Malaga - Sociedad 2 1.75
Perugia - Ternana O 2.5 1.91
Arsenal - West Ham 1 1.53
Nice - Montpellier 1 2.05
Atletico M. - Real Betis 2 8.00
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game changer ...

27.03.2018 13:46 - Leader

At one point, last September, Paulo Dhimla had expressed his concern about his presence-his absence with the coat-of-arms, loading it to his leader: "It's hard to play with Messi because we are fighting in the same place," he said and the first to answer him was the legend Mario Kembes (the matador who led Argentina to the 1978 World Cup). "Dhimla is a fool," he said  clearly and somewhat lingeringly. There have been some episodes since then, in order to get to now and basically what seems to be the ... cut of Juventus's aggressive World Cup player. Is it finally the right or wrong move?In the first phase the answer is in the classic "it will look in the applause". At second reading, however, as soon as Dimalah said that, he set himself on a non-competitive basis. In fact, there is no such thing as Messi, but he went out alone all the way out of the game. Jorge Sababeoli tried to explain a few days ago why he left him outside with Icardi (another story).

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"We can not put him in the position he's playing normally, and he can not fit somewhere else. He has not managed to get into what we think about the National. He is an amazing footballer, but more than that, we need players to complement each other better, "it was the explanation of Albisiletes' election who impressed, but he basically consented to what Dzimala had said, for which he left open window.
Messi again on his part was called on Monday to comment on all the above and also agreed to the above: "We talked to Paul about it and it is as he says. In Juventus he does the same things with me in Barcelona. It plays in the same position, we move on the same side and look for the same empty spaces. So, the one left should be found, which is difficult. I understand it because it is not easy for me to go as far left. I understand what she said, and I never felt it like an attack on my face. "

The truth is that Messi is reasonably not going to change his position for Dhimbala, he can not play and he does not want to be left, so he is left out. Besides, he has not helped yet. In 12 entries it has never scored and has not been integrated into the climate and the ... cliques that exist in all the respective bands. The young striker does not seem to want to sit on the bench either, so we have not gotten a call for very serious friends with Italy and Spain.

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So the question here is not whether Messi is making a call and demanded that Dhimla should not go, something that supports this theory of conspiracy, but that the latter accepts that he can not to play with the team leader and thus put himself out. Ultimately, however, it is negative for Albbise and for those who wanted to see them together to break up the rival defenses.

Dhimbala is a great footballer, but he is wrong in adopting this far-off attitude. The same mistake, however, is made by the entire organization of the National team that such a terrible game changer did not try to make him feel a member of the family. All the good fit has proven to be inappropriate for football, but in this case those who are fond of Argentine madness, we hoped that all the country players' paths would lead to the same goal: the 18-carat gold statuette that once tainted the tears of Diego ...