Sociedad - Getafe 1 1.75
Kallithea - OFI Crete 2 1.55
Bournemouth - West Br. 1 1.90
Man. Utd - Brighton 1/1 1.83
Sturm Graz - Altach 2 6.50
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Special One ...

08.12.2017 12:15 - Leader

Manchester United's showdown with the City is ... talk of the country, since if the Citizens go through a victory they touch the title before Christmas. The gleam that has gathered Manchester derby has to do with the people who are at the edge of the bench. Mourinho vs Guardiola. Two world class technicians, two different worlds. Even though Catalan, when he met as the Portuguese player in Barcelona, ​​was impressed by his work. For Pepe that monopolizes interest in this year's championship, a lot has been written. His Croatian perception of the game and his regular novices make sense to impress, but it must not be forgotten that his opponent is not just another defensive technician. His influence on English football is much greater than what most people recognize. In 2004, when Mourinho took over Chelsea, it was a year of total turning to the black-and-white goddess world. Both at collective and team level. With aggressive approaches becoming more popular since the beginning of the decade, Porto Mourinho has won the Champions League, the Rehagel national team, the Euro, and Valencia's Rafa Benitez, a less trained, but equally passionate coach, the UEFA Cup.

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Mourinho and Benitez had won their ticket to the magical world of the Premier League and their final destinations could be reversed. Zosser's agent had approached the Liverpool administration as long as Ueye was on the bench, as the young Portuguese with the aura of the winner was looking for the possibility of Reds. Eventually, he ended up at Stamford Bridge and Benitez went further north. The seal of both English football was clear, especially with the Champions League conquering. They raised the level of regular attachment, adaptability to the style of European opponents, closed their ears to the naivety that could come from romantic plans for aggressive football on each court, with each opponent, used the tactic and the logic of the purpose of the medium . It is a typical drop in the average of goals in the Premier League. From 2.66 it reached 2.45 in 2006/07, at a historic low for the highly popular league.

Mourinho was the one who caught his eye on both the Champions League and the Dragons, as well as the general aura. His status, distinguished from the very first moment and built next to huge coaches, was the rigorous study of the opponent. There has never been anything like that in the Premier League. "He prepares us for the opponent with such depth that I have never seen it before," said John Terry. Two days before each match, the players found a 6 or 7-page bundle, dedicated to the next opponent. He explained the shapes he used, the way he worked on the set and had a separate reference to each player, as well as a special reference to charts for those who Special was considered key players. Details such as cornering moves, how the ball plays the most influential players in the traffic, and so on. Mourinho, who, in Benfica disappointed at the level of his "spy" analysis, took his old student money to prepare his reports with his own money, commissioned the role of opponents to a compatriot who many believed to follow his steps. The Villa Boas.

The different approach also emerged from the preparation. The work in the physical state that dominated Ranjeri's days, as well as other techniques in the other groups, was replaced by the emphasis on tactics, defensive organization and cohesion. And during the season, unlike the Italian, who before each match only spoke about the strengths of the opponent, Mourinho focused on their weaknesses and ways of exploiting them. The players had learned to have a full statistical analysis from ProZone for their own details, but now they also had the opponent. And the day before the match, having studied their dossier, Mourinho analyzed everything through the video and then the last workout was dedicated only to the opponent. The opponent's analysis was obviously not the new one, but it was often the hidden hope of small teams to cut grades from the big ones. José applied it to a depth that he had never done before, and he did it in a championship team and finished the season with 95 points, more than ever.

The defensive work of "Blue" was a masterpiece. With McLeene defining his defensive goal, his team kept 24 times intact in 38 games and only scored 15 goals. It seems almost inconceivable for those who do not remember it, but from mid-December to early March, Chelsea did not receive a goal in the league. Special One was used to training exercises holding at least five footballers behind the ball, and the defense plan always started off from the center.

Another point to which he stamped was the work of wizards. Although in the beginning he was playing with a lozenge and without extreme midfielders. Although her formation was impenetrable, she had no imagination in the attack. The return of Robben and Daf and the rapid adaptation of the former to the requirements of England changed the data. In its first nine games, Chelsea had scored eight goals, mostly from goalkeepers. In the next nine he succeeded 30. Robben was the main reason that 4-3-3 became the basic choice of Mou, building the layout around his own perception. The role of the winger was different from that of the classic 4-4-2 or 4-4-1-1. They stood high on the pitch, ran vertically, opened the pitch and moved very far into the empty spaces in a way that seemed aggressive several times without, however, straining the balances and learning to faithfully serve the organization and the plan.

However, in order to stick the two wings to the plan, it was necessary to redefine the role of the transceiver. The term transition became more popular, began to be discussed in soccer circles and commentators, since Mourinho gave him more emphasis than ever before. "It was probably the first time I'd listened to it. If you miss the ball in the transition from the attack to the defense, you make quick returns, quickly retrieving sprint. On the other hand, if you win the occupation, you will go ahead quickly, "admitted Daf. For his coach the defensive transference was equally important. At a time when modern side bangs were gaining more and more aggressive powers, Mourinho demanded from his winger to work very hard defensive! The Portuguese was about to change shapes and faces, but he knew his team would not lose its consistency because he had set an unprecedented job on it. It has made everyone understand that the counterattack and set phases are not ashamed, but they require excellent preparation and organization.

Mourinho has not only changed the fate of Portuguese coaches with the course of his seven titles in England, but also the football itself in the host country. Zsoe's influence is great in many areas, basically changing the tactical thought of a whole generation, giving the actual dimension of preparing for each opponent separately and defensive organization, and making it popular in 4-3-3, although in many cases that followed as an attempt to imitate looked more like 4-5-1. As he explained: "If I have a triangle in the center, Claud Mcalele back and two in front of him, I will always have an advantage over the pure 4-4-2, where the two central midfiers are next to each other. I will have an extra player. He starts with Makelele, who is in the line. If no one goes over it, he sees the whole stadium and has time. If they close it, it means that one of the central means is left free. If everyone is locked and the opponent's extreme means help, then "wings" are created in the wings, either for the winger or for our squads. There is nothing that can make the 4-4-2 to stop it. "

He can charm you or repel you with his methods, but he undoubtedly made English football less naive and it is no coincidence that 13 years later he is back there, a regulator of the title hypothesis, in stubbornness of those who are in a hurry to describe him outdated and finished ...


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