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Kallithea - OFI Crete 2 1.55
Bournemouth - West Br. 1 1.90
Man. Utd - Brighton 1/1 1.83
Sturm Graz - Altach 2 6.50
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"Divine Comedy"

14.11.2017 13:38 - Leader

Hell, Purgatory, Without Paradise. This is what the Italians are experiencing with images of Revelation, what no one 60ar never saw happening in Squandra. Jorge Luis Borges has shown the way. For the Argentinean legend of writing it was so simple to explain the fusses of a people: "Just interpret it through the eyes of a stranger." Consequently, there could be no more indicative aphorism about the Italians' perception of their full calcio, from the wording of the English winning father, Winston Churchill. "When the Italians lose a football match, they feel as if they have lost a war. And when they lose a war, they can forget it, as if it were just a toy. " From the dawn of Tuesday, Italy is in a mourning that, like another ordinary people, would only feel in a humanitarian disaster (except of course Brazilians and a little less Argentineans). "The whole country in tears," wrote Corriere dello sport, while Gazzetta dello sport gave a more extreme but obviously real picture of feelings, grabbing the pulse of the people with the expressive. "This was the Revelation".

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It is really terribly difficult to understand those who do not live in the geographical boot, what the Italians feel. It is not just a blockade, a sadness, a defeat, as happened with Greece, for example. In the most religious world of the world, the ball even surpasses Catholicism. It is in fact the only religion that has no one ... anathema. In his book "Calcio: A History of Italian Football", John Fout has attempted to give one, some interpretation:

"For the Italians is the framework that creates and cancels the boundaries at the same time. From triumph, to tragedy. From rational to paranoia. You can not define it in the narrow context of a game. There is no ceiling in emotions. It is a popular religion, but without moral codes. The last sacred treasure in the modern world. Where the winners are always right and the losers mourning. As is the case in the war. "
Their bourgeois legend has written that the form and meaning of words must be attributed to the era of fascism. Benito Mussolini, who took office in 1922, wanted all the words, in all aspects of life, to acquire an Italian root, to leave any foreign exchange. Football was a sport started by English and the terms were British derivatives. Somehow so football became calcio by the vercia calciare (hitting).

In general, this Italianization is wonderful, as it gave interpretive interpretations of events on a pitch. It is no coincidence that they named the foul as a fallo. This latter means at the same time two things. One is the "canto" and the other the male part of the body, the phallus and this parallelism is not accidental for the Italians. Through the ball, it has always been the conclusion about who had a bigger ... team.

This Italianization, however, over the years has given Calcio a different character than any other part of the world. The peculiar mix of culture that appears from side to side in the country, enriched the phenomenon and deepened the differences. As is the case with the music, it was also split into the ball. From the "Occitanian" of the North with its roots to Celtic folks and waltzes, to "Canzone Napoletana" and the poles around Vesuvius, to the "Tarantula" and the Greek "Griko" in Salendina, the Italians experienced their own the mutation of football through the rhythm and passion of the region's songs, presenting a unique diversity.

As for Squandra Azzura, however, there is no difference. Throughout the far-flung country there is a strange mourning. There are many generations that have never experienced it again. Since 1958 they have been permanently watching the National at the World Cup. Only the mathematicians can remember and tell the sadness they had felt then. What happened to them in the ball, the Italians can now interpret it only through their darkest forms of art ...

In the "Hell of Dante" they will only meet the sadness. Switching from Hell to Purgatory will find fit, but the trilogy is not going to be completed this time. There will not be Paradise. This time, the "Divine Comedy" will not be mastered, as has happened in the past in the past by the football capacities of the people, and will be smuggled without a smile as a "Divine Tragedy". The distance to atonement will seem impassable. And the wait, as they have to wait for the next event, will take them on, as if Piero Pazolinini took them with him for 120 days in Sodom ...