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modus vivendi ...

31.01.2018 15:13 - Leader

The Argentine taught him to "spoil" the game, Ernesto to make it, and Pep is waiting to take off Aimerich Lorotte, who is doing a tackle with the same comfort that makes the two legs straight. He is still very young. In May he will be 24. His age is confusing. You certainly have the feeling that it is bigger. It happens because you see him playing for many years. How is it like playing a life with Athletic red. He was not 18 when he first competed with the grown-ups and was clearly in a permanent improvement process. One that persuaded the City to pay its € 65 million clause. But is Aimeter Lorot really so good "I will never forget that day. At the end of the training before Hapoel's Europa League match, Marcello Bielsa approached me and told me not to leave when I change. I went near him a little later in the changing rooms and gave me a videotape of his offensive team. "Watch the video well, study it, you will be canceled in the game. I want you to show all what I see you in the training, "she told me.

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That was his debut (November 28, 2012) and he would be leaving the 11th only because of injury or cards. "If Bielsha taught me to study the opponent, always know who I am facing and not be surprised, Ernesto Valverde taught me how to get the ball first and how to direct the game backwards. These were undoubtedly the two coaches who formed me, "he said in an interview, having the best reason for the former technician of Olympiacos and now of Barcelona.

He is invited to explain the modus vivendi he is applying on the court. "There is a triptych: Concentrate, play loudly and choose the right time to intervene." When you watch his way of play, it is certain that Lorart applies all three extras to add another valuable statistic. What made Peg Guardiola have to enjoy him when he first came and wants him since Barcelona: "Football has changed. To be a good defender, you have to be a modern midfielder and create from behind. I'm working very hard on it. "

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The really awesome thing in his case is that he can make 30-degree balloons and even with both feet. Normally he says left, but his right is perfect and he plays with both, changing moves in each match. It also has excellent first contact with the ball and does not snap, it does not delay. He plays fast, right (84% correct passes in La Liga) and has been found several times in a left-back position. Significant qualities if you think it is almost 1.90, fast, technically perfect and all these combine perfectly with its dynamic paddle that reminds Italian center of 80s, but the cleanest.

For those who do not know and care about how he played at Athletic, because he declares a Frenchman, the story is as follows: He was born on the northern side of the Pyrenees and has a Basque descent (there are three Basque provinces on the French border with Spain. which he showed all his years in the "San Mamas", but also with the four French national teams, where he always was the one with the armband, but how does he have such elements, a course in the national and cost so expensive , but he has no involvement with him Men of the tricolor, it will have to respond by Didier Deschamps.
Guardiola obviously has a different impression on his new possession than the French elector. Peep logically sees Aimerich Lorott's dynamism and ability in the passing game, but logically ideally designs his central twin. The young sniper will offer the dynamism, self-sacrifice that is lacking in John Stones' game. He may be able to set up Puyol (Lorart) - Pike (Stones) and then he will be able to complete his efforts for the final defense with Walker and Mendy as he has in his mind.