Malaga - Sociedad 2 1.75
Perugia - Ternana O 2.5 1.91
Arsenal - West Ham 1 1.53
Nice - Montpellier 1 2.05
Atletico M. - Real Betis 2 8.00
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King Kong ...

22.03.2018 13:20 - Leader

The records are the ones that count less than the titles for the big teams, especially when the battle for the championship has hit red. That's how it is this year's stage with Juventus, which for the first time in years has been on the same level with a tough contender like Napoli, and what's going on from the back and the backs have passed. Especially the offside white match with SPAL in the latest match before the break has brought back the interest to who will eventually win the Scudetto and not to the seminars  that are happening in the objective, better European defense."The best defense is the attack" you will often hear, but when it comes to an Italian team, the best defense is defense. A few months after Leonardo Bonutzi's departure for Milan, Bianconeri saw the famous BBC break, but once again showed that what counts is the team and how it works altogether. The end of the match at Stadio Mazza found players and SPALs to celebrate as Scudetto the tie with Juve, who could have no ideas from the middle and front, but for the 10th consecutive game he kept the "zero" in the defense.

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The calendar still showed the old year when a player sent the ball to the Bianconeri net for the last time. It was December 30 and the former "Juventus", Martin Casserres, equalized temporarily to 1-1 in that match at Bentegodi. Since then, it has been 10 games and Massimiliano Alegre has not scored a goal by any team, doubling it quickly in 20 clean-sheets of the season. These victories have made Juventus the best defense in Italy with a passive goal of 15 goals, and last year's championship has allowed 27.

In the year 2018 Juve is the only one in the big championships that has not scored goals and it is easy to conclude that there can not be another team that has done something similar. The Grand Lady is the best defense of Europe and this has managed with the coach, Massimiliano Alegre, to make intense rotation, just a few months after losing one of his best shot. Contrary to last year, all Torino defenders have taken a significant number of minutes and the result is judged to be successful, as if the team scores, it will win.
And speaking of the defense players, you can not get started by George Kellini, who can be considered better than the one in the world. King Kong is second in the entire group with a total of 1,972 from 23 matches, followed by Alex Sandro with 1,581 out of 20 games and the podium is the most exciting this year, Mehdi Benada, who is most often a Cialini partner 16 matches and 1,395 minutes and covers the void of ... B that left, restoring the BBC to Torino's defense.

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The terrible and extremely rare that has happened this year with Juventus is that rotation does not stop there, since Alegre, we could say, has given a glove to every goalkeeper. Poet Wojciech Szewny, earlier in the season, was the "fastest" of 10 clean-sheets and has almost dealt the Serie A match with Buffon having 15 and 14. All go well in defense for Bianconeri, which despite the ... the wall, Barcelial [20 games, 983 minutes] has even helped Matia De Silio, who despite the injuries has 11 races [877 minutes].

Beyond the rotation in No1, it is worth noting that Juventus has achieved consistent defensive performance and closing the shop by using 3-4 different systems in the championship. All with a common result, not to score goals. Bianconeri and Buffon broke the record of invasion of the season with 974 minutes in the 2015-16 season, and this year they still need 43 against Milan to raise it further. Only this time has not done one. Buffon symbolizes today and yesterday will share it with Sesni, who enters the team a bit and symbolizes tomorrow for Juventus ...