Sociedad - Getafe 1 1.75
Kallithea - OFI Crete 2 1.55
Bournemouth - West Br. 1 1.90
Man. Utd - Brighton 1/1 1.83
Sturm Graz - Altach 2 6.50
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the joke of the century ...

08.10.2017 13:21 - Leader

From Brazil's final to the risk of premature exclusion from qualifying, Argentina's Messi is preparing for the turn of the century. Argentina stayed 0-0 in the "Bonbonera" against Peru and is now more likely than ever to be out of the World Cup. However, Messi and his company are still holding the fate in their hands, since winning against the indifferent Ecuador will have secured at least the barrage (even the direct ticket combined results). Of course, with the picture shown in the album, no one can put the hand in the fire that will make it self-evident. The point is that we have arrived here and the 2014 World Cup finalist is on the brink of exclusion. Argentine football and the national team of the country live the most "wrinkled" period of its recent history. Between serious political problems and childhood sports mistakes, national Argentina is the most telling example of how you can destroy an absolute successful recipe.

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After the end of the Brazilian World Cup, having led Argentina to its first final in 24 years, Alejandro Sampaia left the technical leadership of the team. On Aug. 12, he announced his replacement, who was none other than Gerardo Martino. A few weeks ago, the absolute leader of Argentinean football, AFA president and FIFA vice president Julio Gronton lost the battle to death. After 35 years, the Football Association of the country remained headless. His replacement was Luis Segura's old-cut factor-with rumors talking about the front of Boca Juniors' president Daniel Anselisi-who seemed weak to take on the huge void left by Don Julio. He ran the deal with Martino, who had just left Barcelona, ​​temporarily covering with a co-sponsor shared by both the media and the public, the internal problems and the scandals of the federation. Martine's term was marked with two Copa America finals and equal defeats from Chile.

Having spent the entire 2016 without getting a stake from the Federation decides to resign on the occasion of AFA's inability to create a competitive team for the Rio Olympics. In July 2016 the process of finding the next coach, which ended in June 2017, with the appointment of Jorge Sababeoli, was opened. Interim AFA's interim command committee was taken over by Edgardo Bassa, who had been chosen simply because the big names of Billassa, Simeone and Sabaoli had denied them. The end of the temporary committee and the assumption of the presidency by Claudio Tapia brought a new change. Basha paid the not-so-good results, but especially his anti-turkish profile for such a bench, and so after eight games it's a past, with Sabaoli finally convincing and leaving Sevilla.

After the end of Segura and the assumption of administration by the Temporary Committee, in Argentina the ball was lost. Between financial scandals that saw the publicity and the various internal conflicts among the players daily, the decision on Martine's replacement went to second place. This resulted in Armando Peres, chairman of the Temporary Committee, losing precious time by casting the various candidates.
After the series and the refusals of Bielsa, Simeone, Bianchi, Berisha, Peres was forced to throw the bar and to start with Basusa, Rousso, Dacia, while the ambiguity in the selection criteria of the new coach gave the opportunity to experienced coaches like Karuso Lombardi (a graphic form of Argentinean stadiums that take on groups that are in danger of being degraded and the statements reminisce of Alephanto) are putting themselves to the potential candidates.

Eventually Basha took the anointing, but from the first moment he had no support-as he owed-from Peres. His statement was characteristic only two months after he had taken over. "I wish the national team to play a lot better than it is for us to get better results." After 251 days on the bench it was a past.
In the Latin America Championship held in Ecuador, he qualified for the South Korean World Cup due to Brazilian suicide in his own game. But the results also in South Korea were tragic. The defeats of England and the hosts and despite the victory over Guinea, took the way back to Buenos Aires, with Ubeya seeing the exit door after just 280 days.

"My term in the national team was completed," Lionel Messi said after the end of the second lost final with Chile in 2016. The world's best footballer had decided to leave the Argentine national tired of continuing failures in the finals. If the top man in the world felt like that, then who could come and strengthen the "gaucho"? A few days later Martine's resignation came to complete a devastating summer.
The world exploded. The social media filled with messages of love to Messi who were asking not to leave and even a banner went to the historic Obelisco of Buenos Aires who called the Barcelona superstar to change his mind. Two months later, after meeting with Basha, Messi said: "I love my country and the national team" by returning to the group. Despite his presence, this whole incident showed that ties within the national are not so strong.

Apart from any financial scandals and problems of the federation, Argentine's racing image was not good. Team without a shot with a Messi trying to do everything, with players afraid of first-line players in the teams (Aguero, Iguaine, Di Maria) turning into players in the series when they wore the national emblem on the chest. Draws against Venezuela and Peru, defeat with Brazilian hands and home fun as Paraguay showed that the team had a huge problem even for the self-evident.

The truth is that reaching three sets of finals in as many years as you do not call it a failure, but when you are Argentina and your last trophy was the 1993 Copa America, then it is a failure. He was ahead of the match in Marrakech against Brazil, to be followed by two consecutive defeats from Chile in Copa America in 2015 and 2016, both in the penalty shootout. Naturally, these three finalists have created a negative aura in the team, the players still seem to be influenced and this generation is already labeled as losers.
Finally, Gronton's death was the worst of all this ethnic affair. As long as Don Leu managed, whatever problems had been hidden beneath the mat. Once the great "Father" has left life, these problems have come to the surface. Financial irregularities, misappropriations and conflicts of interest have brought the absolute anarchy for a three-year period with the country's only lost football. Typical were Olartiko's statements about the lack of basic necessities from the coaches. "For a whole week we only eaten spaghetti and nothing else since there was no money to buy basic food."

It was originally Luis Segura's placement until the election as AFA president who was trying to balance the Gronton's 35-year-old ghost and the new suitors of the position. On December 3, 2015, the incident clearly highlighted how big a problem there was in the administration. For the election of the new chairman with candidates Segura and Tinelli, the votes were 38-38. Which is the strange one to say. Those who voted were 75! Since it was not found what had been done, this logical process was canceled. Without an agreement between the members, FIFA decided to intervene, and under the threat of the country's expulsion, a temporary commission was set up to operate temporarily until elections were held. Finally, after almost three years, in March 2017 Claudio Tapia emerged as the new president of AFA.

In these three years, we have seen changing the way the championship has been held, the name, and there are constant delays in the dates of the financial problems that have forced the players to strike. If we add all of the above, one can understand why Argentina's football has reached this point and is in danger of never being found in Russia the following summer.