Sociedad - Getafe 1 1.75
Kallithea - OFI Crete 2 1.55
Bournemouth - West Br. 1 1.90
Man. Utd - Brighton 1/1 1.83
Sturm Graz - Altach 2 6.50
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"Pep's way"

13.12.2017 02:10 - Leader

Pep Guardiola was living his best moment as he now is in the Premier League. The consciousness that he had just defeated his most powerful competitor for the title and even at his headquarters and in his own way, with his idea, with "Pep's way" gave that glow to his face. No, Guardiole does not believe he has already won the title with City. But he knows that if he can manage the "football without a Christmas break", which has made it difficult for him last year, as is the case with all the coaches in their first time on the Island, he will have to touch his fingers on the trophy. It has now become clear that the 46-year-old (yes, 46 is ...) coach has more confidence in this project's credibility compared to last year's first edition of City that he had created. And it is not the record that convinces him, but the image of his team in the majority of the races. He tested it under pressure in Premier League and Champions League and saw her react much better, harder character, more maturity, more confidence and more confidence in the coach's game plan than last year, so this year he manages the situations with greater serenity, stemming from this confidence and confidence in the team.

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Behind the record of history and the unthinking performance of the 15 wins in 16 games in the Premier League, which are excitement elements, Guardiola looks at a series of statistical findings that testify to the progress and evolution of the City game. You make a comparison with last year's Premier League's statistical performance and you can see that this year's edition has come a long way closer to the idea of ​​the Guardiola for the game. Much more passes per match (673-581), a much higher percentage of possession of the ball, greater accuracy in transfers (89% -86%), more forward play (forward: 406-354), even greater control of the game and even more play in the offensive zone of the offensive terrier. So far, City does not make more chances (12.5-12.68), nor does it make more shots (16.88-16.63) but scores more goals (2.88-2.11) because it demonstrates greater efficiency (accuracy in shot: 54% -46%) both out of range (0.56 goals per game - 0.18 goals per game) and within (2.37-1.92).

This year's City has managed to work more efficiently in the defense phase (it has received 0.62 goals per game - it received 1.03 goals per game), although its stats show little progress (9.62- 12.24 / defensive errors: 0.31 - 0.37 / errors leading to goals: 0.12-0.13). It happens mainly because it allows the opponent to have less ball possession and fewer attacks per match, ie the improvement comes through the implementation of a basic theory of Guardiola, "the longer I hold the ball, the fewer the attacks I receive, the fewer goals I accept ". It also happens because he has a goalie in front of the goal, which is much closer to Pepe's game than in previous years (88% accuracy in goalkeeper's passes - 77% precision in goalkeepers / 2m length reduction compared to last year's average performance). However, the City has not yet managed to improve its inhibitory behavior, namely to prevent the opponent from creating opportunities. And when you look at her composition, you are very doubtful about being able to improve at this stage of the game with so many aggressive footballers. But that is the idea of ​​Guardiola, as we have well understood from his time in Barcelona and Bayern. Improving "defense" is looking for and looking for it first and foremost through maximizing the ball possession time. Pep's team will always be a team that will not try to ruin the opponent's game, only to prevent him from taking the ball and keeping it long to create a game.

It is too early for conclusions, bets, final findings. However, it is not too early to note the general remark that dominates this era: choosing football players more compatible with his football and evolving communication with his "last year" players, raising the level of understanding between them, the Guardiola he started making the "English" version of Barcelona. And to make sure of her attitude, she was staffed with 11 Spanish partners, 8 of whom had experience in Barcelona. The soccer team of City thinks and works like Barcelona from the top, that is, from the managers to the nails, that is to say the last member of the technical staff. Pepe is making a "Barcelona" that plays, thinks and behaves like his own Barcelona and his own Bayern. And at this time he seems capable of reaching the Premier League and answering to José Mourinho and others who questioned the extent of the influence and efficiency he may have in a team and claim to have "managed" either as "coach" Messi, Chave and Iniesta "or as a" coach in a championship where he played alone, the German ". Right now Guardiol is the favorite to win the title, and José Mourinho is out of doubt, since last summer the two of them made shopping of about equal value. If it won the title, it may prove to be the season of its universal recognition as the top of its time. And it will surely be the confirmation season of the little tradition it creates every time it emigrates, "give me a time to get used to it, and in the second season you will see a team that is close to the football I have on my head."


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