Malaga - Sociedad 2 1.75
Perugia - Ternana O 2.5 1.91
Arsenal - West Ham 1 1.53
Nice - Montpellier 1 2.05
Atletico M. - Real Betis 2 8.00
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out of ... Mundial

03.04.2018 14:19 - Leader

Italy and the Netherlands are the great absences of the 2018 World Cup and this is the first time in modern history to be missed by the final two great powers. Check out the world's absurd absences and what are the two countries that have not failed in qualifying. The 2018 World Cup is the sixth run with the participation of 32 countries in the finals of the event, but it is the first time that two major forces are missing. This is of course for Italy and the Netherlands, who failed in qualifying, something that happened only for the second time to the "squirrel aura"! In the first World Cup of 1930, the Italians were not one of the 13 teams that had taken part, and that was the only one that did not qualify. Since 1938, when Italy took the tournament and the trophy, it once failed to reach the finals, that of 1958 in Sweden and 60 years after the one that blocked it in the barrage was Sweden!

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In the two previous absences of Italy he was absent in Holland (1930, 1958), he has not played in the end without the Italians, but of course is the one with many failures in the qualifiers. This is the second time the "Oranje" fail in the World Cup qualifiers with 32 teams. The Netherlands was the last major absence in the World Cup, that of 2002 in Japan & South Korea. In these competitions with 32 teams in the finals, the other major European forces have not lost their part. The rest of these ... forces are Germany, France, England and Spain, while the 7th of the Big European League in recent years, Portugal, did not go to the first World Cup with 32 teams in France in 1998.

The Netherlands had a terrible team in the 1970s, when it lost two sets of finals, 1974 from West Germany and 1978 from Argentina. For many, they had to get both trophies, but it is striking that before these two finals they had 6 consecutive absences from the World Cup! He did not participate in the 1950s and 1954s, but failed in the qualifiers in 1958, 1962, 1966 and 1970. It was also impressive that after the big team Johann Craig had two consecutive failures in the qualifiers in 1982 and 1986. He returned in 1990 with the big players of AC Milan (Fan Basten, Gulliet, Rickard), and since the third time he joined the 4th league (1998), he did not go to the World Cup in 2002! Three consecutive appearances followed, after Germany (2006), which did not enter the quarter-finals, played in the final in 2010 in South Africa with Spain, and finished third in 2014 in Brazil. Re-exclusion in the qualifiers, that is, after two consecutive instances semifinals!

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The last time we had more than one big strength to be absent from the finals was in 1994 in the US, in the last tournament with 24 appearances. At that time, England, France, and Portugal were absent, which of course was never a giant. France and Portugal were absent in 1990 (Italy), while in the last tournament with 16 teams, in Argentina in 1978, only England and Portugal were missing. Brazil is the only country on the planet that has not lost any final World Cup phase. He will take part for the 21st time in Russia, 19 appearances will be Germany, 18 Italy and 17 Argentina.

The last time Argentina was absent was in 1970, the only time he failed in the qualifiers since he did not take part in the 1938s (before World War), while in 1950 and 1954 he again did not take part in the qualifiers but due to disagreements with the eternal rival, Brazil. However, apart from Brazil, neither Germany has ever failed in qualifiers (either West, East, or just Germany), since 1930 did not take part (and there were no qualifiers), while in 1950 it was naturally not allowed to take part the world war (returned in 1954 and won the first of its 4 troops).
Finishing with the entries will be the 15th for Spain, England and France, while the 13th for Uruguay, the country with the 2 trophies (1934, 1950) and the great team again in the last 10 years, although it has less than 3,500,000 population!