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17.02.2018 15:26 - Leader

"We are the easiest team to analyze. We do not do something special. We insist on what we do well and we almost never change them. We like to win the second balls, take the ball to the "feather", then to the area and then shoot. Every group or analyst knows what we do every week, "said Jose Luis Medlibar, in one of his attempts to explain to journalists what is happening with this year's Eibar. Vaskos proves that simple is often more difficult to deal with than the unnecessary composite. And although everyone knows what his team is doing, in the last two and a half months they are unable to find a way to stop it. He stands high and in a correct timing, he covers perfectly the places when the opponent has possession and works far from the edges, as Mendilbard pointed out, bringing the ball in the area. It counts 632 points and is the first in the category, with Real Madrid being second with 574. It accepts fewer opportunities in its area and the confidence that has grasped the team makes the players believe in winning to the end, as it turned out opposite Seville. At the same time, it has allowed only 182 shots to its opponents. Only Manchester City has received less in the five big leagues! Napoli has also allowed 182 and Juventus is fourth with 198.

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Eibar is in 7th place, just one point behind Sixth Seville and two behind Villarreal. With Seviyanus having qualified for the Cup final, he is likely to take the seventh place in Europe. Basically, the Basques are in Europa and 17 degrees away from the "red" zone, with the eve of being their primary goal. In 2014-15, at the same turn of La Liga he had 27 points. The next 33. Last year and this year, 35. In the current season, in its last 12 games it has accumulated 27 points and counts only one defeat in the last quarter!
The last "victim" was the hard-hitting Legianes, with a goal of Rami in the 94 '. Usually, when their team literally loses in dead time, coaches find enough excuses to cover the loss. Azeris Garitano, Madrid's coach, was absolutely frank: "The goals were late, but they deserved it. It was not surprising, it was the result of the fight. Done at 94 '. so we hurt more, but we faced a better team, "said Eibar's former player.

Armeos did not start well this year. They had only two wins in the first seven games, having scored 6 goals and having scored 25, so it is logical for their coach to stand still in the goal of staying. It is a team that has been in Primera for just four years and has first seen the League hindering it because of the law which requires each club that reaches the second category to have a capital equivalent to 25% of the average cost of all groups, with the exception of the first two and the last two. Although it was a completely healthy club, first in Segunda with the smallest stadium, the smallest pool and the smallest audience than any other, it had to find directly 1.7 million. Having overtaken the hatch, they were downgraded in their first season, but they were in the category because of Elche's financial problems. In that season, Swedish journalist Alexandra Johnson had made a gall to fans about how much they thought she would hold on to La Liga's dream. Someone said for five seasons. The rest laughed.

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Evolution was done methodically, but without exaggeration. It is a small town, with a population of just over 27,000, which increased its stadium capacity to 7,083 seats at the demand of the League. Eibar defeats Sevilla with 10 times less than the Andalusians, which they crushed 5-1. On Saturday, he will face Barcelona, ​​which spent three times the Basque bill to get DeBebel to Camp Nou. In Camp Nou, which fits three times the population of the Basque city and still has room for 17,000 extra people! The most money spent in the summer was 3.5 million for defensive Paulo Oliveira from Sporting Lisbon. Hordan who (although in the last match is not basic) has scored five goals and has made a great contribution to the pile, costing just one million.

The first scorer and first in the offensive participations, Charles, came free of Malaga. In January, Oregon was given a loan from Valencia, with Mediibar not believing he accepted to play in his team. He has already scored three goals in six games, while Diop, who had previously been heavily heard about Olympiacos, was freed and knocked straight. Armeos proves that a useful transcript is not necessarily expensive and has the amazing gift to discover players with good facts that for various reasons have not "caught" in their teams, giving them a new opportunity and an extra motivation.

Even with the bad results at the start of the season, where Mentilibar experimented with different logic and defense triads, having faced Adrian's retirement and injury to Pedro Leon, the players had absolute confidence in their coach. "We did not think of changing the coach for a moment, as we were sure the situation would be overturned. When the players finished my training they got their hand and told me to stay calm. They would do it, "said President Gorostita in an interview. In the last 12 games it counts 8 wins, 26 goals in favor and 9 against!

The word Europe is increasingly heard in the small town of the Spanish north. Even if Eibar's project does not come, it is a case study that shows that money, big stadiums and commercial transfers often go to second place when the shot is strong ...