until 7-10 days it looked very difficult and solve it in the summer. Now no one puts his hand in the fire for anything. Officially, of course, both he and Marotta say there is no matter, but Corriere dello Sport also wrote his name ... Carlo Ancelotti.

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The coach thing, in general, is not simple if Juventus listens to her world. It does not usually do so, in the sense that what they have decided to do will do it even if they are not a popular move at the moment, but now they can think of themselves because of their choices last summer. The goal of the administration was and is to turn the team into aggressive, and on that logic were the transfers that were made. "Juventus of Lippi and Juventus of Alegre? I see many similarities. In terms of results, we have lost the finals after the 1996 victory. The difference is in our racing philosophy, we dominated Italy and Europe with more dominant appearances, "said Alessandro Del Piero to add to the permanent observations on the same subject by Arigo Saki. Bianconeri have rosters to play much more aggressive and beautiful football than they play, but they do not. From the moment the results come, however, they can easily overcome it. What is not easily surpassed is how many ... hundreds of millions of euros went into the club's fund at 4-year-old Alegre from the Champions League results.

Juventus as a club has made a lot of money in these years and wants to increase it. To succeed, he must continue to be victorious. And to keep on winning, he has to change ... as he wins. And it will change, at least in terms of footballers and especially in defense and center. The question is whether it will change philosophy in general and this will largely be judged by what they will decide on the subject of the coach. Or even their economic policy. It is good not to get suckers or to manage less than others to achieve more, but that will not always succeed. It will also take 'fools'. And in the center of the center, especially, it needs one more than ever ...