Sociedad - Getafe 1 1.75
Kallithea - OFI Crete 2 1.55
Bournemouth - West Br. 1 1.90
Man. Utd - Brighton 1/1 1.83
Sturm Graz - Altach 2 6.50
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Happy new year ...

01.01.2018 01:39 - Leader

Good month and good year. I hope and wish in 2018 to roll calmly and to have above all health !!! If we are strong and strong, we will be able to cope with any difficulties that appear before us. It would be very helpful in trying to translate positive energy towards each other ... We're done! The first game of the pot and the fucasoline ended and we went to the rematch. And to get dry, weep and cruel inexpensive here you do not read. Only truths. And we're going to see what we lost and what's coming, not to lose it. We lost gifts, wages, jobs, mental peace. We have lost the right to dignity, we have cast people of the beast and the beggar, to ask for five decades to be saved (.) And in return what have we won? NOTHING. What we are struck by the devotees of the disaster, that we have earned the right to the dream, to tomorrow, that we have secured the future of our children, it is plaque and carapace. They do not exist. Nothing we won. Except, perhaps, from a year ...

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And the point is, did we know where we came from? Why did we go down as we went so that we look at ... rematch in the coming years to be worthy of expectations and then really lay the foundations for the tomorrow of our children and their children. We are not talking about the huge responsibility that the wheelhouses have been bearing for decades. But in order not to joke, we did not have either a dictatorship or a kingdom. Democracy we had. And we are always free to vote for what we want. So we showed those who destroyed us. Do not look for ghosts, nor do we go out of the pheasant and the tweeters to say "let's go" and keep the people who vote for what they voted for so many years. We were them. Clear things.
And to say the other, for three years now they are defaming one financial crime behind the other. In IKA, TEVE, taxis, hospitals, police, and even churches. Whoever could have stolen and made. Villas? Coach? Deposits; He has been producing a kavatza for ten generations. And it was not just the kleftaras, you and your friend, who saw it and did nothing and you were blessed with the logic "I too if I was in the same position I would do." I hope now that even the slightest Greek voter understands that when his neighbor steals public money, he actually steals from his pocket. That when it destroys public property, it actually gets money (to rebuild the broken ones).

And look, I will not come back to tell you how we are to blame for the life we ​​have done. No. We have a responsibility, and little. We just watched and did not talk, we voted for us (and maybe we still do), we were not educated socially and academically, we became unaccountable animals only interested in the shot, the goodness. And this is the A and Z of the collapse. Only when we understand that the place is good only when the whole is just as good, then we will only become members of a democracy, a society and we will not be animals of loneliness and individual survival.

Do not bother us anymore. We know and know what happened so far and in 2017 it was the most difficult year of Greece after the war. The question is what can we do tomorrow? To make it a little more bearable in 2018. The revolution is over. But the revolution is dead, deprived, war, rebuilding from scratch. Are you ready for this? Are you expecting others to revolutionize, and you only to live beyond perpetuation? If the second applies, we go below to what can be done today.

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Every new year, every new year, the expectation of change is the far greater hope expressed by the overwhelming majority of the world, not only in our homeland, but also globally ... Are the changes themselves the only way to make a difference? Let's see in football what's going on? Even barefoot, so this is the most, the teams of our champions once again in the middle of the season are running for winter transfers. Some unions do not have to eat - and it's no longer a form of speech - but transcripts are transcriptions! This is a (bad) habit, which does not say to be overcome, and the players, as well as the coaches, are walking in the footsteps of previous years, and have poor experience.

And, of course, the good news of the press, the transcription, is in its charge, and the new time has not gotten well. The teams have all of them available in January to make surprises for their roster. And the question is: In the summer there was time and choices did not succeed what they wanted, will they succeed now that most players are contractually bound or leave as failure of their teams? The very good teams are built from summer and do not look for fleas in the straw in the winter.

Taking a look at the moves of major European clubs, if they do, it will be one or two at most. After all, what can one or two mid-season players change in a team? If they get out of it they will help somehow, but in order for them to change their image, they have to make turns and the rest, those who are in the current roster and for various reasons did not offer what they expected before. Even if there are limited possibilities, much lower than their expectations in the summer. It is clear and this has taught the past, there are few, very few, the players who were acquired in January and were able to make the difference. Getting a transcript in the season is like having the Joker or the first number in the lottery.

The philosophy of some, to support the players in the roster, even though they did not offer what they expected in the first half of the season, hoping they will then turn up, is often right. This will save you money, since you have to compensate those who leave and at the same time offer a new contract to others. And who guarantees you that those who come will be better than those who left. And if finding a basic player in the winter is not an appropriate solution, for the change of coach during the season the opinions differ. There are those who are vertical that "something will not change", but also those who argue that "in one way or another will bring about change, at least in psychology." However, for now, the change of coach in teams that have already dared it, has not brought any change, without that being the fault of the new coach.

When an administration decides to remove the coach of her team she should weigh them all. The factors should ask the following question: "Can a new person change the situation, and even the top coach to bring the image will continue to be the same?" Rarely replacing a coach in the middle of the season has brought about a great change in a group's image. Of course, in Greece, we did not "chew" to change a government in the middle of the government, we would stick to players and coaches? Are we prepared up to currency, even lifestyle to change, how would the protests for football player change?

Be a good year!