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Best ever ...

17.01.2018 14:04 - Leader

From the simple fan who likes to watch a ball, to the club coaches who play in the Champions League where you take a look, everyone is saying the same thing. "The numbers in the amounts spent on transcripts have escaped." A few months ago, we said and wrote that it would not be late to spend 300-400 million for a player, and vindication comes much faster than we could imagine. On the occasion of the acquisition of the Dutch center, Virginia Fan Dad, from Liverpool instead of 80 million, we are looking at the top 11 at all times - per seat - based on the amounts spent. As can be easily understood by anyone, the sums do not in any way bring the quality of the top chips ever played.

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At 17 he made a debut in Serie A with Parma and rolled against the supergroup of the season, AC Milan. Nevio Skala is credited with the discovery of the most talented man who ever wore gloves, and for someone, strange indeed, reason still remains the most accurate goalkeeper's transcript. Juventus gave 52 million euros and owns Buffon as well as the record, after the second one was Enterson Moraes, who left Benfica for the City in a deal worth 40 million euros. Whatever it is, Djibi, with this defense in front of him, has a difficult task.

Paolo Maldini, Alessandro Nestas, Fabio Cannavaro, Franco Barrezi, Alessandro Costaquarta, Gaetano Sirea, Bepto Bergovi. Apart from the legends and defense specialists, today's guys outside Italy, such as Sergio Ramos and Jericho Pike, will certainly laugh at what are the most expensive defensive players of all time. Except for the reason for this text, Fan Dick, the other three in the defense are the acquisitions of the last two summers from Manchester City.

When many teams - and teams to give up just what they need - enter the dance, at the end win Southampton. The Agioi have reached the Porto, Ayiax, Monaco levels and their last bite was the 80 myriads they got from Liverpool to the Dutch, who was proven to be No. 1 on the City list. The 26-year-old is the most expensive stop in the history of the sport, making Mourinho recover. "Is it better than Maldini and Bergomi?"

Around him, in the defense group, you see everything blue. And it's Blue City. Last summer, one of the leaders who have ever played, Rio Ferdinand, as pundit 'told' to John for John Stones. "No matter how much it costs, you just go and you get it." Eventually the City gave the cash and bought the ball-playing center-back, giving Ecuador 55m euros. At the extremes of defense of this supersonicly exact 11, there are two players who have not closed a single season to the Citizens.

On the right is Kyle Walker, Tottenham's longtime backpacker, with super attacking-prowess and stamina, which made Pep want him crazy and knew beforehand that he would be justified. On the other hand, in a place played by Maldini, Roberto Carlos, Andrés Breme, is Benazem Mendi, Leonardo Zardim, the leading Monaco, who took the championship from Paris Saint-Germain and reached the Champions League's "4". Mendi cost € 57 million (!!!) and made Mourinho say later that City buys bangs at aggressive prices.

We leave behind the absolutely 'English' defense and go further. Sure, no trainer, with the exception of Pep, would not go with such a trio in the center, but we are sworn with 4-3-3. At the base of the triple, Paul Pogba, the man who was released from United and returned as the most accurate transcript of the story, as the Red Devils gave 110 million to Juventus to take him to Old Trafford. The Frenchman has not justified them, but the fact that this happened at the age of 23 makes the value-for-money transcription, especially with what we see today happening.

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In addition to shock, Neimar's move to Paris Saint-Germain provoked dominoes as Barcelona was in a situation that had not been accounted for and someone had to get. Eventually this was the both-feet winger, Osman DeBebel, for which Dortmund got ahead of 105 million and as the bonuses went, in the long run he would reach 147. The misfortune hit the 20-year-old in his early days at Camp Nou , in a dream deal for the BvB. Next to Debbele, Barcelona's latest bamboo and Barcelona, ​​Philippe Coutinho, who left Liverpool in the middle of the season for an amount you can not find every day: 120 + 40m euros was the Blaugrana costume , a few months after the 222 they got from Neimar, have already given them without the bonus.

And go to the most ... galactico line of the team. In this, the most money is Neimar. In Barcelona, ​​no one believed that the Brazilian would decide to leave Camp Nou and especially Pike. Eventually 'no se quedo' and even through Qatar, Blaugrana put their biggest money ever spent on a player's coffers. Although you understand that we have escaped when € 222 million is being spent to kick the place, as our mothers would say, the transfer of Neimar to Paris Saint-Germain is more advantageous for the buyer than for many other clubs, yet and through this article.

Together with the 25-year-old who makes the orgy in the humble, Ligue1, with PSG, two Real Madrid stars. Gareth Bélé was transformed into a supersonic bourgeoisie over the years and left Blancos to give Tottenham 100 million to put him next to his awesome stars. Leftwalker Welsh became a member of the team who won 3 Champions League in 4 years, but many injuries have not allowed him to always be there for the Queen.

And we close with the player who, together with Buffon, are the only ones that we can say that have made their last euro money. In 2009, Florentino Peret made the incredible bam giving 94m euros to get Cristiano Ronaldo, and if Manchester United were to see what the Portuguese would do in the next eight years, he would even ask for a billion. The top scorer of modern-game, CR7 wanted to be the first on this list, but now he can not matter what's going on ...