Sociedad - Getafe 1 1.75
Kallithea - OFI Crete 2 1.55
Bournemouth - West Br. 1 1.90
Man. Utd - Brighton 1/1 1.83
Sturm Graz - Altach 2 6.50
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05.03.2018 13:41 - Leader

The English had already begun to focus on a different approach from the middle of the season when Liverpool was re-entering the four. They even criticized him after the laugh in Merseyside Derby when he left Kutinio, Firmino, but also Bainnaldu and Chan. In the same match, he did not hesitate to make a prudent change this year's absolute performer, Mohamed Salah, in fear of injuries. He was preceded by "sevens" on Spartak Moscow, followed a second draw with West Brom and then the "four" in Bournemouth. The two home losses were a good test of the Germanman's approach, but he was not shaken. "We believed and still believe that the roster gives us this opportunity. I can understand that after two home draws there is criticism, but it was two different games. Even the players I change play twice a week instead of three. " Last year, in January-February, Rents had five wins, five draws and five defeats, a fact that was knocked out by both the Championship and the Cups. In the previous season, all the draws and defeats were the same. They had only one victory.

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Last year was not so much injuries (Kutinio, Matip and others), but the lack of depth. Mannef's flight to the African Nations Cup has had a very strong impact on Liverpool's performance, but has highlighted a problem that has been there since the beginning. That the options for "opening" rotation were limited. The absence of European games has made things much clearer and has caused a lot of injuries, despite the loss of major players, but again it turned out that the design and management, although they brought some crazy peak, were not enough for the duration.

This year Liverpool did not have the intensity of last season's start (nine games without a defeat at the start and then big wins with Everton and Manchester City). He was crushed by Guardiola's armada and by Potteno's Tottenham. He made a joke with Watford and Burnley. But she seems to learn from her mistakes. And at the point where, traditionally, as last year's Skysports chart shows "belly," this year has managed to stabilize its performance and despite the concession of Coutinio to build up a series and psychology.
In the two months ... of the disaster of previous years, this year has only lost one time in the Premier League, away from Swansea. He has beaten 4-3 (from 4-1) Manchester City, has easily gone from trapping seats and the most important thing is that he has kept fit his big "weapons". Those units that make the difference to the offensive 1/3 and can "open" the closed defenses, serve the tactical plan of the German to almost absolute extent, bring goals from personal actions. Against Newcastle, Salah reached 32 goals this year in all competitions, surpassing previous Suarez's top performance and writing history.

Gergen Klop before the karaoke club, gave his own interpretation of the importance of rotation: "It's not always about resting players, but by using the competition between the players to make them perform again. It is about creating pressure. " It is something that has become the property of the players as well. Deyan Lovren said a few days ago: "When you are healthy, you want to play in every game, but with all these games every week it's impossible to keep playing at your best level. Some changes are important and the coach knows when a player is totally ready or needs rest. It has done well enough with the changes. We learned from last year that you can not keep the same players constantly. "

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Dutch fitness expert Raymond Ferheich has repeatedly criticized Clop's management, considering that he, like a line of high-level coaches, does not show the necessary respect for the principles of periodicity. In the development of a long-term training plan that takes full account of the different principles and laws governing coaching, given that the balance in its structure helps the athlete to evolve more and to perform better. This year, however, he has silenced.

Klop "is concerned" by his 11th most than any other coach of the top teams, and although it is impossible for the domestic rhythms of combining with Europe to have no losses, he has managed to keep fit a very important part of his footballers, most of the Marathon. Of course, Melwood's medical and scientific team can not share it.

Salah in the Premier League has just lost a game, this with Burnley. It was only Chelsea that he was on the bench. Vainnaldum, Oxley-Chamberslee, Chan and Milner have 23-25 ​​matches, showing the equilibrium that prevailed, while the acquisition of Egypt, coupled with Firmino and for a significant period of the year, Kutinio and Solanke, allowed the former Dortmund's technician to manage Manne's absence at the start of the season (two games due to red, three due to injury).

Of course, as the Liverpool technician has said, it is also a matter of luck. A ninety minute may knock out two players from nowhere. They may not be injured throughout the season. Proper management, however, reduces the chances and in addition to preventing muscle injuries, helps maintain physical and mental freshness, a feature often left in the margins. When Kutinio's move to Barcelona seemed almost certain that the momentum of this year's Liverpool will allow her to heal the wound more easily. Given the investment in January's defense, the addition of Keita in the summer, the fact that Clop now rotation without fear and most options, stability seems to be a very realistic scenario for the immediate future. The match with Newcastle also had a semiotic significance for Röd's philosophy with the German. Manchester United's final goal was Liverpool's 200th goal in the Premier League since Klop took over. Only City, which has 214, scores the most.