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3.05 goals / match ...

02.02.2018 14:01 - Leader

Ronaldo, Bale and Benzema were united after nine months and the result apparent, is the triple that has reached 400 goals since the day it was created. The calendar was shown on April 23, 2017, when the last three of the hyperpriests stepped along the grass. Barcelona could have been defeated in Santiago Bernabeu (2-3), but their own bid, in what counts more in football, the goals, made Real Madrid have nothing to do with the team we see last months. From then until the recent CS, they spent 279 days and Cristiano Ronaldo, Gareth Béle, Karim Benzema, started together in the away match against Valencia. In Mestalla, CR7 twice defeated Norbert Neutto twice, and his two goals reached the total of the triple crop at 400.

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Although he started the season by filling the aficionados expectations for even bigger things with the victories over Barcelona, ​​this year Real is not doing well. Some may say that it does not end the phases, but perhaps a simpler explanation may be that the players have not played together because of the frequent injuries of Bélé and Benzema.

After almost a separate season, Zinedine Zidane had the chance to put together three of the stars who, thanks to the help of the top scorer of the modern era, reached the milestone of 400 goals. Cristiano reached the 20th in all competitions and entered the second half of the year loudly, while Bail returned and, beyond impetus and quality, gave Merengues 9 goals in all competitions. Lower production is Karim Benzema, with just 6 pieces in 223 races.

The Portuguese reached 225 from the start of the 2013-14 season when all three became teammates in the Spanish capital. Meanwhile, Benzema has reached 100 ... but Bale - with great absence times - 76. It took 5 years to catch the 400 and Ronaldo to be a fixed goal machine, the triple has an average the 80 per season.

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Of these, 276 have come to the championship, 97 in the Champions League, 11 in the Copa del Rey, 12 in the World Championship, 2 in the European Super Cup and 2 in the Spanish Super Cup. Goals and successes are something that goes together for the famous triple play, which has played a decisive role in a dozen titles that have been conquered. With the BBC in the 11th place, according to As's survey, Real scored more [3.05 goals / game] than without it [2.4], but without the three main players it has fewer goals [0.8] than with them [1.05 ], while the numbers in [56% / 57.5%] and in [19.2 / 18.7] are approximately the same.

As you can see, the return of Real's star [in action and scoring] may have come at the most appropriate spot of the year, as the two-week event returns the event that can save the Blancos season as well. In two weeks it is the Champions League knockout and the huge fight with Paris Saint-Germain, in which Real is called to show who is making the ...