Sociedad - Getafe 1 1.75
Kallithea - OFI Crete 2 1.55
Bournemouth - West Br. 1 1.90
Man. Utd - Brighton 1/1 1.83
Sturm Graz - Altach 2 6.50
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Aeroplanino ...

28.11.2017 04:13 - Leader

The best way to judge someone when this time comes is to remember his words and link them to his actions. Whatever your own "believe", as if you see it, because you are not judging yourself but the opposite, there is no better criterion to make a conclusion than remembering what it was saying before doing what it does. And if you remember the words of Vicente Models, you understand that his dismissal is not just justifiable. It's late. Very...

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"Juventus deserves everything that has succeeded in these years, fairly succeeded, but has now begun and wears all that. We will try the new season ... ", said the 43-year-old technician at the end of last year's championship and a few minutes after being cast by his players in one of the dramatic scenes in Milan's history. The scene where the players had taken the Models in their hands and they were flying high, celebrating the ... exit to Europe. AC Milan. It is also a scene that describes the situation in Roseneri and explains why during the summer the climate was such that any non-Ronson could understand that the season would be very difficult. The Milanese enjoyed much more than they needed to go to Europe, "flew" far above what they needed during the summer because of the money they spent and they put much higher than what should be the bar.

"We knew the first half of this season would be difficult and the second easier. But we expect the situation to improve soon, "said Marko Fassone after defeating Sampdoria, raising questions about why he was expecting immediate improvement. What guarantee was there? Model has never been a great coach - he will probably not even be doing that - and at the same time he was taking care of himself to remove an alibi from himself. "We have changed a lot, we know we will take time but time is something I will not ask my players," said allenatore when the season began. Alone told him that he would be ready to challenge and put an end to Juventus' dominance, telling himself that he was not asking for time alone, he concluded that last year he achieved the goal he had set, ie the exit to Europe. Typically, yes, he succeeded. Essentially, however, not. Milan did not end last year in a ticket for the Europa League, nor did he conquer Coppa Italia.

The reason why he came out in Europe is because in the final of the cup the pair were Juventus-Lazio.
Milan has decided to trust a coach who has not managed to score at least the minimum, taking the worst ticket to the Europa League qualifiers, making it harder for him to live with the stress he has suffered as a result of panic in the summer. Every transcript that went on, every million euro out of the box, made the Models even happier, and it actually puts more weight on it, since pressure would be unbearable. But he thought he would respond, but he had no idea how he would do that. The fact that he has a joint manager with Leonardo Bonutzi brought about a change in the transcriptional design when the Italian defensive was acquired - and then there was no big money - and then the system was changed by choosing someone who had not worked in preparation .

The Models case is one of those in which the reporting time comes and the "blame" has virtually no contradiction. Aeroplanino has not managed to bind the team at all, failed to win the mentality of a winner, did not make a substantial follow-up to the junior squad last season, did not get a derby so the fans are forgotten and they have the pleasure to enjoy somehow giving time to the team, he did not remember anything he was saying in the summer when he was trying to defend himself at press conferences every week, he obviously does not leave any racing ground to his successor. How did he succeed in virtually nothing at all in AC Milan? As you may be wondering about the reflexes shown by the administration.

If the decision-makers wanted to cause a shock to the team, to put the players to their own responsibility, if they wanted to have a chance to save something, they should have decided earlier the dismissal and have the substitute ready of. In the summer, for example, Fasone-Mirabelli was devastated by the Italian press because they ran very fast the transcriptional affairs and had completed most of the roster early. Models, on the other hand, were delayed as much as they could. And now that they have decided to remove him, the world has already begun to disapprove and football players, throwing them in their responsibilities and making it even harder to turn the climate from now on, to show the team that it really has great potential and how can save something this year, so that it does not need to be dropped in the roster in the summer and back from the beginning ...
This season, as it evolves, may be a martyr for Milan but it is also a perfect lesson for all. It would be great for Rossoneri to see a team that would claim scudetto at the moment, but after the changes made in the summer and with the coach who had to manage these changes, it would be footballing. We would say it would be unfair because spoofs should not be rewarded, but this is not about Models or its players. It is about the last 24 hours that he is the only one who defends Yonggong Li with continuous statements and guarantees his existence. But as the Italians say, Silvio Berlusconi has always been good and protective with his associates / employees ...


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