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Harry Caine ...

06.02.2018 15:18 - Leader

We live in the time of Harry Cain who became the first scorer for club and National in 2017 and the first since 2010 not to be called Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi who ends the year in the No1 scorer. After a month and something, the English continued to write history, this time for the team that believed him and today enjoys seeing him on the field with his shirt. Although he lost the first penalty against Liverpool, Harry Cain, he had what he needed to get the ball in 94 '. Sending it on one hand and Carrie on the other, the international roadster scored the final 2-2 in Anfield, reaching 100 goals in the Premier League, playing only four years.

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"I did the things I always do. A couple of deep breaths and then the emotions were enormous. It's amazing that I have reached 100 goals, it's great that I did it in such a game, "he said after the end of the match at Anfield, where he held Tottenham Hotspur live in the Battle of the 4th. The legend of PL and a man who had "given" Cain his celebration, Alan Siere, had said a few months ago that only the Spurs ace could break its 260 record. Today's English TV analyst is the only one who needed less matches to reach 100 goals, since he did 124 and Kain to 141.

He did not need to catch that milestone to say he had changed level. Kane simply touches the ball and she goes to the nets. With right, with left, with strong shot, with a jump, with a head, having passed the goalie. Ways can be many and different, but the result is always the same. In those four years, if he is healthy, he gets a basic jersey, Cain has something in common with Sirer. Only the legend of Newcastle and Thierry Henry had managed - before Tottenham Hotspur - to score 20+ goals in four consecutive seasons in the Premier League. And in July, it will close the 25th.

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The penalty shootout of Liverpool to reach 100 was the 14th goal in the Premier League, and with a direct foul he scored once. As you would expect, with his good leg, the right, he scored 60 goals, with the left 26 and with the head 14. In this crazy course, he put 20 (!) Times two goals a game, he scored 7 hat-tricks and in a match he scored a goal. His favorite place is the first with 57 goals against 43 in the first, while Leicester's team, at the expense of which has found nets 9 times.

Cain has been a clear player for a year from a shelf that counted teams can reach, like Real Madrid, which is increasingly sounding his goal. In addition to the honorable interest of the Merengues, Cain earns the respect of the top. And it deserves it. "As a player, you can always work in some areas, but there are things you do not do. The physical instinct of the scorer is a talent with which you are born. Over the years I've seen Ronaldo, Cristiano Ronaldo, Jetzagi, Batistuta. They all had the charisma that makes the goalkeepers suffer. And Harry Caine. "