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Stays Old Trafford ...

26.01.2018 03:03 - Leader

Most children are fantasizing to live in a hotel. Like Macaulay Culkin at Home Alone 2 - room service every night, ice cream in bed etc. This is basically the life of Joe Mourinho over the past 18 months, leaving a suitcase at Lowry Hotel as a Manchester United coach. Of course, this is hardly the ideal situation for a 54-year-old man, but it has become a symbol of how Mourinho has never been tied anywhere for a long time. Manchester United, they believed, would be another stop at the Portuguese-Portuguese tour of Europe so far. When it was time to leave, Mourinho would just have a suitcase filled and a key room to deliver.
And yet, he is now signing a contract renewal at Old Trafford. The Portuguese technician initially signed a three-year contract to become the coach of United in the summer of 2016, with an option for another 12 months. And the renewal will now take place, with a contract expiring after 2020. Based on what we know so far, this is in contradiction with what you expect from Mourinho. He is a coach who works with a close horizon, working for the immediate rather than the long term. All that matters to Mourinho is the present, demonstrating this with his pressure this week to make Alexis Sanchez the most expensive footballer in England.

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This, however, is exactly the way Mourinho works. He has a habit of signing a new contract, or at least discussing the signing of a new contract just before he leaves. He made it to Inter and Real Madrid while he signed a new 4-year contract in Chelsea just four months before he was fired from Stamford Bridge. Perhaps this is the way Mourinho is protecting himself. There have been signs this season that the Portuguese has begun to "unfold" through a (currently failed) duel with Pep Guardiola. Mourinho may already have an idea of ​​what his end date will be in Manchester United.

In this sense, what is the point for United and Executive Vice-President Ed Woodward to offer at this particular time a new contract to Mourinho? Consider that Zose still has not been able to fully convince that he is working on his project to make the team a real strength inside and outside of England. United may have some ... pieces of gold last season, but these should be counted as something of a success. You have to follow more.

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Why not wait for the United to end the season, giving them more time to judge if Mourinho is on the right track before offering him a renewal? Is it a sign that Old Trafford is really afraid that Paris Saint Germain can get their coach? Is there anything more to Mourinho's obvious flirtation with the French club? On the other hand, it may be a sign that in Ferguson after the failures of David Moyes and Luis Fan Haal, there has been a lowering of expectations in Old Trafford. It is perhaps a club so relieved right now that it is simply a member of the group of hunting teams, so at the moment they are willing to abandon common sense when it comes to their coach. Over time, however, this may still prove to be a blemishes in Woodward's decisions.
In addition, Manchester United is a club increasingly defined by the money it makes.

In January 2018 it was confirmed as the most profitable group, having collected 676 million euros in 2016-17 despite not participating in the Champions League. But now that the Red Devils have managed to return to it, they will do everything to keep it. Mourinho almost guarantees his presence in the Champions League, even if he can not win the title. This can do ... bad service to Mourinho and degrade his achievements so far. It is true that this is the best Manchester United in the Ferguson era, there has been undisputed progress under the Portuguese coach and this is largely due to the translations of the last 18 months.

Mourinho can reach players in a way that Moyes and Fan Haal could not. Would Pol Pugba sign for a record-breaking record if the bench was any of these two? Could Moyes ... steal Alexis Sanchez under the nose of Manchester City? Probably not ... It's not so much the decision to offer a new contract to Mourinho what impresses, as long as the timing. Woodward should be well aware of the path of the former coach of Porto, Chelsea, Inter and Real Madrid. This is part of the whole Mourinho package