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Kallithea - OFI Crete 2 1.55
Bournemouth - West Br. 1 1.90
Man. Utd - Brighton 1/1 1.83
Sturm Graz - Altach 2 6.50
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Paulo Dybala ...

21.12.2017 02:16 - Leader

Anyone who thinks that the good day of the morning seems or the beginning is half of it all would probably be thrilled to see how Paulo Dhimbala started this season. "It seems to me that the No10 is coming to me," said the Argentine, who said he was ready not so racing, since he had room for improvement, but spiritually, to follow in the footsteps of Alessandro Del Piero. Steps in a course that was not easy, since Pinturicchio has gone through difficult times, fell but always, because he was Del Piero, he found the way to get up again. Because Paul's goal, as he has said, is one day to mention his own name with awe when the conversation goes to the Lady's 10, this difficult period is the first good test of his character. The case of Argentina and what has been going on since the beginning of the season is a good example of how easily conclusions can be drawn about how quickly you can go from one end to the other. "You (journalists) do not really help the situation anymore, not for Dhimala but for football players in general. There are enough 4-5 good games to say that it's the new Messi and ask him to do things he can not do. Paulo is not a player who will score 30 goals per season, he is a 15-20 player player and many assists. Not only goals, Dhimbala has to give assists too, "said Massimiliano Alegri 24 hours ago (19/12), turning to the beginning of the season, when Dimbala's start had led them - anyway - to excessive Italians to welcome Barcelona-Juventus in the group's premiere as the match that would look like Messi or Dhimala is the best ... The same journalists are now wondering if Dhimbala is a problem (as they also wrote for Iguay) about Juve and they consider that Bianconeri can be better without a This ... What to do.

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The problem, however, has not been created mainly by the "what to" the Italian media but by Dimbala's "everything to be" about the issue of its sponsors. By taking the jersey with Juventus' No 10, having now been crowned by everyone in the club as the leader of the coming years, and generally coming to the fore as 100% now, Paulo thought it was the right time for change. And after changing his manager, now giving that position to his brother, he then interrupted his co-operation (signed a 10-year contract) with a company in Malta that would take over the management of his image while he had previously interrupted his cooperation with Puma. By taking a new jersey and a new contract from Juve, Dzimala decided that it was time for new sponsorship agreements and now he finds it in front of him. Being psychologically influenced by the fact that these donors are bringing the matter to court and are being sued at tens of millions of euros, it is perfectly reasonable. What is not reasonable at all is to believe that Dzimala or his brother or his environment in general would unilaterally stop such collaborations and there would be no consequence ...

Now he discovers that there are, as he discovers that there are consequences to Juve when he is not the one to be. "Paulo has to concentrate 100% on his work, training, and making personal sacrifices," Paul Nedved said two weeks ago, triggering new debates and gossip about whether the extragenetic life of Argentina is this that must. Telling the Czech to work more does not necessarily mean that you have to do what he did, because Pavel daily woke up, ran 20 km and then went to the training and sat with the hours. Excessive and understandable that this everyday life is not the norm for all footballers. However, to tell you publicly the vice president of Juventus - because this is Nendeved - that you have to make sacrifices in your personal life, it means that it is more like bells. What exactly is or is done exogeneously, however, will never be learned, because that's how Yuve works. He may say what is publicly available to get the message directly, but he will never give details with addresses and names. Unless something very serious is done and decisions have been made on departures (see La Stampa for Bonduci-Alves-Cardiff).

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Does this play with Dhimbala? No. Even if it was playing, however, protection for Argentina would be the same at the moment. Paulo will have all the support he needs from Juventus and this has already begun to appear. With the reports that the club wants to take on the legal / financial part of Argentina's disputes with its sponsors and the line that passed to all the media (that is to say, for Dhimla does not even talk to anyone) one day after what was written about his brother and what he is saying in various groups ("whenever I want and how I want to arrange a transcript for Paul"). It will be gradually raised with his brother, since Bianconeri should be sure to either end his manager or impose his own rules, but for now what they want is to give Dhimla the understanding that there is no reason to feel stressed or alone, as he said in an interview a few days ago, and to a question about how a footballer feels at this level, making some write that he can suffer from depression ...

According to Fabio Carezza of Sky Italia, of course, the Argentine can suffer from something else, which causes ... allergy in Turin. "I'm not going to get into details, I'm sure I do not know everything that might have been done, but I can say one thing: In these locker rooms no one can, not even Platini could do it, make the phenomenon ... Why in these locker rooms you will get either your teammates or the administration and will make you realize that you are not a phenomenon. This is Juventus' timeless difference. That's where the team, the management, the club are above all, "he said in the channel after the match with Bologna and added:" What do I think will happen? I believe that Dibala will understand that all of his brother's choices damage him, he realizes that a humility is necessary and will return to the team by giving not more than 100% but also 10% -20% more than that. And that's why he guarantees Alegre, who is the No1 in managing his players in such situations. "

The coach has actually proven this. With Morata, when he did a few months to score, with Pianic when he was having difficulty adjusting, with Pugba when he did not see his first 10th game, with Igwain at the start of this season, with anyone who needs it. Dibala knows he will have complete support and protection from Juventus, both because he needs racing and because he has bet much on him (even because he wants him expensive if we get the script that he even thinks about his sale). And since he has this support, all he has to do is help himself and get out of this difficult situation. And if he finds it difficult to find the way, ask the one he wanted as no one else could see him with Juventus No.10. He fell several times but always stood up. As a real leader ...