Malaga - Sociedad 2 1.75
Perugia - Ternana O 2.5 1.91
Arsenal - West Ham 1 1.53
Nice - Montpellier 1 2.05
Atletico M. - Real Betis 2 8.00
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Baysinio ...

17.03.2018 02:15 - Leader

He was skipped by corruption, went out on the streets to shout against the World Cup, his speech ... hurt both President Rousseff and President Lula! Romario was not born Politician but showed he was a fighter! He told Pele to ... burst, took the World Cup and scored more than 1000 goals (1002). What in ... good, would not he succeed in the political arena? The "Baisin" lived everything in his life, he celebrated, he cried, the women loved him, and when his hidden sensibilities ... emerged he decided to become a politician. In the October elections is the favorite to be elected Governor! Valdano described him as a soccer cartoon, juggler, magician, artist on the pitch, a virtuoso who can do what others can not and with ... alarming ease. Kristo Stoickov had put him down by saying: "Romario is only interested in two things, Football and ... sex." There were no different views, and Romario was telling him that he was not interested in anything else. She had no worries, just ball, fun and sex! For him, the good footballer had to have the ideal sex life "Once, after a game, I had to stay for anti-doping control. There came a girl, who at that time was my partner. They were all gone, it was just an employee at the door. We took it ... ", but also" The good aggressors to score must have had good sex the night before, "he had said. It was his turn that burned fires in Brazil just before the 1994 World Cup, with priests stating that the ... devil Romario could bring the "evil spirits" to the group. They were wrong ...

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Romario never liked the coaching, but also the coaches, never behaved conventionally. "They say that in my career I avoided the trainings and they are not unfair. But from the moment I did not do it at my age 19 and I got here, tell me why do I want to start now that I am a grandfather? " He was accused of being an alter character, never hiding, he did not regret it except once in Copa America in 1997 in Bolivia. "After the first match I went out with a girl with a secret. The night is the beloved, you can see that you want to see. " They told the legendary "Baisinio" that ... he sold his friendship with Edmundo to advertise the beach bar he had opened. What had he done? Place an obscene photo of "Animal" in the toilets of the shop! Everyone remembers the "Jogger" for the fight against Pele! In his effort for the 1,000 goals, Roma were criticized by the "King" as no one else. In fact, Pele was constantly urging him to stop football, saying at the same time that he did not recognize his achievement. "Pele when he does not speak is a poet. On the pitch he was the best in history. But he will have to put a shoe in his mouth, since only I will judge I will never have to stop, "was the caustic answer of the" shorts which in turn had nothing to do with modesty: "I am the best Brazilian footballer after 1970, "he always said in unreasonable time, causing the anger of all the other great of Seleasa.

Yet Romario turned out to be a man full of sensitivities, he proved that his life does not end in football or sex! Baisinho, the father of six children, a permanent resident of Rio, wanted to create better conditions for his fellow citizens. World Cup has gotten a little bit, but he did not get it on the political stage! "Kontoulis" with his reasons and his attitude to corruption showed another person and surprised many. He was elected to the Rio de Janeiro region with 150,000 votes in 2010. He was the sixth in the number of votes elected state deputy. The Brazilian announced his candidacy for the Socialist party and convinced himself with his personality. In the 2014 elections, he became the senator with the most votes. Over 4,600,000 citizens of Rio de Janeiro voted Roma, a record number in the Brazilian state. In a country where people are constantly questioning the integrity and transparency of policies, Kontoulis is a man from a poor family and the people. "I'm still learning how to work. I'm not just a politician. I can not say that I am a complete and perfect politician, but I was top and the best in my profession and always worked under pressure, "she emphasized a few years ago. But he learned.

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Romney was greatly influenced by the birth of his daughter, Ivy, in 2005 with Down syndrome. Initially, we launched a major campaign on this issue. Campaign involving a wide range of people with problems. He even asked before the previous World Cup to have better conditions on the grounds for people with disabilities and capabilities. There are also those who challenge him thinking that a long career on the ball is not a criterion for political choice but his influence and popularity are constantly on the rise. Besides, the speech has always been annoying, both for President Lula and for President Roussef. He went on the streets because he did not want the World Cup, arguing that the money for the stadiums is being disbursed from the budget for hospitals and schools! Romario does not stop in the Senate, wants to become Rio ruler and tomorrow begins his new campaign ahead of the October elections! Gallop wants him to the top and for many is the new hot name for the country's presidency. Allegor, incongruous and ready for ... fights! They accused of undeclared income, for debts that he did not pay, but he himself comes out in front of the war. He knows the secret of victory well!