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Conte ...stretched rope

04.11.2017 01:48 - Leader

One day before the game with Watford, the Times produced exclusive reports, revealing the players' complaints about the Antonio Conte regime. The dissatisfaction with the intensity of the Italian trainings escaped from the barracks of the changing rooms, with the players questioning how the high load acts as a barrier to the effort to defend the title and feel it contributes to the injuries of the players.

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In the Times reports it is reported characteristics and it makes ... bam that comes from the locker room, the information that Conte continues to a large percentage to work with the same training program. Last year before even "Blue" took Kande and without having seen any tendencies in London's tactical options, we wrote that the advantages of Conte matched the Chelsea drawbacks. The end of the season brought the Italian champion to his first season at Stamford Bridge and one of the key elements in his own work code is the combination of physical fitness and diligence. "Blue" in last year's preparation ran very far without a ball. Many sprints, a few breaks and ball exercises in fatigue conditions in order to achieve maximum effort and the development of non-verbal communication so that they are ready to respond when legs are heavy. And in the afternoon, a lot of tactics, while it was clear that even at the start of the championship the day off would be measured on the fingers. It was the same logic as the first year that took over Juventus and paid off both Serie A and the Premier League.

But the important thing was that both teams did not have their first European obligations. Last year there was space and time in the racing schedule for players to come back and not succumb to the accumulated fatigue, even if there was not much room for rotation. This year, between the defeat away from Crystal Palace (Saturday) and the home draw with Roma (Wednesday), three regular training sessions took place. Three victories followed, with the League Cup offering an opportunity for change, but in Rome Chelsea collapsed, bringing back to the news the complaints about how Conte manages the year. In fact, the press reports that players believe that the heavy schedule for this year's injuries is responsible. Kante, Kante, Moose, Davide Louise and Baccagio are among those who came out before November comes in. Key players, whose absence, in addition to the obvious loss of play, disrupts the regular equilibrium.

Konte himself admitted in mid-October that: "When you have a lot of games, you have to protect your players. If this is not feasible, you have to take risks. The problem is that some players are playing permanently. We have players who are not accustomed to playing three games in a row. For Kante and Moose is the first time, "basically suggesting he does not have the roster. After Rome 3-0 he said: "The Roma showed that he had more hunger, more passion, more desire to fight and beat us. We must regain the hunger we showed last season. "

But can the accumulated fatigue affect the overall behavior of a group to such an extent? The fitness meter, Raymond Ferachyen, stresses: "If footballers do not regain the maximum freshness before their next game, they will start the show tired and will accumulate fatigue over time. Players who do not fully recover and increase fatigue will develop a slower nervous system. The transfer of the signal from the brain to the muscles is slower. Tired players with a slower nervous system will perform worse due to lower accuracy in their football activities and will also have lower speeds in them. The accumulation of fatigue and the slower nervous system also results in lower coordination during an action and thus involves a higher risk of injury. It is shocking to see that top coaches like Conte still do not understand the effect of accumulated fatigue on performance and injuries. "

The duration and stability of the choices was key to last year's Chelsea, which this year can not maintain this pattern, with injuries and a direct impact on how the technician's plan is transferred to the grass. His experiments can not correct bad texts. Conte admitted his responsibility to change the formation to have a more multifaceted center in the first match with the Roma. In Italy, the use of, for example, Rudyger on the left did not justify him, with German being exposed, while Kante's absence left defense unprotected, as the presence of Bakayoko and Fabrega was not enough to fill his void. The Spaniard looked clouded, with the loss of possession by him to start the third goal. The change of Cahill, who played to the right of Luis in the defense triple, with Pedro taking over the side, also did not come, with Perroti party 3-0.

A roster with more choice in key positions might have been enough to solve such problems and the Italian has been grumbling since August for the transfers that were not made in the summer. But the fact that from the close environment of the team a keen reflection on his methods, injuries, tactical choices do not come out of him, and his own declared disappointment about the lost road of "warriors" last year , shows that the game is now in a stretched rope ....