Sociedad - Getafe 1 1.75
Kallithea - OFI Crete 2 1.55
Bournemouth - West Br. 1 1.90
Man. Utd - Brighton 1/1 1.83
Sturm Graz - Altach 2 6.50
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the yellow shirt ...

09.01.2018 10:35 - Leader

On May 15, 1997, Fernando Roy announced in a small restaurant at Villa Real in Castellon that he was buying a second-class team. Being president of Pamesa Valencia in basketball, he saw the club that had never fought in the Primera prospect. He bought a team with debts, without a training center, playing in a football field for 3000 spectators. The "yellow submarine", however, was ready to emerge. At the end of the next decade, Villarreal eliminated Panathinaikos and qualified for the Champions League's "16" with Manuel Pelerinini and players such as Imbagasa, Cathorla, Rossi, Sena. Soren, Richelme, Forlan and Piré have been wearing their jerseys, names that show the launch of the Roy club, which reached the Champions League semifinals in 2006 to be eliminated from Arsenal with a lost penalty of Pires. He was also the only team to break the dipole, finishing in 2008 second behind Real Madrid and in front of Barcelona.

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Villarreal, however, was not built on firm foundations. The bubble burst with the 2011-12 relegation. The Latina team started the season in the Champions League, but lost the last match from Atletico Madrid and Granada cut the thread with a higher score, sending it to Segunda with Gijon and Santander. The debt exceeded one hundred million, perhaps some 200, while there were charges of tax evasion and tax evasion. However, Villarreal managed to change his way, even though Roy needed to "spoil" and sell some of the Mercadona supermarket chain he owned. He played a key role in investing, in addition to contracts and in infrastructure, as well as having realized in a timely manner the basic principles of sustainability in modern football. Obviously, in addition to the team he did good in his pocket.

Roy was relieved of heavy contracts, invested in facilities, academy and executives. There had to be a way of finding a "Yellow Submarine", and this would only be done through the process of organizing scouting and exploiting the talents that would come or would be produced. "Villarreal works in a structured way. They have been defeated, but have developed infrastructure and have a good administrative and football base, "said Pearlini in 2013, after returning to Primera. The scouting network was expanded and the first Ciudad Deportiva, a well-trained center with nine stadiums for all teams and academies, was created. In 2015, a second coach with 12 pitches and facilities was built, which not only Villarreal, but also other local groups can use, housing children from the wider region and bringing talents that work to evolve rather than simply filling up trainings.

"Villarreal is a model for how small clubs should work and shows the importance of having an owner thinking about the future," said the football expert and professor at Sheffield University, Dan Plamley. "Everything has to do with gradual building over the years in investing new talents, developing the academy, building bonds with the community and operating as a viable business. The fans agree with Roy's approach because they see the results he has. " The part of the approach to the community was evident from before, and it was no coincidence that on the day Villarreal deferred, her chairman was applauded. It was in 2008, when the recession first caught up with Spain, which gave free endless tickets to the unemployed. He also set up a school for children with learning disabilities and took part in a series of social projects.

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"Good football, investing in young people and no debts. We will only spend what we are doing, "he said a few years ago in the Panenka magazine, Royy summing up his philosophy, and with the closing of the deal for Bachambu, he has reached 150 million in sales over the past three years. Villarreal's top scorer was bought in Bursaspor in 2015 for 7.5 million and went to Guanakot in Beijing with 40. In the same team where Patto was sold after only one season in Madrid, with the "yellows" putting in their coffers 18 million , almost 9 times more money than they spent to get it.

Gabriel was spotted in Brazil and was acquired for three million to sell for two years in Arsenal for 16. The replacement, Erick Bagi, cost 5.7 and was given out for 38. Lucian Viete, who returned to the Valencia region, was bought for 5.5 million and was sold for 20, while Muskai took four and left with 18! An even more striking example than Baccucu is Ronnie, whom many see as the substitute for Baschet in Spain. He was flown to the Yellow Submarine by Atletico's infrastructure divisions, climbed to the first team, and as reported reports forced the robotics to raise 20 million from their funds to bring him back to Madrid in the summer.

Villarreal, of course, does not only sell. He cares before he makes it already on the next day. That's why Europe came out last year, so it closed in 2017 at the five. The boutiques may no longer sell Pire and Richelme jerseys, but the city's children now have more reasons to wear the yellow shirt and support the team, knowing that this time it will not "pop".


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