Malaga - Sociedad 2 1.75
Perugia - Ternana O 2.5 1.91
Arsenal - West Ham 1 1.53
Nice - Montpellier 1 2.05
Atletico M. - Real Betis 2 8.00
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Para Que Aprendan ...

09.03.2018 13:12 - Leader

The curtain was closed and Paris' European tour in the Champions League was completed early. And yet some had made tickets until ... May for the dazzling performance in Kiev! It will be done, but with other protagonists! Omeri Emery hastened to emphasize that the team will win the cup at a time, while the disappointed Nasr Al Kelafi claimed that things should change for the better. Two defeats and one ... deafening blockade "We did not do what we should. We are angry, we will think about what to do, but we will not make hot decisions, "said Paris's powerful man, but he already knew that coach change is imperative. He had said the same thing last year, but he was persuaded to keep Emery on the bench. That is why it has spent 400 million euros to make Paris strong. At the same time, he did not want to break his promise, since in 2013 he had said that in five years his team will be a European champion. Immediately after the end of the match, Marcinus ... nailed the coach by saying: "We have to keep working, but we need more maturity. I do not think we can win the Champions League now. We made a lot of mistakes in our gathering. "And Draxler took the lead:" No one thought we would turn it back because we did not have the required intensity in our game. We rotate the ball back, you can not score like that. We had to push from the beginning, we deserved exclusion. We spent 400 million in the summer and everyone was saying that things would change, but we failed again ".

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The team seemed to have reached the point where Omega Emery did not reach where everyone was waiting. He was hired to give European glory, but Paris was bending! His contract ends in June.
Since June QSI from Qatar has chosen Al Kelafi to give another direction to the team, Paris has never made it since the quarter-finals. Carlo Ancelotti went to Real because there were differences in his contract, Loran Blanc did not do anything else to leave for Emery to come in the summer of 2016. Blanc's dismissal cost Paris EUR 24 million in damages to him and his staff. A very large amount but the ... impressive was that the French few before the goodbye had renewed his contract!

Paris does not hesitate to shake the bank this year to ... avenge last year's embarrassing blockade, but also to stimulate the administration's choice for Emery's stay, but the picture was disappointing.
Paris has to find a way to make her ... books as UEFA insists she is standing in front of her regarding the violation of Financial Fair Play. Exclusion also costs. The group lost several millions of televisions, tickets and more, in an amount exceeding 20m euros. Will economic policy change? Probably not, the team will continue to spend enormous amounts, although the priority is a strong coach. Emery failed ... He failed to properly manage the stars of Paris like Neimar and failed in everything despite so many analyzes and the work in set-up, tactics and training.

The Spaniard has even been wrong with the penalty shootout and who's hitting it. Neimar or Kavani? All of this has shown the problem in Paris's locker room and against its big names. Poetine or Conte? The two of them entered the top of the list and the decision was taken, a Premier League technician! This will be the man who will decide on the discarding, but also for the key players who, besides experience, will also offer solutions.

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The team wanted to give space and initiatives to their new players like Verati. But they all showed them the level of lack of maturity that distinguishes them. Especially the dismissal of Verati as re-emphasized does not fit in this level in the Champions League. Last year's defeat from Barcelona led to the thought of big names and experienced players like Neimar and Danny Alves. Now Paris must also evaluate this issue because players like Motta will be immediately withdrawn. About a billion euros in seven seasons, but still have not managed to achieve its big goal of winning the Champions League.
But is it just the financial thing that must concern the Parisians? Probably not...

One week before the first match in Madrid and less than 48 hours before a match in the Cup: Al Kelafi, Emery was found at Neimar's birthday party in Paris. A party with 250 guests and for some people drinking plenty for hours. Social media brought up many video players at the party, danced and drank.
It is clear that in Real they would think, "Truth in Paris so much devalue us? After defeat, Marca had the casual title "Para Que Aprendan". 'To learn ...' And the lesson is hard. Very hard for Paris. The mentality inside and outside the changing rooms and the arrogant behavior before the games with the Queen are lessons for the future!

The season of the great ... crisis for Paris keeps well and the money does not bring happiness ...