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Special decision !

27.08.2017 00:40 - Leader

José Mourinho has decided with the mind and knows that with Zlatan Ibrahimovic in his plans, United can return to the top of the Premier League. "I know his personality very well. I know well that if he turns around he will protect our story and preserve what he has done before the team. He comes back to the group to give the mentality he needs and write history again. " These ... Special quotes describe the return of Zlatean to the United and the logic with which he turned. When Mourinho brought again to Chelsea, Didier Drogba claimed he made the decision with his mind and not with his heart. That's because it commented that he had signed one of the top European countries again. 36-year-old Drogba turned back then, and this led to developments with Rumello Lukau and Diego Costa. Drogba was not the same player, but the experienced team contributed greatly to the title with Leicester, Tottenham and United.

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Besides, for a team like United, Zlatan was a point of reference. Unlike Drogba, the 35-year-old Swede has left something in the middle. A job that must end and take his first league in the Premier League. Besides, Ibrahim played his part in last year's Europa League, as he ended up sending the team to the ... source. Even though his serious injury did not allow him to renew his contract, everything seemed to turn around in some way. He made tremendous progress in rehabilitation at Universal's facilities and his dressing room was intact. In the summer his name was constantly emerging.

No one will forget the reactions of his doctors then the intervention "His knee is so strong that the doctors said they had never seen anything like that. He has a knee that is considered unnatural for a 20-year-old footballer. It was quite clean, there was no damage to it, "said Mino Raiola. Zlatan is so strong that doctors want to study and solve the mystery after the end of his career. "They work in the world's best research institutes for knees and ligaments."

For Mourinho, Zlatean he had in Inter Milan has a prominent place in his choices. Under his instructions, Interter was named and while Imbra at the time of their coaching had 29 goals. With 11 leagues in his trophy cabin, Imbra can offer quality and experience alongside Rooney's goodbye. On the court his skills are not questioned. To score a 28-goal goal in its first season in the English league at 35 shows a terrible level and while Zlantán puts at least 20 goals average in 10 consecutive seasons. The Swede has played a decisive goal in 12 Matches in Manchester, helping Lucas well.

Imbra even now is ... thirsty. Thirsty to show how he can stand against the young competitors of Luke and Rashed. According to "Sun", Ibrahimovic will appear again with the jersey of United on October 28, in the game with Tottenham in. However, in addition to the hard work on the big return, he helped him ... Mourinho to convince the administration of the deal! The Swedes will earn 180,000 pounds a week, less than 50% last year (367,000 pounds). "I can not wait to go to Old Trafford, but I know I have to be sure I will be all right," says Zlatean.