Sociedad - Getafe 1 1.75
Kallithea - OFI Crete 2 1.55
Bournemouth - West Br. 1 1.90
Man. Utd - Brighton 1/1 1.83
Sturm Graz - Altach 2 6.50
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"market pool"

22.10.2017 15:04 - Leader

It sounds paranoid. In a sense, it is already, but here are the market laws and the value of the commercial product. On the basis of these, it makes sense, but again from a purely soccer point of view, it may be a financial injustice. UEFA opened its tenths on Friday and presented the money that each team that played in the last Champions League made out. The news and consequently the reason for this text is that the top team did not find the team that picked it up, which even on this list is figuring 3rd, although you do not say so. Of the 1.39 billion that was shared in the tournament, Real Madrid received 81,052,000. But Leicester has managed 81,681,000 Leicester and has managed to stop its excellent career in the quarter-finals. How, however, do the Foxes have a higher share than the trophy owner? And how is the defeat of the final Juventus with a difference of 110,434,000?

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This is where the infamous "market pool" and what sets it in proportion to the separation of amounts. Let's look at how these are divided by country and course in the event. This will help the two tables below and one study ...

The first three countries in the UEFA ranking list have four groups and the amounts they receive are defined as follows:
* 40% the champion
* 30% or 2nd
* 20% or 3rd
* 10% or 4th
If the 4th player who plays Play Off is blocked, the amount is divided by three: (45-35-20)

For the next group of countries (4-6) that bring out three groups, the breakdown is as follows:
* 50% the champion
* 35% or 2nd
* 15% or 3rd
If the 3rd player who plays Play Off is excluded, the amount is shared at 55-45

But let's go back to Juve, Leicester and Real to see what they just got into their coffers and why. EUR 12.7 million is the amount of participation in the groups and is the same for all. Then follows the amount based on the points in the group, where Real finished second in its own and took less (6.7 million), Juve to 7.9 million and Leicester to 7.4 million. all received 6 million for the "16" and 6.5 million for the quarter-finals. There Leicester and Real stopped, Juve got another 7.5 million in the semifinals and 15.5 and 11 respectively won the winner and lost the final. The difference, however, in revenues came from the non-competitive part of the "market pool". Juventus was pleased to see Roma being excluded from the Play Off, raising its own share, while Napoli stopped at "16" and then all the money got it alone, reaching 58.8 million from the "market pool".

Real went down terribly lower to 26.1 million through a "market pool" because the Spanish teams went on to set up (well again that the Villarreal 5th group was excluded from the Play Off). Seville to "16", Barcelona to the quarter-finals and Atletico to its semi-finals have kept revenue. And so Leicester who saw Tottenham stayed in the group, Man. Shiite, Arsenal at 16, picked up almost all of the money he had on the Island, with his own "market pool" reaching 49.1 million. This is the UEFA sharing process, with the right ones any injustices exist, especially for countries that have many good groups and make possible paths in the institution.