Sociedad - Getafe 1 1.75
Kallithea - OFI Crete 2 1.55
Bournemouth - West Br. 1 1.90
Man. Utd - Brighton 1/1 1.83
Sturm Graz - Altach 2 6.50
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allenatore Gatuzo ...

27.02.2018 14:06 - Leader

Ugly, passion, intensity, rage. This is how Grinta, the notorious feature that accompanies Gennaro Gutuzo, is attributed to our own language. When we were football, it was the definition of the dog-dog and if he was playing these days, he would be the most expensive cutter. Over the years, Gennaro Gatuzo remains with the knife in his teeth, nervous, tamboukas, fucking Milan, but he's got a costume and has the "tremendous honor" to sit on the San Siro bench. Having passed the worst agrarians that could qualify for a coach, he took a chance to fill him with "pressure and responsibility" and although in his early days Rossoneri's allenatore touched another very quick release, has made Italy talk to him, but still has to prove it.
In February 2013, while playing in Switzerland with the Sion, he took over in one day coach duties after the 'transfer' of the then technician, Viktor Munoj, to the scouting department. Three months later, without being able to show anything, he was fired by a president who had a record seven coach changes at a time. After a few weeks, another job was presented, but she was not with the most normal employer. For Serie A beginners, Palermo's president, Maurizio Jabarini, has dismissed over 40 technicians in his 15 years in Sicily and is called 'mangia-allenatori' - the one who eats coaches.

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The fact that Reno left after seven matches did not surprise anyone and the continuation was written in Greece. Gatouzos accepted OSI's proposal, but after six episodic months and a chaotic situation in the administration, he retired. In the next two years he worked in Serie B with Pisa and although he had the best defense in the category, he did not manage to save her and returned to AC Milan to take on the second [Primavera] team. In a nutshell, the conditions and the circumstances that he had encountered so far in his career were not the best. Probably the opposite. The calendar was on November 26, 2017. After a series of ugly results, Milan stood at 0-0 with Turin at San Siro and the club decided that the sand at the Wingshoot Model's hourglass is over. In a decision reminiscent of Silvio Berlusconi, the man who took the position of Aeroplanino was already in the club and coached Primavera. When Gatuzo took the job, it was hard to imagine he would do things. Especially as he began his tenure at the Rossoneri counter.
His first coach, Milan, was in Ciro Vigorito against Benedetto, who has just made the worst start of all time in the five major European champions with 14 defeats in an equal number of matches. Gutuzo's team was ahead with 1-2 to 95 'but at that point, goalkeeper, Brinioli, scored with a head giving the newly-fighters the first grade in the category. "Better to stab me," said Rino after the match, but other hits would come.

He was then defeated by Rijeka in the Europa League - although in an indifferent match - and although the Rossoneri defeated Bologna in Serie A and Verona in Coppa Italia, he was slapped. Greece, which is likely to be relegated this year, has broken Rossoneri 3-0 in the league by making three attacks, followed by Atalanta in San Siro (0-2) for Serie A. Although he had taken the job just a few weeks ago , Gutuzo was a few steps ahead of the dismissal. The next match was the knockout against Inter for the quarter-finals of Coppa Italia and Milan showed all that Rino had requested from his first press conference. The Rossoneri "had a passion", Nerazzurri "shed blood" and Kutrones' goal in the extension gave him the qualifying and the allenatore's stay. From that day until now, Milan has not looked back, thanks to Gatuzo, who did the simplest things and the results were impressive.

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The 40-year-old established the 4-3-3, a model that the team played solidly last year with the Model and this year he had often given his place to 3-5-2, and made it self-evident. It may sound strange, but it puts players in place after a period of many experiments with Aeroplanino. Finally, he made clear with his choices that the duo in the center of defense is Alexios Romanioli and Leonardo Bonduci. In all matches, at each event, both were always basic. In these ten games, Milan showed transformed. He kept seven times his home intact - one of them against Lazio who had failed to score in just two games throughout the season - and remained undefeated. On this route he scored only three goals, and after three months of Gutuzo's job, except that many players have been spectacular, the difference from the Champions League positions dropped from -18 to -8 with 13 remaining races. "I have never seen a coach so passionately. He gave tremendous self-confidence. At last we found our way and the credit goes to Gatuzo, which brought the enthusiasm back on its first day, "Bonudi said.

A tied set that is not disappointed, players who know what their jobs are on the pitch, give it all and fight 90 minutes for each ball, is what Gennaro has shown in the short space of AC Milan. Beyond the racing, the holder of two Champions League and a World Cup as a player, he also gains in the communication track. "I may be the worst coach in Serie A," he said when he first picked up, but then showed that it was probably not like that. Unlike his predecessor, he is not tense, he does not pretend, he always says what he believes and earns points from this piece of his work. "Give him a glossophile from me," he said on-air to Buffett's daughter on the 40th birthday of Djibouti "while for the miraculous assault player, Patrick Coutron, who is the top scorer with 13 goals, he said recently. "What it takes is to find a girl, to rest and to make love".
In addition to the statements that could be thought of as jokes, Reno shows at every opportunity how straight the guy is and does not hesitate to say what he believes. "We have improved the defense through the hard work. There are so many good coaches and sometimes you have to copy-paste from others. Jaballo, Sari, Max "had said about his influences, but his way, he has no copying data. "I like to play with my players, but when the training starts, I'm again their enemy."

After the victory against Roma in the previous game, which put the team in 6th position and gave her the right to look even higher, it follows the toughest and decisive part of the season. If Gutuzo's Milan wants to give value to the series he's built, he has to keep up with the matches that come against the strongest opponents on all fronts. Rossoneri can not rest in the collapse of Inter to do what at the beginning of the season seemed self-evident, and to give value to his work allenatore, he must keep a high level of performance now.