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Kallithea - OFI Crete 2 1.55
Bournemouth - West Br. 1 1.90
Man. Utd - Brighton 1/1 1.83
Sturm Graz - Altach 2 6.50
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"rare birds"

22.02.2018 12:12 - Leader

Sunday's AS Sunday newspaper, a Madrilenic newspaper with a long tradition of reportage for Real, set a title on a weekly week among the dominant topics of the European football market talk: talking about the mental wear causes Zinedine Zidan to live as the coach of Real, who has begun to pay the French to the extent that he gives his relatives and colleagues the impression that he will not continue the next season. if I offer him the Florentino Pérez. AS's first-march did not shock anyone, especially those watching the progress of the work and public behavior of Zizhou. For weeks he had been answering any media affairs that he did not really care about the whole debate about whether or not he would keep him or her until the end of the Péret season, or whether the matches with Paris Saint-Germain the Champions League will "dismiss" or extend this training period to Real. Zidane was not overwhelmed in his responses and public reactions. It was ... Zidane, that is, a guy who feels full, feels complete, only deals with football, ie his job, without care about politics and diplomacy, without feeling that he needs to give him more time on the bench without mood to do everything or sell his soul to the hell to win some more time on Real's bench. In the meantime, if not from the beginning, Zidan behaves as if he does not take second thoughts or produce politics with his public behavior to be liked and to remain popular. It gives consistently the impression of a man doing what his head says, without making any second thoughts about the "political management" of the situations he faces. To the extent that this is still possible for someone working at the top level of football, Zidane lives all this human, tastes human and behaves human. That's why it's easy to accept, surprisingly, the madhat he is tired of the damage caused to his psyche by all this pressure he receives as a coach of Real. It seems highly believable, and so we are likely to hear from Zidan in May that "it's coming" and "we're going to be vacationing and seeing."

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Zidan is going to become the protagonist of the fourth casualty in the lives of the two major Spanish football players over the past 6 years. Pep Guardiola was the first to be "empty" in 2012 and decided to abstain for a year to eliminate all the toxicities he had picked up during his 4 years at the Barcelona counter. Carlo Ancelotti followed, who in the summer of 2015 decided to make an annual vacation to get rid of what he had gathered over the past few years, also listening to the doctors' advice. Luis Enrique became the third member of this group last spring when he rushed to reveal that he would not go to Barcelona and clarify that he did not want to work for the next year in order to pull out of what he had picked up toxic during the previous three years at the barracks counter.

The mind of a person who has not experienced professional football from within or has not closely studied the nature of his work as a senior European coach has a great deal of difficulty understanding this. Indeed, someone who is being tested every day in his work and works under adverse conditions for less money may get upset when he hears stories like millionaire football coaches who ... are bruised and decide to withdraw. In reality, however, there is an explanation: those who are not "naughty," "greedy," or addicted and dependent on high life and life at the center, precisely because they have already solved their family's financial problem with what they have earned football arrives at the moment when the costume of work gets blunted and finally they find no sense and motivation to continue to wear it.

The further behind attempts to return to the top level of football history, the more difficult and rarely it encounters cases like the above. This is not so much because the four types are special, but mainly because the nature of the top-level coach has changed so much over the last 10 years. Companies - clubs have grown more than ever, and have been exposed more than ever before in order to grow as much as possible their customers and followers base around the globe. And all this effort has created a new life condition for their coaches, whose contractual obligations that are relevant to the club's visibility have become more than ever before. Close to it the coaches were found and are more than ever at the center of interest. "Hunted" almost every day by dozens of media from around the globe who "kill" for an interview or a "private moment", or a revelation about the Barcelona and Real coach. Chased by television shows that read their lips in every public appearance, as they do with footballers, they are ready to reveal what the coach meant and what the coach meant. Chased by paparazzi at every social and public exit. both these and their family members.

And all the above describe only one of the dimensions of the changes in the nature of the work of the top-level football coach. The coaches have been turned into directors who manage a two-digit number of associates who specialize in different disciplines that are now needed to prepare a football team. Until recently, Guardiolla and Mourinho, who worked night and day and devoted their life to coaching for a long time, looked like "rare birds". Today he can not stand at the top level coach who does not devote his half hours daily to his work, as illustrated by the recent example of the dismissal of Anselotti from Bayern. He does not stand on the top level coach who can not understand the need for collaboration with the different scientists who can not understand the usefulness of the sciences because they have not bothered to get to know and study these sciences.

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Among other things, coaches have also become very difficult to manage the human resources of changing rooms. Due to technological explosion and social media, players have become bigger brand names than ever before, with absolutely measurable resonance, and their management has become more difficult than ever, precisely because they "shop it" more than ever and easily lose their minds , their concentration in the football game. Just because of the social media's ability to commercially exploit their impact, footballers have become more entrepreneurs than ever, their daily schedule has become more demanding than ever, the daily time they give to real football is less than ever, and all this has removed a lot of humanity from the player's relationship with the coach and has made it harder than ever the coach's life on the bench of a large team. The same difficult and demanding has been the life of managing the roster budget and the choice of footballers. Prices are rising, pressure rises, failures cost a lot, the need for complex monitoring of transcription targets, and meeting with a bunch of market intermediaries that ensure good interconnection in the market are corrosive to soul and life.

If all of the above add that today's "official" and non-competitive obligations of these top-level clubs have become more than ever because of their strategy to travel across the globe to increase their share in the big markets, he realizes that the margins for human life have shrunk. In a conversation we had done about 1.5 years ago, Marti Penarnau, the Spanish sports scientist who is closely studying the work and life of Guardiola, had told me a lot about Pep's "trouble" that he often does not find time to meet with his parents and brother, or for his "complaints" because he can not give time to the arts and shows, or travel to study the different cultures.

Yes, Oto Rehhagel very well, when he was trying to change the mindset of the National Team footballers before he became European Champion, when he showed his workers the workers of a building and advised them "to thank your fortune every day the privilege of being as good as the ball, good at the most popular sport on the planet, and never complaining about how much you work and the pressure you are exercising ", but all of this is human explanation for people who, When you "get enough" of material goods, they arrive to realize that losing the main meaning of life when not taste thanks for such a demanding job that often cause serious health problems. Not all the people of the high end football are nasty, not all of them are indestructible, not all of them as hard as they demand the requirements and the obligations to do. That's why they make breaks. That's why some are left out. And so it is likely that in the future the incidence will increase and the coach's annual coaching experience will become more frequent.