Sociedad - Getafe 1 1.75
Kallithea - OFI Crete 2 1.55
Bournemouth - West Br. 1 1.90
Man. Utd - Brighton 1/1 1.83
Sturm Graz - Altach 2 6.50
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in the courtyard of "Mestagia"

31.10.2017 02:20 - Leader

We want to write a story, "Gabriel said a few days ago, coming back from Arsenal just because his mentor called him. The Brazilian snake obviously has not understood that his pawk does so already. In order to find a correspondingly startling start in Valencia in La Liga, he will have to turn the capsule back in 70 years. At the same time, last year, the team counted five defeats, dismissed the first coach, the demo was two points away, and the popular courts had appeared in the "Mestagia" courtyard. But now everything has changed. The top is a breath away, the undefeated run (six consecutive wins, a tie in the "Bernabeu") creates soccer dreams and all of them with the Bats appear more hungry than ever before. Literally.

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In an interview with "As" on Friday, Danny Provocus confessed the secret of success, at the same time taking a deep breath of grain and satisfaction. However, this emotional contradiction was perfectly reasonable as a consequence of the change brought about by the reformer, Martelino. "Since the summer I've lost 5.5 pounds. The only thing I always feel is starvation. I'm hungry, hungry, hungry. Until I fight and my wife with hunger, "he said, and it was like crying out of despair in the flow of speech. But the leader is at his best this year, and he recognizes it: "Okay, I'm a little used to it and it's perfect to fly the pitch better than a teenager."

Provider, like many in the roster, was ready to leave in the summer, as the club's situation seemed unadulterated and unbearable. But there have been some changes that have brought them up. Starting from the top to the low. The notorious landowner from Singapore, Peter Lem, finally drove out the unrelated lady, Kan Lee Hou, and with matt move she put in place an experienced diplomat with a tenure next to governments and big companies, West Ham's sick follower, Anil Marty. A little further down as a technical manager, the former president of Mallorca, Mateo Alemani, with the baguette going into the hands of Martelino.

The 52-year-old from the province of Asturias in the Spanish north was somehow safe paper. Wherever he worked, he did serious things. When she raised Regretavo Huelva to the lounges to lead her in top position (8th) to advance Zaragoza, also lead Rathing Santander to her highest position in La Liga (7th), to take Villarreal from lethargy and to return it to the Champions League to be unannounced in the summer last season because he was cheating on the big boss.

With him in Valencia he took two important paraphernalia. One was the harsh reputation for how demanding it is with the players. He has described it as "misunderstood," but those who work with him know that this is a difficult truth. "We are afraid he will not put us, if we have even gotten too many grams. When we know that it is a measurement day, we run together in the sauna, and we lose points, "says Provider with laughter and soul pain.

There it hangs the second counterpart of Martelino. In fact, this is the partner. Ishmael Fernandez touches the boundary of Professor Ortega, responsible for fitness in Atletico Madrid, Tsollo Simeon, with the latter incidentally honoring the work of Astorian coach as being closest to his own hard work and philosophy of things around the ball. Fernando, therefore, has created a scale of measurements and training, which he calls "microcycles". Anyone who exceeds the specific rate he has set, however formidable, is left out of luck. So simple. Absolutely.

Somehow, Simone Jazza is galloping with only Lionel Messi to have more goals (9th Italian), while Rodrigo (6 goals), José Gaya, Martin Montoya, Danny Provocateur, Escayel Garray, Gabriel Barbossa, Jason Mourigio, Zofrua Congoigbia seeing their careers flush and become top-notch throughout La Liga. Together, Neutos came out of Buffon's shadow and made Diego Alves forgotten. Next to them is the new star of the 20-year-old Carlos Soler and the 21-year-old Andreas Pereira, as well as the most familiar Sandy Mina, with the last two being the most important changes.

But he, who has made the biggest gael, is the borrower from Paris, 20-year-old Portuguese winger, Gonzalo Guentes. The moves, dribbles, shots he scores with, the flexibility, the way the system serves, and the one who immediately tied with the team, have made him talk of the city not only in Spain but throughout the good European society ball.

Somehow Valencia found peace, as in the last five years it had changed 13 coaches and had lost herself. A hungry group again. A club that plays beautiful, aggressive football (has a goal less than Barca). She has already put her fans on the beautiful foot. Those who before meeting "Mestagia" meet for beers and dirty, stuffed tapas at Manolo del Bombo's shop just outside, talking to each other even for a championship.

In the first instance, however, it is another matter for the Bats. Martelino puts them on a diet and therefore, after a while, they are thirsty for blood again. And if the title of the champion looks like this is an impenetrable and dreamlike achievement at this time, the realistic goal is at the moment to bring back to their own established order. That until 2014 and the Atletico league, the third big team of the country played a big ball on the Levante coast.