Sociedad - Getafe 1 1.75
Kallithea - OFI Crete 2 1.55
Bournemouth - West Br. 1 1.90
Man. Utd - Brighton 1/1 1.83
Sturm Graz - Altach 2 6.50
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press, passing, finishing ...

27.10.2017 17:35 - Leader

Pep Guardiola may offer white checks, but that's not the reason for the impressive start of Manchester City. The lot of money spent has nothing to do with the Manchester City form this year. The results are due to the genius of Pep Guardiola. The City gave 220 million pounds for transfers in the summer, most of any other English. This would seem to justify those who see Guardiola as "a crook," as a coach who was mounted with terrible rosters in Barcelona and Bayern Munich. They will say that his mediocrity seemed last year in City. That he now had to give 125 million pounds to new side-scrolls to succeed. Basically, initially Guardiola seemed to be in a no-win situation. He gets the title and has made the minimum as the coach of the white-checked team. He loses his title and his reputation will suffer a big blow. A closer look, however, will make you see that the beginning of the season showed its virtues. The city has not been transformed because of the money it has given but by Guido Guild's coaching insight, which his fans always talk about. In short, it meets expectations. Even though Pep, however, relied heavily on the transcription period this year, it would be worthy of applause. Only he could orchestrate the football that is playing in City at the moment. The results are quite impressive: Seven wins and one draw in eight races, wins with Liverpool and Chelsea, scores like 5-0, 6-0, 5-0, 7-2. Before yesterday's match, they had scored 29 goals, no team had done so after Everton ... 1894/95.

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From then on, it is their style and sovereignty. The 7-2 on Stoke gave the fans a great show with a passing, passing, finishing. "They are much better than anyone else in the championship," said Mark Hughes, whose Stoke tackled Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester United. This game style can not represent a team simply by making transfers, as was the case with Mendy, Woerker, Danilo, Enterson and Bernardo Silva. And what further emphasizes the work of Guardiola is the fact that the transcripts have offered little until now.
Mendi played just three games before being injured while Silva has only once been a champion. Only two of the transcripts, in fact, are constantly in the 11th. One is Enterson, definitely upgrading to Claudio Bravo and who also definitely has no part in the passing game. And he does not have much to do at the moment, since he has only to make 11 replies to the championship. The other is Walker, who has given wide amplitude and speed to the assault, offering three assists. Again, however, we are not talking about the dominant power that unites everyone in the game.

City football is different this year, but most of the players are the same, who finished last year in third place and at -15 from Chelsea. Just everyone has grown up a lot. The central defensive twin who stopped Chelsea in London were Othendi and Stone, the same as last year was a disaster. David Silva has given six assists, one less than he gave a total of last year (7). The left-back counter to Stoke and Chelsea was not an accurate transcription from Monaco or a Brazilian who was acquired by Real Madrid, was Fabian Delf.
The six players, with the exception of the goalkeeper, who have been used in each match for the time being, were in the group last year. So why are they better now? Due to Guardiola. And we know this because they are constantly telling us. "I feel like I'm a player and a man with him," says Stone. "It is decisive for me," says Stepling. We also know it because it has happened in the past.

Even in Barca and Bayern, among the stars and great financial comfort, Guardiola improved his players. Barcelona won six titles in its first year, but culminated in a 3-1 win in the Champions League final on Manchester United, forcing Sir Alex Ferguson to say that this was the best team he ever faced. After the Champions League semi-final in 2016, Diego Simeon of Atletico Madrid said the same for Bayern.

These two games came in both in the third season of Guardiola in Barcelona and Bayern, highlighting his ability to make steady progress. The time interval also reveals that its method is not simple, but that it takes years to learn. While Barca had the ... philosophical bases in place, Bayern's players were confused by his style, although they were used to playing a ball for four years under the instructions of Luis Fan Haal and Yip Haines. The Bayern people said it was like learning a new language for players.

Therefore, Guardsiola's difficulty in the City, a group without such bases. Players had to learn from scratch, an approach based on synchronized positioning and movement that requires a lot of technical and speed of thought. "You can not imagine how difficult it is to build something," said Guardiola a year ago.
Their stake in the ball and the right passes has improved now, while the defense limits the opponent to just 6.3 shots a match, the smallest percentage in the five major European championships. His work is fruitful. More than summer transfers can give a lot more then, but until that is done, no one should argue that the summer transcript campaign is the reason for the City form.

They are to a great extent the same as last year, reinforced only by the understanding of Guardsiola's principles. It takes a little time to get to this point ...