Malaga - Sociedad 2 1.75
Perugia - Ternana O 2.5 1.91
Arsenal - West Ham 1 1.53
Nice - Montpellier 1 2.05
Atletico M. - Real Betis 2 8.00
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with the "11" on the back ...

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Groups did not change even a few. Le Mans, Gengan, Marseille, Chelsea, Shanghai Schenhua, Galatasaray, Montreal Ibcap, Phoenix Rising and ... we see as he is still active! Great things though, Didier Drogba did with a few of them. Really great, only one, the one with which it was identified. Besides, in listening to his name, the Ivorian was, is and will be "synonymous" to Chelsea and his festivities fit only in southwest London and Stamford Bridge! Born in Abidjan just over 40 years ago, no one knows if he was born to play football. The only thing he was sure was that he looked at a young boy when he was still in Paris, under the care of his uncle, a professional footballer, to grow up somewhere better than Ivory Coast. He returned for a while to 8, before moving permanently to France to 11, having played up to 15 occasional football at the Abdeville, Van and Levalua academies. With his parents taking him away from the poverty of the Ivorian country, being both unemployed and incompetent economically providing him with the elementary, for him there was no other way but to play a ball. Fortunately, she played well.

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When he finished school, he found the way to Le Mans where he tried to study accounting and play football in Ligue 2. His love for the sport did not leave him mind for the first, but the injuries did not let him do the second as he would like. "It took 4 years for Didier to get into a rhythm of daily workouts and races," revealed his then coach, Mark Westerloop. Moreover, by that time it had not even been at a regular pace, like the academies. He did not know the basics, playing with instinct and the will to survive, football and not. At 21 he realized that if he wanted to say "footballer," he had to make a leap in this direction before losing the "train". In 1999 he became a professional with Le Mans, but also a father! "Isaac (his son) was a turning point in my life. There I balanced, I realized what I had to do next, "he said later, and indeed his evolution since then shows how he really was determined.

Having scored 7 goals in a half-season in the second division in France, Ghegan came in 2002 to raise him to a "step" and bring him to Ligue 1 for 80,000 pounds. By the end of the year he scored three, but a real "feel" caused in 2002/03, with 17 goals in 34 races, leading his team to 7th - a record for the club. He had now established his position in French football, with the body's qualities and "scorer's" instinct, with Marseille giving 3.3 million pounds, "launching" his value and making him a "resident" of Marseilles!
However, he did not stay at Veonthrom anymore, since he had put his career on a continuous rally. 17 goals in the championship, 11 in Europe and one (lost) final UEFA later, Chelsea appeared on his doorstep, with 24 "hands" on hand, making Marseille move him to be highly profitable and the same base in the most demanding body of Europe!

Having changed several teams to 26 and having already deposited his credentials, he seemed to be able to "stand" at the highest level. Eventually, he did it emphatically. With the support of an exact team, Joe Mourinho, and the ambition to conquer everything, since by then he had not gotten anything, Stamford Bridge managed to make his "harbor". In fact, to match his image with Chelsea's jersey, his celebration with the successes of "blue" and his name with Chelsea's first great successes in its history.

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Together with Chech, Lambard and Terry, they formed the backbone of a team that immediately formed the team of Roman Abramovich, whose advent in Chelsea's "game" and English football almost coincided with the arrival of Ivorian in London , "Swept" everything in England. He stayed for 6 years and never fell under a two-digit number of goals. As for the ... silverware? 3 Premier League titles, 4 FA Cups, three League Cups, 2 Comenius Sildes and of course a Champions League. The latter was the "crown" of his presence in Chelsea, the dismantling of all his efforts to stand and star with his shirt, what will follow him to the end of his career and one of the reasons he was one of them lovers of the audience.

In the final of Munich, Bayern took home the lead with Miller in 83 ', before Drogba scored with a head-dynamite in the 88' and feigned as a lion, a lion, that is, a stronger than any other. In the end, he also won the penalty shootout that judged the winner of the final and marked celebrations, alongside his football immortality. "For me, he won the Champions League in Chelsea," said Sir Alex Ferguson, in support of the above. That same summer his contract expired and the Londoners judged that his "circle" in the group with which he was greeted had closed. Drogba, in theory, could continue his career almost where he wanted, but he also took the road to China. Shanghai Shenhua made him "twin" in the Chinese Super League with Nicholas Anelka for £ 200,000 a week.

Yet, neither was that enough to make him stand up for exile. It was only 6 months before returning to "culture" on behalf of Galatasaray, who "chalked" him with 4 million euros as a signing bonus, an equal number of "cards" an annual salary and an additional 15,000 per game. It seemed that only the money now spoke to Didier's "heart", which he had left clear, the good years behind him. Or maybe not;

In the summer of 2014, Mourinho "nodded," once again taking over Chelsea's technical leadership, the Ivorian could not refuse. "He does not come because he knows how to protect his achievements. He comes because he wants to write a story again, because he has an incentive inside him and I know that well, "said the Portuguese for his boss, who would re-raise the" 11 "on his back and return to where he worshiped. He played for another season, winning another championship and leaving for other states with the first Chelsea top scorers and the 4th overall, with 104 in 254 races.

His "trip" was in the USA, first by Montreal Ibbat and then by Phoenix Rising, where he plays today. Of course, nobody is interested in, nor is it particularly interested. Drogba's image of Chelsea's "blue" is one of his celebrations, as in Munich in 2012, those who are fascinated. The only thing that counts is a 40-year-old, Didier Drogba ...