Malaga - Sociedad 2 1.75
Perugia - Ternana O 2.5 1.91
Arsenal - West Ham 1 1.53
Nice - Montpellier 1 2.05
Atletico M. - Real Betis 2 8.00
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follow up ...

09.02.2018 01:31 - Leader

The news had passed on ... last September. It was strange that the vote of the 20 Premier League teams, with 14 being in favor of changing the process and one stating neutral. As the statutes require the support of 2/3 for a decision, it is even marginally endorsed. At that time, the importance was not given. Perhaps you simply did not believe that this plan could have taken place. And yet on Friday we passed, came the follow up of that news, to confirm that the change will happen and its purpose is to change the way the summer transcripts are done. The latest news that went on even more ... was that FIFA gave the OK to that September meeting in English and the closure of the summer bazaar would no longer be delineated on the last day of the summer but three weeks earlier. More specifically, with the first match of the 2018-19 season being set for August 11, it was decided that the last transfer to the Premier League will be made until 17:00 on 9 August. That is 48 hours before the center should have been purchased whichever is to be acquired.

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These are therefore considered to be the case. They only give rise to procedural and competition questions, but also to institutional questions. What will happen initially with FIFA's fixed dictation lasting for the 12-week summer transcript? Some reports reported that the start of May 17 will be displaced earlier with the 13th ending in the championship. However, there is a contradiction in the view that the principle will be set on 7 June. This means that the time of the 20 teams to move, negotiate, close deals and gaps in their roster will be terribly limited.

That's how it is that they wonder about the reason they took this decision on their own. At that meeting in September, the reason was that in this way it would be possible to stop the paranoia experienced on the last day of the bazaar and to limit the dynamics of the richest clubs that have the money to make the strongest blows in end. This has always been unfair for the youngest, who are losers out of the process. Lost money, but also racing, as they get the best players, they have started the championship and then can not replace them.

The truth is in England becoming a laugh. From the 2011-2012 '12 season and every summer that followed, the money transfer record is reshaping. Especially in 2017, however, top performance was boosted by a 23% increase. All the summer the British spent close to £ 1.4 billion (400 more than Serie A and La Liga together) and the last day £ 230 million. But what will happen to the new system and how could this phenomenon be reduced?

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Theoretically, in the first instance it seems to be a negative measure and extremely self-restrictive for themselves, imposing on themselves. They will not compete with the other major leagues, which can be boosted for three extra weeks. The other bad thing is that they will be able to lose a player in their turn until August 31, as FIFA has made clear to them that since the other lads have the window open, they will also have the right to hit the English clubs. It may, for example, Real to make an inexpressible proposition to the United for Pugba, without the second being able to replace him in the event of a loss.

The worst of all is that there is a significant risk of this happening, without even avoiding what the English want to avoid. What is often done at the end of the transcription: to keep the teams that they sell so firmly to keep their stars in order to get the best value based on the buyer's need. This will continue to happen. So what we would see on August 31 on the Island, we'll just look at it again on the 9th of the month. The money to be moved will move. In this mood and dynamics are the Premier League teams. And because this summer the crucial date falls on Friday, we'll probably live something like Black Friday's football ...

* In the month are expected to vote on the 72 clubs of the three following categories, whether they will be coping with the change!